Importunate Ghost King Husband


Seeing my pained expression, Luanyang's heart finally moved a bit. He didn't continue to press down on my stomach, if it was someone who was a little irritable as he walked around the room.

I covered my stomach. Even if I didn't have any idea what these things were, I still knew what was inside.

The thought that there was something in it that didn't belong to me sent a wave of fear through me.

Almost immediately I thought of a bloody scene.

When the things inside slowly left the items on my body, I used my sharp nails to cut open my stomach and crawled out from it. In an instant, I ate my flesh and blood while I was still conscious.

Oh my god!

I was frightened by my imagination and immediately said in panic, "Luanyang? You will save me! "

It isn't that I don't have any backbone, but in front of death, that bit of backbone isn't worth anything at all.

Luanyang was disturbed by my actions and became even more unstable. Her body flickered between light and darkness, and only her bone-piercing cold aura allowed me to know that he hadn't left at all.

He didn't say anything. He just stood there with his lips pursed, looking at me with a look that was hard to describe.

It sounded like guilt, but also like hesitation.

In the end, he said, "I have no other choice. I can only wait for an opportunity. I will save you."

His eyes were deep, like the brightest hope in the darkness, making people feel at ease.

I reluctantly nodded my head. I tightly gripped my stomach, as I was afraid that the scene I imagined would appear at any moment.

Luanyang also had no intention of leaving, but lay down beside me instead. A pair of bright and cold eyes stared straight at me, with no intention of closing their eyes.

If it was someone else, I might not be able to fall asleep at all. However, after the person in front of me had turned into a calm sun, I was able to sleep even more peacefully.

He hadn't had any nightmares at all, as if nothing had happened the previous night.

But when I woke up in the morning, the feeling of vomiting told me that things were not that simple.

I could even hear the wails of a baby constantly reverberating in my head. That sound made me shiver uncontrollably and I felt as though someone had pierced my brain with a needle. I struggled repeatedly.

As long as he died, the pain would not be so great!

The moment this thought flashed across my mind, I felt as if I had been pulled into an ice-cold embrace. Luanyang had already stood by my side at some point and was looking at me worriedly.

His fingers are slightly cold, but it makes me instantly clear up. The thought of suicide immediately disappears into thin air.

"Their goal is indeed to kill you." Luanyang said in a cold voice, bringing with him a seventy percent killing intent.

I felt safe sticking to him. This thing was like a ticking time bomb in my stomach, and I didn't know when it would explode in my stomach.

Originally, I thought that they only wanted to absorb the things on my body. Unexpectedly, they actually wanted me to die all the time.

"Then what should we do? I had no way to control myself just now. " I came with a depressed face and looked longingly at Luoyang.

Luanyang didn't say anything more, and even his eyes didn't change in the slightest. His ice-cold fingers actually invaded my forehead just like that.

A refreshing feeling instantly engulfed my four limbs, and I felt a lot more at ease.

However, Luanyang and I are the opposite, he seems to be very tired, the whole ghost has become a lot more transparent.

Seeing him in this state, how could I not know that all of this comfort was due to Luoyang?

"When you go out, you'd better stay in a crowded place. You'll definitely come back before nightfall. I'll be waiting for you downstairs." Luanyang looked at me with complicated eyes, then disappeared from the room.

The room returned to its former temperature, but it made me feel even colder, as though my bones were being pierced.

After a simple rest, I opened the door and saw an umbrella not too far away. It was so unlucky that I didn't want to take a glance at it. I hastily headed outside.

It wasn't until we were in a crowded area that I felt my limbs warm up, but I still wore more clothes, and the people coming and going couldn't help but look at me a few times.

I pretended as if I didn't see anything, but I didn't expect to be stopped inside the company.

The moment he arrived at the company, he was immediately asked to go to his office. As soon as he entered, he saw Mr. Tang and Ji Nan standing together, talking and laughing about something.

When I saw Mr. Tang, I stopped in my tracks. I was at a loss as to what to do, and could only act as a foil.

However, when Mr. Tang saw me, he immediately wanted to grab me. He seemed to be afraid as he anxiously said, "Miss Bai, it was indeed my fault last time. I'm now bearing any consequences. I beg you, please save Tang Yuan!"

I looked at him coldly. I didn't forget how he treated us. Naturally, I didn't have any sympathy for him. Instead, I felt that he definitely wasn't a good person.

It was also the first time that I didn't know how to be polite and directly turned around to leave. I didn't expect that this was just the beginning.

Ji Nan's interest in me had only just begun, so he didn't blame me in the slightest. He made me sit on the work stool very safely.

For a whole day, I didn't see Mr. Tang again. I thought that he had given up and just hoped that he would find a better way to save Tang Yuan.

When I got off work, it actually wasn't dark yet. I felt that I still had a chance, so I rushed out of the building and called a taxi, wanting to go back faster.

The moment I got on the car, I felt that the smell in the car was a little unique, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I just held my stomach, as if testing something inside.

A soft object hit my stomach and made a hissing sound.

I panicked and opened my mouth to speak a few words with Master, but didn't discover anything wrong. I just assumed that I was too nervous.

Unexpectedly, I felt a pain in my stomach, as if there was something pressing down on my intestines. I exerted a little strength, as if I wasn't in a hurry at all.


I stood in the elevator and tried to prop myself up, but my legs were still cold and moist. I subconsciously touched it but discovered that it was a light yellow liquid.

Intense pain followed. The most obvious part was that his stomach was already bulging, and he looked like he was about to become a child.

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