Importunate Ghost King Husband


Before I could say anything, I suddenly felt my back pressed tightly against someone's chest, wet against the back of my neck.

I immediately became extremely anxious. This was undoubtedly like showing off my nakedness in front of an outsider, whether it was from the outside or the inside.

He sounded like he was about to cry, "Director Ji, thank you for the flowers, but my home is not very convenient, so I won't treat you to tea!"

After saying that, I snatched the flower, closed the door, leaned against the door, and looked face to face at Luoyang's exquisite and proud face.

"Are you done yet? Don't you know what shame is?"

I looked at him furiously out of embarrassment. I really wanted to grab him and beat him up, but I could only think about it.

Luoyang snorted coldly, "You're already my wife, you shouldn't be so close to other men. You even dare to take others' flowers!"

I was about to retort when I noticed what I was saying at my feet. And I never admitted to this marriage, and Dazhong doesn't admit to it at all!

"I am not your wife at all! We don't even have a marriage certificate! "

I retorted loudly. Anyways, he wouldn't break my neck now.

Luanyang hesitated for a moment, but then instantly turned back into her domineering face, "What's a marriage certificate? I married you in the proper manner."

I'm sure he knew about the marriage certificate, and now he says something like that.

That old woman who looked pale and miserable?

There was hardly any quarrel between him and me that I could win, for he would never reason with you, nor scorn it.

"Martial Granduncle, I feel that Sister Bai is right. As a living person, Sister Bai still wants to survive in this world. Naturally, we have to live our lives according to the way we live in the human world. "

The phoenix cry became softer and softer as it spoke. In the end, there was no sound at all. It was as if the phoenix was beginning to draw its talisman, and this time, it was drawing incorrectly and there was a light blue electric current.

I could even hear the sizzling sound and finally understand where the bird's nest with the phoenix cry came from.

Luanyang was still Luanyang. She didn't say anything and just disappeared.

This kind of him made me feel powerless. I could only say that ghosts were ghosts after all. His emotions and desires were already long gone, and all he had for me was use and possessiveness.

The next day I started to report to the company. Although I still have a lot of eyes to look at me, but I have long been used to not caring about others' eyes.

However, if others didn't offend me, I wouldn't offend them. If they bullied me, I would retaliate.

When I went into the tea room to pick up my cup, I smelled a stench, and when I put it in the cup I saw something green in my hand.

A coquettish laugh rang out from inside the door as two women walked out, feigning astonishment on their faces.

"Oh, what's wrong with Miss Bai? Why does it smell like this? "

I've never seen a woman before, but her proud look is just like someone from the Secretariat.


I sneered and still held the cup as I walked in front of her. I pressed the cup against her chest and pushed it back and forth before throwing the cup away.

The woman brought me along in a daze, then screamed out, the sound was very irritating.

With a great heart, I directly walked into the washroom and started to crazily wash my fingers. However, the disgusting stench still covered my fingers, making me feel disgusted.

In the mirror, I didn't show any expression of disgust but instead, looked at my own stomach in horror. I couldn't help but rub my eyes.

In that moment, I saw myself in the mirror with a big belly, and it looked like it was quite a month ago.

This was too horrifying.

However, it was just a glance. Soon, I felt that I was just too angry and was wrong.

As for my big stomach's fantasy, I directly chose to lose my memories.

When I got back to the office, I went straight to the woman from before. She was covered in a layer of water vapor, probably from outside. She had a strong perfume on her body and was staring at me.

Even if they weren't part of our department, they would still be able to sit on my seat, and no one would dare to say anything.

It seems that I have provoked another family member this time!

"White paper!" Do you know who my uncle is? I want you to get out of this company immediately! "

The woman spoke word by word harshly. When she saw me lowering my head, she smiled complacently. "However, I can also give you a chance. Kneel down and I'll beat you up!"

His tone was like that of a lofty queen.

I pinched my palms together as I kept thinking back to the information I had read. Just who was this relative of mine?

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a male voice cut in. Ji Nan came to my department at this time. Coincidently, I couldn't help but take a few more glances at this man.

When the woman saw Ji Nan, her attitude instantly changed. Her clothes were sticky as she said coquettishly, "Cousin, this is too serious. She actually dares to tease me!"


Ah, no wonder even this person didn't dare to speak. It was originally the back door of Ji Nan's home!

This back door must be quite sturdy!

"Liu Yueyue!" My dad let you in to improve, not to bully the employees of our company! "

Ji Nan had a rare cold expression as he scolded Liu Yueyue.

Liu Yueyue immediately looked like she had been wronged, but she did not continue speaking. She only looked at me with resentment, as if she wanted to kill me with her eyes.

I calmly looked at her and didn't place her in my eyes at all.

Who knew that she would suddenly open her eyes wide. Her pupils dilated and she looked at me in fear. After that, she screamed and used her hands and feet to move towards Ji Nan's side.

Halfway through, she even fell to the ground, crawling desperately as if she didn't feel anything.

"Cousin, cousin!" She was a ghost! She's a ghost! "

she screamed hoarsely, her eyes fixed on me.

I frowned slightly. I didn't expect her to say something like that, but from the looks of it, she didn't seem to be lying.

However, the people around me hadn't changed. She was the only one pointing at me in fear.

Ji Nan also roared in anger, berating, "Liu Yueyue, even if you don't understand anything, you can't speak nonsense inside the company! Where did you put the company! "

Liu Yueyue trembled, but immediately cried out, and said with grievance, "Cousin, you have to believe me, it's still looking at me!"

Ji Nan already felt impatient. He directly went up to Liu Yueyue, covered her mouth, and then dragged her out.

And I stood there all the time.

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