Importunate Ghost King Husband


That face was not sure how easy it should be, it was like a Yin and Yang face, so called Yin meant death. Half of that face had no skin, and below it were bones, while the other side was no different from a normal person.

It was neatly split, as if it was cut open with a knife.

He had the face of a middle-aged man, but there was nothing familiar about him.

Seeing that I was staring at him, the man let out an unpleasant laugh. He mocked himself, "I know that my face isn't good right now, but I will soon be able to return to my previous appearance. And you are my medicine."

His deranged appearance made me lean against the locust tree in fear, wishing that I could hide inside it.

The man didn't say anything to me. He stuck his cane into the soil and began to mutter under his breath. His expression was very devout.

But, he suddenly opens his eyes and uses his fingers to pierce into my arm. Grabbing me, he cries out in pain. However, he doesn't receive any sympathy from me and instead, uses even more strength.

Only when his entire hand was covered with my blood did he withdraw his finger. With a strange smile, he began to draw a strange pattern around the walking stick.

Feng Ming had long since fainted. It was obvious that his consciousness was not clear. Seeing the man's actions, he suddenly opened his eyes and muttered some words.

"That's it! He wants to obtain senior granduncle's items, and that's senior granduncle's items! "

He was struggling excitedly, wanting to leave the locust tree. Just as he got rid of his hand, it was quickly held down. Only after he kept struggling did I clearly see what was holding him.

It was actually a tiny infant. Its seemingly weak hand was actually able to firmly suppress the phoenix cry, and its green and black body emitted a poisonous glow.

They were like blood-sucking worms, piercing their fangs into Phoenix Cry's flesh. No wonder Phoenix Cry's face looked worse and worse.

Even though the phoenix's cry was constantly heard, it did not stop the man's actions. A white light suddenly flashed in the middle of the formation, and the blood was gradually absorbed by the ground.

Gradually, an ancient looking box appeared. Although there was some soil on the box, one could not deny its value. Even in the market, such a box was hard to come by.

The moment the box appeared, the man's eyes revealed an excited light. His fingertips trembled uncontrollably, as if he had seen the most difficult thing to obtain. However, at this moment, he felt as if it had suddenly appeared in his hand.

Without even thinking about it, I knew that the thing inside was definitely Luoyang's severed limb. Just looking at the box made me feel a little scared, it was a long box, and how Luanyang was dismembered was much more tragic than I had imagined.

Even though he was excited, the man still opened the box. I was still a distance away and couldn't clearly see what was inside. I could only raise my head and try my best to see clearly.

The man burst out laughing and lifted the object up, which allowed me to clearly see what it looked like.

The hand was still wrapped in cloth, which was exactly the color and pattern that Luang Yang normally wore. It was unknown how it was preserved, but even now, it was still completely undamaged. The color even gave off a fresh feeling.

How was this something that only mortals could have? It was clearly a godly person.

The man mumbled insanely to himself as he carefully lowered his hand. In his hand was a dagger. Then, he headed in my direction.

When I saw him move, I immediately tensed up. The wounds I had sustained earlier were still hurting and fresh blood was slowly flowing out. Seeing him holding a dagger, I was naturally even more afraid.

If I'm not wrong, my blood should be closely related to Luanyang!

Feng Ming looked over weakly. His entire face was covered in sweat. He bit his lower lip and looked at me worriedly. That gaze alone made my heart go cold.

I felt like I was going to be cold.

The man approached me with a smile, muttering something to himself.

"Miss Bai, don't blame me if you die, blame yourself for being a Pure Yin Body Cultivator, I actually thank you for that. If it weren't for you, how could I have gotten Luanyang's blood, and how couldn't I cut open her body?"

I retreated backwards in fear, cursing this lunatic in my heart. If you really want to thank me, then just let me go!

However, even if I used all my strength, he still managed to grab my wrist and pull me directly towards the box. He pinched my wrist and mercilessly cut down on my wrist, causing blood to spurt out and flow into the box, staining Luanyang's severed limb red.

I struggled with all my might but I could only scatter my blood all over the place.

This isn't the first time I've experienced the feeling of losing too much blood, but the feeling of weightlessness makes me extremely uncomfortable. Inch by inch, cold gradually envelops my entire body.

My vision gradually turned black. Just when I was about to regain consciousness, I suddenly heard a miserable scream. Then, my wrist directly pressed onto a cold and soft object. It rubbed against my wrist, causing me to regain some consciousness despite the coldness.

"Luan, Luoyang?"

I mumbled the man's name, but he pursed his lips.

Then his vision went black and he completely lost consciousness.

The darkness wasn't as stable as before. Countless dogs were chasing after me. I kept running in an attempt to leave this world, but they were unable to do so.

He had a belief in his heart, but he could not say it out loud. Why was he in such a place? I want to get out!

The dog's breathing got closer and closer. With a slight misstep, I fell to the ground. My warm body made contact with the cold floor.

In the end, I still called out the name that had been hidden for a long time.



I gave a short shriek and jumped up from the bed. The whole world was white except for a big bouquet of roses that added a little color to the room.

I looked at the situation in front of me in a daze. I didn't understand what was going on with me. I really thought that I had lost too much blood before I fainted.

He subconsciously raised his hand and saw that his wrist was tightly wrapped, and his arm was also tightly wrapped. With just a slight movement, he could feel the pain.

I began to recall what happened last night. It seemed that Luanyang's appearance at the last moment saved my life?

Is that so?

I asked myself blankly, but I got the answer in my heart.

"Who are you? Why did you come in! "

Feng Ming's voice came from the door. I turned around and saw Ji Nan and Feng Ming glaring at each other.

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