I like you so much

I like you so much

Author:niu you guo tao er
Chapters:86 | 5.0


Li Jiao got into college, her family was afraid that the cabbage would be swallowed by a pig, but who would have thought that she just finished her military training and gained a boyfriend. He is also a special forces veteran who came to help lead the military training instructor for a few days He is cold and handsome, ascetic temperament explosion After knowing that people do not have a girlfriend, her road to chase her husband began But the first time to chase someone, the situation is full of problems Doing push-ups, she threw herself on her back and was treated like a prick by him She was kicked out of her shoes during a walk and almost hit him, which was considered as revenge. Listening to a lecture, she peeked at someone because she was horny, she didn't stand still, and knelt down directly on the spot in the lecture hall of a thousand people Li Jiao: "Seriously, I'm not embarrassed, just want to die" I thought her boyfriend would be hopeless, but I never thought... She threw her shoes away, and he picked them up. "Crystal shoes, put them on." Seeing that she was getting sunburned, he stood behind her and helped shade her from the sun The instructor from another class brought a piece of watermelon, he didn't take it and let her take it. After a while, he said "Li Jiao, I order you to eat the watermelon." "Yes." Zhang Jiuling also did not expect to meet such a person, as soon as she pampered, he wanted to give her his life "If your means of controlling the enemy is pampering, I will not even think of picking up a weapon" "I love my country, and I love her. Thereafter, for the rest of my life, I will be loyal to my country and love her" ............ "Li Jiao" "Present!" "This piece of paper has my name and phone number on it, save it in your address book" "Yes, promise to complete the task" "This is not a mission, it's my request to you" ...... "Whew-" A loud whistle sounded in the military training ground The instructor of the next class saw the little girl peeking next to him and asked "Jiuling, that girl, from your class?" Zhang Jiuling glanced at her "En, mine." ?

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