Importunate Ghost King Husband


However, this thought was completely destroyed when he saw the man behind the woman. His originally beating heart instantly stiffened.

That man had a broad build, sharp eyes, and a malicious air in his brows. However, there was an auspicious cloud to his left and right, and a red mole on his lower left cheek. This was the only obstacle in his life.

But these words, before I could even say them, were destroyed just like that.

Standing on the high mountain, I suddenly felt a sense of desolation in my heart. Could it be that other people don't have the ability to do so, so what awaits me is endless loneliness?

That bone-piercing cold made me shudder. I curled up into a ball and began to tremble without a sense of security.

"White board?"

A tiny voice sounds by my ear. I struggled to open my eyes in a daze, directly meeting Luanyang's somewhat worried and shocked eyes.

"What's wrong?" As soon as I opened my mouth, I realized that my voice was hoarse, like a water bed that had been dry for a long time, leaving only sand.

Luanyang pressed a hand to my forehead and said, "You've actually broken into my dream. It seems that your yin aura is getting thicker and thicker. I have to think of a way."

I looked at him with my eyes open. I didn't quite understand what he was saying, but I did know when I entered the dream. I thought back to the horrible feeling I had just had.

But why did it seem to me that those were all things that had happened, and that they had only been repeated once in a dream?

The light in the bedroom was turned on, and I saw Luanyang standing up in her neat clothes, then grabbing my ankle, grabbing the jade on top of it and looking it over.

"Jade is good jade, but their magic is still too shallow."

After saying that, he bit his finger, causing red beads of blood to appear. Without any hesitation, he smeared the blood on the jade.

The speck of red seemed to fuse into the jade stone, instantly becoming the center point. The bright red color made the jade piece seem even more valuable.

It was as if there was only this single drop of blood in his finger, with no intention of appearing again.

This blood, I'm afraid, is no simple matter.

After doing all of this, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief. With a wave of his hand, the light went out and I was once again embraced by him.

The feeling of being protected was so wonderful that it gave me a special feeling.

Since you don't know when I'll leave you, then let me be with you in my remaining days.

In the following days, there was no dream at all.

The next day, I still had to get up early to go to work, but I saw Luanyang following me around, watching him unaffected as he followed me onto the subway. I wanted to ask him about it, but I was afraid that others would think that I was crazy.

I could only look at Luoyang standing beside me, and then play with my fingers. Even so, when I stopped, I could feel Luanyang stiffen a little.

At first I didn't understand. It wasn't until we were out that I remembered that Luoyang, if he had died twenty or thirty years ago, would have been like a different world for him.

He could not help but feel a sense of softness in his heart. It seemed that he needed the care of others as well.

However, just as he was about to turn around to look for someone, he realized that the person had long disappeared. He had already arrived at the subway station, so it was impossible for him to go back and look for someone.

As a high-level ghost, it was impossible for him to get lost!

However, with this thought in mind, I returned to the company's top, the moment I entered the office, I saw the bright red color on my desk.

The area was extremely large, almost burying the table next to it. Beside him, Easy Life was clearly unhappy, but he was trying his best to hold it in because of the owner of the flower.

There was no need to think to know that it had definitely been delivered by Ji Nan.

There was also a card. I forced myself to open it and look at it. It said: Beautiful lady, I wonder if I would have the honor of treating you to another dinner?

The fragrance that assaulted my nose almost buried me inside it.

Looking at this gorgeous note, my heart is already tangled. After all, this is an illusion that I created for Ji Nan. If I don't speak clearly, I'm afraid that it will attract a lot of trouble.

Thus, I kept this thought in my heart and prepared to speak of it when I was free. However, I didn't expect that Ji Nan would be even more impatient than me.

The gazes of my colleagues were all filled with questions, but not one of them stayed behind to continue watching. In an instant, only Ji Nan and I were left in the office.

Ji Nan looked a little different today. His suit was a lot more dignified than usual. At least, the color and style were like this.

Ji Nan saw that I wasn't smiling, so he cautiously asked, "Are you unhappy because of my family members last time?"

"Don't think too much about it. Everyone in my family is like that, but they don't have any other thoughts. They're just a bit nervous because I'm bringing a woman with me."

Seeing his hurried explanation, I felt even more troubled. I was someone who would easily give in. If I were to do it directly, I would definitely reject him. However, I couldn't bear to have someone admit defeat in front of me.

He could only weigh his tone.

"Director Ji, it's like this. Last time, I was very happy to have dinner with you, but after I went back, I thought about it clearly. After all, we are from the upper and lower ranks, so it's better to keep some distance between us."

I smiled as I spoke, just to reduce the burden on my shoulders.

When Ji Nan heard this, his expression immediately changed. He looked at me with an obscure gaze. "Bai Jian, do you know what you're talking about?"

My smile was stuck at the corner of my mouth. Ji Nan was obviously provoked by my words, so he spoke too straightforwardly.

Silence became my best explanation.

"You clearly knew that I was chasing you, yet you agreed to eat with me. You should know what this means. I thought you agreed. If it really is because of my mother, I can apologize."

He looked very anxious, and was dancing with joy as he spoke.

I shook my head.

"This matter is my fault. I'm willing to admit my wrongs, but I just hope that you won't hang yourself from a tree with a crooked neck. Moreover, it doesn't have anything to do with Madam Ji, so you definitely can't start an argument because of me and Madam Ji."

"Then why? You want to tell me why?! " As Ji Nan paced back and forth, his eyes were a bit red, making me feel that he was emitting a familiar baleful aura.

It was just like Luanyang who had just appeared, aggressive and unable to look straight at.

But how could Ji Nan be like Luoyang?

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