Importunate Ghost King Husband


The more I think about it, the more I don't understand. All of this is too weird. If that strange video was just a hype, then the rumors about the perverts would be the end of it. However … My fingers unconsciously touched the collar of my shirt. What was the matter with the red marks on my neck? It can't be that I was just scratching myself when I was dreaming, right? I reached out my hand, and for the sake of convenience, I trimmed my fingernails so they were flat, with no extra fingernails.

Forget about the red marks, he probably wouldn't even leave a mark when he scratched around!

I need to get out a first draft of the contract from Boss Wang within a week. I'm so busy that I can't wait to get my hands on three heads and six arms.

I was so tired that I fell asleep every day when I got home, but every night the man would visit as he had promised.

He was so sleepy that he couldn't even open his eyes. However, he could clearly feel the ice-cold temperature coming from the man's body, his strong physique, as well as the rapid sounds of him breathing in and out of my ear … Every time, he would bring me a feeling of happiness, and my body and mind would feel as comfortable as riding a horse on a prairie.

The night had been exciting, but the day was not good, and in the face of the huge workload, it was even more so.

A week passed quickly. The first draft of the paper was approved by Boss Wang.

The boss finally mercifully let me take half a day off and slept for an entire afternoon. In the evening, this man came as I had promised. After a few clouds and rain, I didn't faint from exhaustion like before.

When the man stood up to leave, I forced myself to ask him, "Who are you?"

The man was clearly facing me, but I couldn't see his face clearly. His facial features seemed to be covered by a thick layer of black fog.

"You don't need to know who I am. You only need to know that your life is mine!"

"You're lying!"

What kind of joke was this? I was born from my mother, my father's bloodline. My life was created jointly by my mother and my father, so what does it have to do with this ridiculous person!

"I'm talking nonsense?"

The man sneered. "Then you'd better think it through. Why did you have to survive the train of people rolling down the cliff!"

My body quivered and I couldn't help but think back to two years ago, when I came back from my hometown after the Spring Festival. I was in a car accident on the Mount Pan Road. Cars destroyed and killed... In a whole carriage of people, only I managed to miraculously survive!

"It's you …" It's all because of you! "

The bus was clearly moving safely on the mountain road, but it suddenly went out of control … It must be the man in front of me who intervened!

"Stubborn fool!"

The sky gradually turned white, and mottled light and shadow began to appear on the curtains.

The man was surrounded by a thick black aura. The air pressure around him suddenly dropped, as if it was ice from the South Pole.

"I won't let you harm me anymore!"

I mustered up my courage and grabbed the small lamp on the bed. Raising it high, I threw it towards the man … However, an invisible force caught my hand in midair!

"You overestimate yourself!"

Just as the man finished his sentence, I felt a sharp pain on my wrist. The lamp fell heavily on the floor, splitting into two!

At the same time, a strong gust of wind pushed my body back down onto the bed!

It was as if his body was pressed down by a thousand jin boulder, making him unable to move.

"Protect your life well. Other than me, no one else is allowed to touch you!"

He got up in a daze and went to open the door. His head was muddled. When he saw the two people at the door, he suddenly woke up — — "Police …" "Comrade Police …"

Although I am an outsider, I have always been obedient.

"Hello, Miss Bai."

The two policemen showed me their ID. "We suspect you of having been involved in an accidental death. Please come with us!"

"An accidental death?"

I was so stunned when I heard about the death that I didn't even notice the word accident.

Then, confused, I was taken away by the two policemen. Sitting in the police car, I was able to get a rough idea of the whole situation — the name of the person who died in the accident was Feng Zhihua, a person I didn't know. He was a painter.

The reason I'm related to him is because I found the wallet containing my ID card at the scene of the painter's death!

According to the police's description, the shape and size of the wallet fit perfectly with the one I'd lost half a month ago.

The police took me all the way to the gallery where Feng Zhihua died. Red and blue police cars sounded alternately.

What surprised me most about the gallery was that he was the strange man who had asked me for my hair and nails at the bus stop that day.

It was clear that the man had died in the course of his work, and that in front of his body was a huge framed picture.

The painting depicted a pair of newbies in bright red Tang suit, but this painter died too suddenly. At the time of his death, the brush was still in his hand, and he seemed to be frightened.

The painting was not finished. The groom's facial features were completely white. Fortunately, the bride had painted half of her face. Only her rough facial features and nose remained.

"This face is so familiar. I covered the bride's chin with my hand and carefully thought back …" Isn't the woman in the painting me?! "

I was so scared that I cried out!

The police officer who called me before also came to a realization, "When we got the call, your ID card was indeed placed in the bottom left corner of this painting. It should have been copied by the dead person."

My heart thumped as I looked at the bride's hair — strands after strands that looked like real, not real. Judging by the color and brightness of the hair, it was obviously human hair!

Could this be the one the painter took from my head? I seriously studied it and sure enough... My hair is naturally different from other people's, good hair quality, hair root toughness not to mention, my hair is not pure black, never dyed, born chestnut color!

Large drops of cold sweat trickled down my forehead, and when I saw the emerald green fingernails on the bride's hands, my body shuddered — they were mine!

Half a month ago, I finally had a vacation. My two good colleagues and I had a busy time making manicure, but because the workload was too great, it was inconvenient to keep nails, so I cut it off mercilessly.

However, because the nails were so beautiful, he couldn't bear to part with them. He wrapped them in a paper bag and put them in his drawer.

But why here? It was even installed on this strange mounted painting!

And who is this man beside me? Why do you want me to frame a framed picture with a man I don't know? Could it be that this painter had some ulterior motive towards me? No wonder he wanted my hair and nails.

But why did the painter suddenly die here?

What terrible thing had he seen?

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