Importunate Ghost King Husband


"Click ~ ~ ~"

I heard the lock open.

I easily pushed the door open. Just as I stepped in, the other leg felt like it was weighed down by a thousand gold, making it impossible for me to move at all.

I looked down, but saw nothing.

The sound of his heart beating echoed back and forth in the empty corridor.

My teeth were chattering up and down, making little noises, and my hands were covered with cold sweat as I held the doorknob.

"Get lost!"

I mustered up the courage to shout at my feet and start cursing loudly. This is one of the methods I heard when I was young. They say that people are afraid of ghosts, and ghosts are afraid of humans. They are most afraid of evil people, so it is very likely that they will be scolded away by you.

Initially, I scolded them fairly smoothly, but who would have thought that the strength under my feet would actually increase. Furthermore, I even started to use more strength. The backlog of attacks didn't feel good at all.

I knew in an instant that not only was this approach useless, it had also infuriated the other party.

More and more Miasma gathered in the corridor. Even the street lamps started to flash. A cold wind wrapped me in it.

I know it's only a matter of time before I get caught.

The thing of cold ice clung to my shin like a finger, and now it kept climbing up, little by little.

The familiar object is just inside the door. As long as I step out of the door, I will be able to enter a safe zone. This will extinguish my hope bit by bit.

At some point, my mouth had been torn open by my bite, and a bloody taste was spreading from my mouth. I turned my head slightly and saw that at some point, there was a woman standing at the right side of the corridor.

This woman's figure made me feel a little familiar, but she was carrying an umbrella, so I couldn't see her upper body clearly, only her lower body could be seen more clearly.

Her protruding abdomen had already revealed the identity of this woman.

The woman's appearance caused the surrounding cold air to become even more intense. It was so cold that one could even breathe out mist.

Barefooted, she walked three meters in front of me and jerked her head up.

My pupils contracted. It was indeed a woman, but it was a woman with a pale complexion and a pained expression. The corner of her mouth was curled up, as if she had been cut open.

However, it was this pursed lips that unexpectedly smiled at me. That smile was only expressed through the corner of his mouth.

An ear-piercing, hoarse voice rang out.

"Thank you, thank you. I will definitely repay you well. "

The lady's eyes stare fixedly at me. She doesn't have any intention to thank me at all.

I scolded myself for being unlucky. This ghost is really full of evil. Even though it said that it was grateful, it didn't show any mercy to me.

While the ghost lady was speaking, the pendant on her leg had climbed to the level of her thigh. The cold that penetrated her skin made me feel as though it was being rushed.

I started to curse loudly without any regard for my image, scolding them for being cold-blooded and merciless, to repay kindness with enmity, even though I couldn't recall when I accidentally helped a pregnant woman.

She kept on saying thank you. Due to the frequency of her words, her mouth started to slide down, revealing dark red gums. Fresh blood kept on dripping from her legs, spreading to my feet.

I started to panic, the footsteps of death were getting closer and closer to me, no one wanted to die, my eyes filled with tears, I started to struggle with all my might.

"Luanyang! Luanyang! I'm going to die! "

At this moment, how could I care about my face? I could only continue to shout and shout. At the same time, I was glad that Feng Ming had left. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how I would have harmed him.

Seeing my crazy actions, the woman panicked a little. She opened her mouth and let out a piercing scream, as if she was warning me of something.

The cold had gripped my belly, and I felt a wave of nausea.

Then I fell into a hard arms, and I heard the woman scream in terror, and then I felt as if I had fallen into an ice cave.

He was only able to go from a cold that he was unfamiliar with to a cold that he was familiar with.

Luanyang hugged me from behind, put me on the bed, put her palm on my stomach, and said nothing.

At some point, the woman had disappeared and I had returned to my room.

Only then did I realize that Luanyang's figure was very unstable, and her appearance was sometimes blurry and sometimes distinct.

When I saw his silence, I was naturally frightened, because I felt as if something had been placed on my forehead and abdomen, and even my heart started to beat in unison.

He frowned coldly. His expression was a little unsightly, but he began to exert strength in his hands.


As soon as he exerted his strength, I started to scream. I didn't feel as though he had used much strength, but instead, I felt as though I was being pressed down by someone. My internal organs felt as though they were being squeezed down as well.

Luanyang saw that I was screaming so miserably, but he didn't seem to want to stop.

At the same time, I also felt great pain. Not only was it painful, but it was also a sign of death. My head was covered in cold sweat while my fingers started to spasm.

I wanted to open my mouth to tell her to stop, but the pain made it difficult for her to even make a sound.

Fortunately, Luanyang suddenly stopped, which gave me a chance to gasp for air.

"Who let you cause trouble?"

Luanyang's voice was very cold, and the question stabbed into my heart like an icicle.

I felt very wronged, because I didn't even remember how I endured these filthy things. Moreover, I was the one in pain, yet now I'm going to be scolded.

Seeing that I didn't say anything, Luanyang snorted coldly, and said mockingly, "Don't think that you can get away just because you're silent. This thing isn't that easy to get rid of, you better think about it! What use do you have for such a brain? Do you want to eat? "

I stared at Luoyang with my eyes wide open. Although he was disdainful before, his words weren't as vicious as before! "What change is this now!

Hearing that Luanyang can't be said for sure, I didn't have any backbone, so I could only close my eyes and think about what I had done recently.

As the images continued to change in his mind, he suddenly thought of a possibility.

When I left the hospital, didn't I see a pregnant woman in the rain and give her the umbrella?

Isn't that umbrella the same as the one I saw today?

He had not expected that his momentary kindness would bring about such a fatal disaster.

When I told this to Luanyang, he immediately sneered, "As expected, this brain is just for eating. You actually dare to have any pity for ghosts? Aren't you trying to make people act like a scapegoat?"

I didn't say anything, only looked at Luoyang with a pale face. Speaking of which, I always felt that Luoyang wouldn't just leave me alone like this.

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