I’m Really a Villain

I’m Really a Villain

Author:qing shi jin cheng hui
Chapters:1536 | 4.2


Xu Zimo found himself reborn, with an amazing cultivation and all the memories of his previous life. But the script is not right, rebirth is not always the main character thing? But my setting is a villain ah! This is the story of a villain who becomes a great demon king step by step. ---------- Middle-aged version: the world of great contention, the Dao and the law together! The old man of the True Martial Saint Clan was sitting on a fishing platform on the banks of the Willow Bank River when he heard a dragon chanting and three thousand carp knocking at the door of his destiny, turning into ten thousand golden dragons, soaring in the sky, as if in awe! There is a man on foot to measure heaven and earth, a monk sitting in a temple for three thousand years, a moment of enlightenment, the sky descends auspicious clouds, all the law applauded. Blood moon black night, the long rainbow break the sun. There is a swordsman carrying a wooden sword, turn around and raise his hand, ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers are all broken inch by inch. The ragged caller in the south of the city took a broken willow branch, and dared to kill on a door three emperors of the Taoist holy court.

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