Importunate Ghost King Husband


When I ran back home in a sorry state, I felt a sliver of relief. When I raised my head, I saw that there was a signboard at home.

This appearance was extremely similar to the ancestral hall from ancient times. The exquisite carvings showed just how noble this person's identity was, and the words written on it were very impressive.

"Mount Shu Luoyang is ranked next."

When I subconsciously said those words, I actually felt a bit more at ease.

I didn't know when I had actually treated these two words as a safe harbor. As long as these two words were there, I would feel incomparably at ease. It was as though some demon or demon wouldn't be able to take my life away.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but blush. After turning my head around, I directly crashed into a cold and wide chest, causing my nose to hurt.

"It's that thing again?"

Luanyang's tone was firm, it was not a question at all.

My ears were a little hot as I retreated. I didn't expect him to suddenly appear behind me.

"Did you go to look for this plaque today?" I began to change the subject, not wanting to recall the scene.

Luanyang frowned deeply as he reached into his sleeve and pulled out a piece of paper, which he threw onto the side of the signboard, "Yes, yes, these books are what I want, and the signboard is also what I want."

Those books looked very old. The words on them were all in traditional characters, and there were even some small charms that I couldn't understand at all. I had no choice but to give up.

The atmosphere between the two was eerily quiet.

After standing there for a long time, I felt very tired. In addition to the fright I had just experienced, I was already on the verge of collapsing. My legs were already trembling.

Just as I was about to speak, Luanyang hugged me tightly. He stretched out his big hands and placed them on my lower abdomen, secretly exerting his strength. A chilly air immediately invaded my body.

I immediately felt a tyrannical power rolling around in my stomach, trying to find what was hidden in the depths. But that thing was deeply ingrained in me, even though I had found it, I was unable to pull it out.

As soon as Luanyang's breath moves, it will cling to my body, and I will be the one suffering.

My back had long since been drenched in cold sweat. I looked at the man before me and used his strength seriously. I could feel his strength.

That's why I had been suppressing myself and not making a sound. However, as time passed, I was finally unable to hold back my screams and was about to collapse onto the ground. Luckily, I was held by Luanyang at this crucial moment.

He withdrew his strength, and I felt a surge of relief.

I heard his slightly apologetic voice by my ear, "I'm sorry, I was too anxious. Your life is mine, nothing can be taken away."

His tone was extremely serious. If it wasn't for the language in it, I would have thought that this man already had deep feelings for me. However, I had long passed that age.

He could only express his trust slightly, "I know, I believe in you!"

The moment I opened my mouth, I realized that my voice was terrifyingly weak, as if all the food in my body was about to be eaten.

Luanyang also instantly noticed my strangeness, but he immediately pressed down on my shoulder. Under my astonished gaze, he slowly approached me.

Until both of their breaths collided.

The faint scent of sandalwood surrounded me, bringing with it the smell of fragrant earth. This smell was very special, and it seemed to be very different from ordinary incense. This was the smell unique to Luanyang.

Now it was directly in my nose, invading my brain in a continuous stream, controlling my inability to resist.

He steadied my lips gently. It was different from every other time I had seen him before. This was the gentlest time I had seen him. It seemed to be filled with a strong sense of apology, but also an uncontrollable gentleness.

At first, my eyes were still wide open. But as I was immersed in the gentleness that he created, I couldn't help but wrap my arms around his neck and enthusiastically respond to him.

The cold air that I received earlier seemed to have found a vent and left my body continuously.

I knew what Luoyang was doing. He was sucking in the miasma from my body.

After the kiss, my vision became hazy, even the handsome face of Luanyang became hazy, and I could not see the emotions in his eyes.

He suddenly felt as if his entire body was enveloped in a white mist. That was a dangerous place, but also a happy place.

One after another, the bindings were tossed to the side. My ice-cold body was shrouded in them. This was a perfect combination and I was willing to do it.

Behind the joys, I don't want it to be a rational choice.

When I opened my eyes again, there was no trace of Luanyang by my side. I could not help but feel a little sad. Just as I was about to get up, I saw a small person made of paper sitting by the bed.

The little person's appearance was extremely strange. His hair was similar to a girl's, but his clothes were of a boy's, making him look a bit out of place.

Just as I was getting curious, the little person suddenly starts moving on his own. From its mouth, words come out of Luanyang's mouth.

"I absorbed too much Yin Qi last night. I need some time to repair it. I can do it in one day."

A single sentence was enough to explain why he had disappeared so early in the morning. The reason was also acceptable.

I didn't expect the paper man to have this kind of effect. I originally thought that the paper man's mission would be completed, but I didn't expect that it would continue to follow behind me.

At first, I didn't notice it until I was about to go out, when I noticed something white lying next to my backpack.

After a closer look, I realized that it was actually a paper man. The paper man didn't say anything, and when I looked at it, it didn't have any reaction. It only grabbed onto the strap on its back without any reaction.

Even though I felt that it was a little strange, I still believed that Luanyang would not let the paper man harm me, so I did not care about it.

I don't know if it was my imagination, but I always felt that the gazes of many people were focused on me along the way. However, when I turned around, I could only see a bunch of numb young people at work.

The paper man remained motionless, as if it were a pendant.

Without Liu Yueyue, I was very relaxed within the company. Even my work became faster, and soon after, the higher-ups brought bad news. The projects I had previously been working on were actually rejected, and today I would have to organize the new plans.

My heart sank. No doubt, I wouldn't be able to go back until it was dark.

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