Importunate Ghost King Husband


When Madame Bai heard Luoyang speak to her, she immediately smiled brightly.

"Isn't it? It's been more than twenty years since you passed away, and I should be old by now. "

Luanyang frowned, not very satisfied with Madame Bai's answer. She retorted, "No, according to your age, you shouldn't have such an appearance. What have you done to change your fate?"

When I heard this, I immediately guessed that this Madame Bai may not be as old as she looks. The reason for this is because she has done something wicked!

Madame Bai sighed, her eyes beaming with joy. "You're still as powerful as before. I did something, but it was my own wish to be able to have this day. And it seems to be very effective now, doesn't it?" I can finally see you again. "

She stretched out her hand, obviously wanting to touch Luanyang, but Luanyang did not move, obviously willing to do so.

I looked at her movements and instantly felt very unhappy. Why would Luanyang be willing to be touched by this old woman!

Who knew that the next scene would cause me to freeze on the spot. Madame Bai's hand directly passed through Luanyang's body, but she didn't grab onto anything.

Madame Bai looked at Luoyang in shock, and asked in disbelief, "Why? Why can't I touch you! "

Compared to Madame Bai's shock, Luanyang was much calmer. She opened and closed her mouth.

"I haven't recovered yet, so I can't have a physical body either. Even if you have a lot of Yin Qi on you right now, you can only see and don't touch it."

Even before he took human form, he was still able to touch me. Could it be that just because of the two of us are already linked?

Naturally, I did not forget what Luanyang once said to me. Because three years ago, he had saved my life, and I already had some sort of connection with him, so he stayed by my side until this year.

He also remembered that Luoyang had lied to him. If he was too far away from him, he would die. But now, it seemed like it was just a lie. However, it was closely linked to each other.

It was evident that Madame Bai had quickly accepted his request. Although it was a pity, she did not have any intention of complaining. She continued to look at Luoyang with infatuation.

I couldn't stand her gaze, so I stood between them.

"Madame Bai, since we're all familiar with each other, why don't you sit down and speak?"

Madame Bai looked at me contemptuously and indistinctly. She walked down the steps and sat on the sofa. Even though it was a soft sofa, her back was still very straight. She reminded me of Ji Nan's mother. She was also a noblewoman.

She was from two different worlds.

Luanyang didn't have the intention of directly sitting down. Instead, he looked at me with a questioning look, "Can you clean the room first?"

As soon as he said it, I understood what needed to be tidied up. Because of me being an outsider, I couldn't help but feel my cheeks heat up. He was always able to speak of some embarrassing things with a straight face.

"Of course, of course you can. You just need to chat!" I said those words in a fluster before turning around to leave.

When I walked into the room, I felt as though there was a strong light covering me from behind. If it wasn't for the look in my eyes that made it impossible for me to kill anyone, I would have already died a thousand times over.

After returning to my room, I realised that the most important thing for me to do was to forcefully determine the relationship between them. However, when I thought about the scene where Madame Bai touched Luanyang, I started to hesitate again.

He is immortal, and I am only a human. One day, like Madame Bai, I will also become a white-haired old man. At that time, Luoyang will still be as handsome as ever.

With these thoughts in mind, I dispiritedly took off all of the items on the bed and stood hesitantly at the entrance.

The soundproofing in the room wasn't very good, and I heard some of their conversation in an instant.

Madame Bai seemed to be slightly agitated as she spoke in an aggressive manner.

"I don't agree. She doesn't know anything at all, and she accepted my money and did as I said."

"Impossible, Bai Shan. You know my temper, don't make me angry." Luanyang's voice had always been calm.

Madame Bai sighed, as if she already knew that the situation had not changed. She silently agreed to Luoyang's conditions, and the conversation came to an end.

I carried something in my arms and hid behind the door in fear. Eavesdropping was a skillful task. If I were to accidentally be discovered, being embarrassed would be a small matter.

However, no one noticed me from start to finish until I could no longer hear anything. Just as I was about to take another look, I was met with Luanyang's fine clothes.

He looked tired and said hoarsely, "Have you finished packing? Bai Meng has already left. From now on, if you see her, just pretend that you don't know her, and don't go out with her alone. "

"Why?" I don't understand. Could it be that this woman will have some thoughts about me?

Luanyang looked me up and down, then laughed out loud. "I also want to know why. You don't seem to be that much of a threat, so what exactly is she afraid of?"

The thread of reason in his heart was instantly pulled, it turned out that in his eyes, I was not even a threat to an old lady.

Don't think that I can't tell, this Madame Bai obviously has some thoughts about Luanyang, but someone has to pretend that he doesn't know.

Because Luanyang can live like a living person in my space, many places have changed, but the biggest change is my dream.

Although he had sometimes dreamt that he would never be able to find Luanyang again, now, he was being carried by the person he was thinking of, or he was having a strange dream.

In my dream, I was like a speck of dust, dancing in the air. I saw a grand banquet, and everyone dressed up very formally. I saw the envy in their eyes gradually turn into jealousy and calculation.

All of these changes were seen by me, but I didn't pay any attention to them. This is because a true expert wouldn't place this bit of jealousy in their eyes.

In my dream, I appeared to be extremely arrogant. My only goal was to keep improving, but I didn't want to bother with those who wanted to get close to me. I only had the Dao in my heart; I wanted to become a great Dao.

The scene suddenly changed and I was stopped by a beautiful woman with a pair of red phoenix eyes. She looked at me as if she was trying to seduce someone, and her every action was reflected in my eyes.

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