Importunate Ghost King Husband


Tang Yuan seemed to have grabbed hold of the last straw as his eyes were filled with madness.

I tentatively asked, "Do you know what we're looking for?"

"I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but I'm sure I do know where it is."

Tang Yuan nodded his head with exceptional resolution. He seemed to have complete confidence in this matter.

When he thought about the fact that the information he had obtained earlier was already lost in the Ji Clan, he had no choice but to give it a try since he would not be at a disadvantage.

Thus, I began to assure Tang Yuan that when I returned home, I would definitely make Luanyang withdraw his hand. However, whether or not the other party would listen to my words was another story altogether.

Tang Yuan had no choice but to believe in the end when he heard such a story that was full of holes. He told everyone everything that he knew.

It turned out that when she woke up, she already knew who Mr. Tang was working with. They were like a protection organization, mainly to protect something.

Since the Liu family had started to stir up trouble, the men in black started to move. However, for some reason, they were useless, so Tang Yuan felt that the Liu family should be something that Luanyang wanted.

Thinking of that organization, I felt a bit of a chill run down my spine. The scene of Zhang Na's death seemed to be still lingering in front of my eyes.


The Liu family Tang Yuan was talking about was the same family as the pregnant woman Liu family from before. The Liu family was probably up to no good. Luanyang's things were attractive and might attract something that shouldn't have appeared.

From the looks of it, Tang Yuan's news was indeed timely.

After explaining everything, Tang Yuan absentmindedly left the company. At the same time, I started to look up the Liu family's information.

Indeed, he found some information about the recent Li Family ghost ruckus, but it was only some vague videos. It did not cause much of a stir online.

In this society, even if it was a genuine supernatural event, it would be interpreted as a scientific matter.

Even after returning home, he still did not see Luanyang's figure. He was somewhat dissatisfied, but he did not seem to blame Luanyang. He just felt somewhat uneasy.

This feeling lasted until Luanyang suddenly appeared in front of me. He looked very pale, even a little blue, and stared at me with a murderous look in his eyes.

It was the first time he had looked at me in this way since he had settled down, and it was strange and aggressive.

I swallowed my saliva. Facing Luanyang's current state, even if I am not afraid, I would still be lying. However, I would only be able to carry him head on. Who would have known that the moment I came into contact with his ice-cold body, I would be forced to the ground.

A wave of pain came from my neck. The loss of my blood made me feel a little dizzy. The feeling of being treated as food instantly assaulted me. I wanted to struggle, but what I received was even more pressure.

I was only let go when my body was satisfied. The man on his body didn't seem to have any intentions of leaving and instead, faintly licked me, as if he was savoring the taste of my blood.

"White jade."

I was intimidated by his sudden voice. I looked at him, a little at a loss. My exquisite face had already regained its original color.

He called out to me in a whisper, nose to nose, and the atmosphere suddenly went from tense to very ambiguous.

I told myself that he wasn't conscious at the moment, but in the end, he still couldn't help but step forward and tightly hug me, sharing the warmth between us.

Although it wasn't my first time doing such a thing, every time I felt a little nervous. It was the same this time. Just as I was about to take off the outer layer, I heard someone speaking.

"Oh my god. I finally know why the master chose you as a weak chicken instead of an old woman!"

This voice came from Chao Feng's mouth, full of sarcasm.

I was interrupted by his voice. My first reaction was to push the person on top of me away, feeling extremely ashamed. I used to think that there was no one else in the room.

Luoyang also looked up with some dissatisfaction, but his manner was much more brutal. He stretched out his hand and put the phoenix into the box, then his deep voice came close to my ear.

"The thing that is in our way has been locked up. Let's continue!"

He quickly reached in and undid the buttons. Ignoring my retort, he started to make his move. I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to push him away, but I was tightly pressed down.

Gradually, I was brought into that pleasure and gradually let go of my body. I didn't know why, but I kept feeling as though I had planned this beforehand.

This time, perhaps because he was angry, he had been tormented quite badly. When he woke up, his entire body felt sore, as if he had been working all night.

However, Luanyang is looking at me with a spirited face, holding a corner of the quilt, revealing traces of cool breeze coming in, which made me instantly sober up a lot.

As for Chao Feng, it was unknown when she was released, but she was standing at the entrance, shouting unhappily.

"Listen up, you people. Don't think that I don't have the right to do so. I am also an independent individual. I have the right to speak. You can't treat me like this!"

I looked puzzledly at Luanyang, why did Chao Feng become like this in just one night, and the way she spoke became very strange.

Luanyang turned around in displeasure. Under his gaze, she did not dare to speak anymore. She could only return to her original appearance, which was like an ordinary seal.

Luoyang had only one thing to say about its changes.

"I left it in the living room last night. I think it was watching TV myself."

I didn't know what it was looking at, but it didn't feel like a name.

Due to my physical condition, I directly called for a leave of absence. I thought that I would be deducting some money, but I didn't expect the manager to directly approve it.

At first, I still didn't quite understand. But in the blink of an eye, I thought of Ji Nan, and understood why he treated me so differently.

I simply told him what had happened after washing up and also told him my thoughts. Anyway, there was an 80% chance that the Liu family had Luanyang's skeleton.

"I'm not asking you what you did yesterday, but you have to know one thing, you have to keep everything."

I looked at him with too much emotion in my eyes.

Luoyang reached out to pinch my hair, and his expression changed, "A love curse!"

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