I Shocked the Globe

I Shocked the Globe

Author:liang fou
Chapters:418 | 3.4
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The year she crossed the female line, apricot blossom rain, Yun Xia met the young man under the umbrella, his eyebrows were warm and beautiful, he blushed at her with low eyes and said: "May the princess live a peaceful and happy life, all things will be victorious." That year through the post-apocalyptic, zombie massacre, she met him again, white beautiful people raised gray pupils, to her curved lips: "Do not be afraid, I will protect you, yo." That year interstellar chaos ...... rub! Still met him! The slender and tall youth dropped his long eyelashes, straightened the strict cufflinks, and slowly: "Where else do you want to hide?" Yun Xia: "......" Yun Xia: "There is no place, borrow your home to hide." # just want to blow up the world as a father, who knows why was abducted back home # PS: small sweet cake fast wear, not the main plot, plot party caution point into.

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