Importunate Ghost King Husband


However, just as I was about to say something, a bone-piercing pain suddenly comes from the location of my heart, as though a block of ice is directly inserted into it.

I instantly understood that it was Luoyang who had warned me.

He could only bite the bullet and refuse, "Enough, I don't want to hear your nonsense. Let's hurry up and go!"

Luanyang is also a powerful, and I do not want to hurt others for my own reasons, so I can only turn around and leave.

However, the man followed and took out an ancient jade from his dirty robe. He said urgently, "This is my treasure. I'm giving it to Miss right now. Don't be afraid, cultivators definitely won't let ghosts harm them!"

His eyes were filled with determination, which made me convinced of his words. Lucky for me, I didn't reject the gift. Instead, I stuffed it into my pocket and left quickly.

The instant I returned home, I immediately stiffened my body. A white mist gradually surrounded me and my slender fingers were the first to materialize and land on my face.

Although I didn't say anything, I still felt the threat of the other party.

"What, what?" I pretended to be calm as I looked at the white fog in front of me. I had already thought of all sorts of ways to deal with it.

The man didn't have the intention to take human form. Instead, he stuck his body against mine. The ice-cold aura made me suck in a breath of cold air. He felt as though he was getting more and more excited.

His fingers moved around the various parts of his body, from the top to the bottom, from bright to dark.

He was already extremely familiar with my body. No one knew better than him how to achieve the greatest of achievements.

I panted impatiently as I actually felt a sliver of joy in my heart.

He actually did not discover this place.

With such a thought in my mind, I actually fell into a state of half dreaming and half awake.

When I woke up from the cold, I found myself lying in a disarranged position by the door, but the thing that frightened me the most was the thing at my ankles.

The fish-shaped piece of jade was tied to my ankle with a red rope.

I knew it wasn't my doing, and there was no one else in this house but Luanyang.

He started to panic. He originally wanted to get rid of Luanyang, which was why he left this jade here.

Now it could be said that he had taken a rock and smashed it on his own foot!

The bright red made me reach out to touch it, and the cold skin made me jerk back.

That bright red light wasn't red rope at all. Gu Yu stuck close to my skin. A cold aura came from the bottom of my feet.


I screamed silently, my eyes stinging.

Why did you want me to encounter such a situation? Even if I have to die, it would be better than now!

All day long, he was being assaulted by a single pervert, and he even had to help with things that he didn't want to do. All day long, he would deal with ghosts, and if he carelessly entered the prison, it would truly be exciting!

After he had been paralyzed on the floor for a while, he returned to his room and curled up in a ball.

Where did all these choices come from? Weren't humans meant to survive?

And now, I am only doing it for the sake of living a peaceful life!

When I woke up the next day, I wasn't surprised at all to catch a cold. My whole body was in a powerless state. After taking a few pills at random, I directly went to work.

It's not that I'm working so hard, it's just the next day. If I take a leave of absence, doesn't this mean that I don't want to work anymore?

My tired body felt heavy, and it wasn't easy for me to get to the company, but the red roses on the table made my eyes pop out. The strong smell made me feel even more dizzy.

He could only place the flower at his feet as he wished. Since he didn't have the energy to know who sent it, he started the day's work.

It wasn't until noon that I felt the slightest bit of spirit. Just as I was about to get up, a pair of long legs appeared in front of me.

Straight suit trousers, Cheng Liang shoes, all show the owner's extraordinary.

As expected, when he raised his head, he saw Ji Nan's playboy face, which carried a hint of displeasure. "You don't like roses?"

"Huh?" I looked at him doubtfully. I didn't understand what he meant.

Ji Nan kicked the ground beside my feet in dissatisfaction.

"I say, don't you like roses? "He actually doesn't even look at them."

I didn't understand at first, but when I saw the red flowers at my feet, I realized what was going on.

"Director Ji, you're the one who gave this flower to me?"

Ji Nan curled his lips, "I didn't give it to you. Can I come over and ask you now? "Ordinary women like roses. You are indeed not an ordinary woman."

The conclusion I made to myself made my hair stand on end. Who would have thought that this playboy would actually set his sights on me?

When dealing with men like this, the most important thing was to not arouse their interest. The harder it was to find a woman, the more interesting they would feel.

If it was before, I would still have had the time to slowly deal with it. However, the situation now is truly irritating for me, and I can't even talk about how to deal with it.

"Director Ji, although I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm sure that there's nothing special about me. There are even roses that are very good, thank you very much."

After saying that, I immediately stood up and walked towards the dining hall, completely ignoring Ji Nan's expression.

The company canteen was also quite luxurious. One could freely choose anything they wanted to eat, just like the canteen of a university.

I took my things and found a quiet corner to stay in, dizziness and brain swelling, not a time to promote co-workers.

However, I do think so, but some people are not, just sat down not long before someone directly sat in front of me.

I looked up at her round face and thought for a moment before I found her information.

Tang Yuan, a member of a department and an intern, had graduated from a prestigious university. He was usually just like a nobody.

She had thick eyes and a smile on her face.

"Sister Bai, how did you do it!?" You don't know that everyone in the Secretariat has their eyes on Director Ji, but none of them managed to get their hands on him.

She spoke rather quickly. The words that seemed like ridicule and ridicule were actually filled with worship from her mouth.

Could it be that this child truly worships me?

Just as she was deep in thought, she suddenly saw a black dot on her forehead that looked as if it had not been washed clean. It was very eye-catching.

He couldn't help but remind her, "Why is there something on your forehead that hasn't been washed clean?"

When Tang Yuan heard that, he immediately took out the mirror and looked at it. With a puzzled expression, he said, "No, I looked at the mirror today. It's impossible that nothing was washed away."

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