I married the paranoid bigot again

I married the paranoid bigot again

Author:zhu xi mu
Chapters:101 | 4.8


She was kept by him as a canary for three years and was resenting him even before she died. Reborn back to the day she was first sold into the Huo family by her parents, looking at the man whose face was exquisitely handsome but almost pale and sickly, she forced herself to curb her spikes and behave in front of him. "I'm well-behaved, can you not lock me up?" "Will you run away?" The man's low, husky voice rang in her ears. She shook her head hard: "No." In order to live a life that is no longer gloomy, she will not run away again. Since then, the upper class circles in the deep city have quietly spread the news: don't look at Mrs. Huo more than once! Because more than Mrs. Huo a glance of the whole fucking day Liang Wang broke! [double clean, no abuse, the male lead in a previous life is really imprisoned the female lead, micro forced love and male lead is sick (physically sick, psychologically sick), or have two set, see comments demining, the protagonist three views does not represent the author's three views, the author is more protective, scold me scold the protagonist can not, inappropriate language small black room waiting]

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