Importunate Ghost King Husband


The clothes on their bodies were very similar, allowing others to tell that they were together. What was more striking was that they matched each other's appearances; one was handsome and hardlooking, the other was pretty and dignified. No matter how one looked at it, they seemed like a match made in heaven.

I suddenly barged in as if scaring the two of them. I immediately moved away from my original position. Seeing an outsider, the young girl's face instantly flushed red.

However, all of my attention was focused on the young man. Even at his age, I could still feel a faint coldness. It was like I recognized Luanyang, but it also didn't seem to be any of my Luanyang.

"Who are you to be able to come to the forbidden area?"

The young man looked at me warily. The hand that was holding the sword in his hand had never let go of me.

I tightly hugged my clothes with both of my hands, hoping to retain some warmth. However, I still felt extremely cold. Looking at the brilliant flames in front of me, I couldn't help but want to get closer.

Just as I took a step forward, the youth immediately pulled out his sword and pointed it at me, "I'll ask you again, how did you come in? If you don't tell me, I'll definitely kill you."

Just as she finished speaking, the young girl stood in front of me and spoke in a spoiled manner, "There aren't many Fey girls and ghosts that can come here, and one of them would have died just by being outside. I feel that she is also human like us, perhaps she had accidentally walked in here?"

"Junior Sister!" "That's almost impossible. No one has ever entered Mount Shu before, not to mention that she doesn't seem to have any offensive power, and she doesn't seem like someone who likes to turn into nobody."

Luanyang said without any hesitation. She had probably already decided that I was just a random succubus.

I was suddenly amused by my own thoughts, but then I realized that I had clearly seen the young Luoyang, but how could they actually see me!

"You can actually see me?"

As I said those words in astonishment, my body couldn't help but approach the bonfire. That warm feeling made me feel as though I had obtained a new life.

"Stop!" Junior Sister, did you hear that? She definitely knows invisibility, but she's just a little stupid. " Luanyang said in a mocking tone, as if it was a very embarrassing thing for an elite to not be able to become invisible.

Although he knew that there were no good words coming from Luanyang's mouth, he still felt very angry and subconsciously retorted, "You're good, you're good! Why are you still afraid of me? Do you believe that your methods are useless against me? "

"Is that so? "Then you're dead for sure!"

Luanyang snorted coldly, then raised his sword and threw it towards me. I immediately fell to the side, but my arm was still cut. My clothes instantly split open and a line of blood could be seen on my skin.

"What are you doing?" I'm talking about the essence of dealing with it! Is that how you deal with it? You treacherous little man! "Cheating!"

I covered my arms and protested loudly, retreating a few steps. Just then, I could feel that I was just a stranger to Luanyang, that he could kill me at any time.

It's only because he's still young that he's able to speak so much nonsense with me.

Then, the young girl was very innocent. She stood in front of Luanyang and said, "Senior Brother, I think what she said is very reasonable. You are being dishonest, and Master also said that as long as you don't eat people, it's fine.

"Junior Sister, you are too naive. Have you forgotten about the outsider who was last eaten? You've been crying for a long time! "This guy is good at lying!"

Luoyang said firmly, while pointing a long sword at my neck.

"Thus, she will undoubtedly die today."

The killing intent in my eyes made my heart freeze. At that moment, I even felt as though I had died.

I subconsciously kept retreating until I reached the ice-cold wall. I quickly said, "I'm not a Exquisite! I was lying to you just now. Actually, I am a human, I don't know where this place is. I walked and walked to this place, aren't you guys cultivators? Can't you even tell if I'm human or intelligent? "

Luanyang, on the other hand, had a cold expression on his face as he slowly approached me. With every step he took, the tip of his sword drew closer to me.

The young girl also began to persuade him, "Yes senior brother, what if she is really human? Killing people is also a great taboo, not only will you be chased out of your sect, you will also be excluded from the sect, and you might even end up in jail! "

Seeing that the tip of the sword was about to stab into my neck, I suddenly thought of the thing on my ankle and hastily shouted, "Actually, I'm your relative. I'm here to look for you. Look at the thing on my ankle, don't you feel that it's very familiar?"

Only after hearing this did Luanyang stop in her tracks, but her eyes were still vigilant. She lowered her head slightly to look at my ankle.

I hastily coordinated with him to expose the items on my ankle. He gave this to me personally. I hope that my gamble was correct. If I'm wrong, the sword would directly stab into my neck.

Time passed bit by bit, and I subconsciously swallowed my saliva. After being motionless, I felt as though my entire body was trembling uncontrollably.

"Humph!" You're lucky, go ahead! How come I don't remember having relatives like you? "

Luanyang sneered, put away his sword and turned back to where he had been sitting.

When the young girl saw that I wasn't killed, she sat back down happily. It seemed that she really was a child that couldn't stand to be killed.

I let out a breath of relief and quickly got close to the fire. Feeling the warmth from it, I felt as though I was alive.

After that, there was a burst of unwillingness. At this time, Luoyang was just a sixteen or seventeen year old child, and I was so old that even ten years of age wouldn't be able to suppress him.

"Speak!" If you can't say it, you will still die! "

I swallowed my saliva and replied, "My name is Bai Jian, a distant relative of yours. You gave me this as a gift yourself. You said that you want me to be your elder sister!"

As I spoke randomly, I accidentally met Luanyang's meaningful gaze and couldn't help but shiver in fear.

"What are you looking at!" "You just have to give it to me. Otherwise, do you think I can snatch it from you?"

Luanyang laughed softly, "His surname is Bai?" There is such a relative's name, but are you sure I'm the one who made you my sister? "This is the marriage fee from my childhood."

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