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Chapter 9

Ji mom and Ji dad caught up with the big and little one in front of them: "Mom didn't expect him to be like this either. Obviously when I met him before, he was fine except for his arrogant nature." After all, he graduated from a famous university, so it's not a big deal to be arrogant. It's just that I didn't expect such a bad character and a straight man.

"This is not your business, after all, straight male cancer patients are sometimes really quite human." The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. If I really want to fall in love, I will find one myself and bring it back to you two, okay?"

"Then when do you say you have to bring another one back." Ji's mother gave her a sidelong glance, completely seeing through the thoughts in Ji Shi's mind.

"This ......" Ji Shi originally did not want to fall in love, naturally there is no way to give a deadline. When she looked down and thought about replying, she met a pair of green eyes and changed her words and asked, "Little green just didn't even eat well, is she hungry now?"

Little group ate Ji Shi gave the package, not hungry, just heard so ask, want to eat, suddenly nodded and said, "I'm hungry." The two eyes revealed the air of "I want to eat".

She looked like this, Ji Shi inexplicably want to laugh, but at least hold back, right hand rubbing the top of the small group of hair, fluffy soft hair as if there is a suction general suction her hand.

The little group moved its head, but the hand on top of its head moved again. She simply raised her head, a bite Ji Shi fell palm. Worried about breaking the skin, she did not use force, but only used her teeth to grind down.

Ji Shi stuck for a while before saying, "Don't take my hand to grind your teeth." Saying that, the right hand turned to pat the little group's small buttocks.

The little dumpling stared angrily and his teeth began to grind around, pondering where to put his mouth. After sweeping down Ji Shi's exposed skin, she looked at the snow-white slender neck, and suddenly stretched her neck, opened her mouth, and was ready to bite down, but then suddenly heard Ji Shi say, "Mom and Dad, I'll take her to have a midnight snack first, you guys go back by yourselves first."

Hearing this, the little group of people closed their mouths. Seeing that this guy is going to take her to eat good food, then she temporarily spare each other's lives.

Ji Shi took in a series of changes in her expression, the smile under her eyes became heavier, and nodded to her parents before turning around to leave.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The previous blind date she did not follow, but also learned from the male side of Ji Shi every blind date is the beginning or halfway to find an excuse to escape, today this is the first time to eat the whole meal.

"She's still young, you don't have to worry so much." Ji's father comforted.

"This is twenty-three, not been in love I will not say anything, but the problem is that she has not talked about the meaning, I can not worry about her to end up alone." Ji mom skimmed, the words turned, "What, you also think I'm annoying?"

Dad Ji shook his head, "No. You're doing it for the good of the child. You are also doing it for the good of the child, and Xiao Shi will understand your feelings."

The mother looked up, where there is no frustration and worry in the eyes, are full of fighting spirit: "Then good, my friend's daughter's male classmates are also going on a blind date, later I will arrange for them to meet."

Ji dad: ......

"What, you have an idea?"

"No." Ji dad shook his head and mentally lit wax for his daughter.


Ji Shi took the little dumpling to the roadside to eat barbecue, put the person on the chair and admonished, "I'll make a phone call, you sit here obediently, what do you want to eat, call those big sisters in blue clothes to come over and say so."

The little group nodded, but Ji Shi just went out, she "scuffed" jumped off the chair, following the scent of running, and finally lifted the curtain and ran into the place where people barbecue.

It smells good. The little dumpling has never eaten barbecue, nor have I seen it before, and was immediately curious. But the table is taller than her, she can only stand on tiptoe, eyes just above the height of the table, two turquoise eyes looking straight at the grilled wings being turned over.

Good, I want to eat.

After watching for a while, the little dumpling raised her hand, wiped the drool off the corner of her mouth, pointed to the chicken wings and said, "I want this." This person is also wearing blue clothes, she should have no problem talking to the other party.

As soon as she made this sound, the barbecue uncle noticed that there was a pair of eyes at the table and almost didn't jump.

The uncle took a closer look and realized it was a child, and wondered, "Where did you get this child."

"Held here." After politely answering, the little dumpling pointed to the things being grilled and gulped, "I want these, can I?"


Hearing him say that, the little dumpling hurriedly reached over and was ready to pick them up and eat them.

"Be careful." The barbecue man didn't expect this and hurriedly put it down and moved away, but it was still too late, and the little group's hand touched the barbecue wings first.

The wings are now almost cooked and hot. When the small group of hands touched, immediately cowered, eyes rose water mist.

"Little friend, hurry up and give me a look." The barbecue uncle hurriedly came over and took the little group's hand to observe. The child's skin is tender, although a touch is divided, but still instantly reddened a large, hastily picked up the small group to go to the cold water.

Fingers and cold and hot, the pain of the little group of five are wrinkled together.

Uncle one hand holding the small group of hands under the cold water, notice the small group of eyes inside the water mist, and quickly comfort: "do not cry, do not cry."

"I'm not crying." Little dumpling moved his nose, closed his eyes and took back his tears.

Uncle did not hold back and laughed out. Noticing the little dumpling's puffed up cheeks, he hurriedly looked away, "Ah Ching, get me some ice and ointment."

After waiting for about a minute, a young girl lifted the curtain and came in, "Dad, did you get burned?"

"No, it's this little kid who got burned." The older man moved away to reveal the little group.

"Where did this little friend come from." The little girl asked curiously.

The uncle glared and began to lecture: "You also said, I told you to keep an eye on the customer not to come in the back here, but the result, but actually let the child came in alone."

"The front is very busy, I do not have time to always pay attention to whether or not to come in." The little girl suddenly aggrieved, "What's more, the general public which will run this side of the back."

Not the average person of the small group of people looked up at the two, and finally looked at the uncle: "She already knows the wrong, you should not scold her."

"Yeah, I already know wrong, why do you want to-" the little girl subconsciously picked up a sentence, and then reacted to glare at the little group, "obviously your fault, how became my fault. "

The small group did not care about the little girl, but cowered under the head.

There is, there is a killing aura.

The little dumpling moved down, attempting to take advantage of the big uncle's huge body to cover his small body. However, her ploy did not succeed, the person emitting the killing aura came over with big strides and a cold voice, "May I ask what you are doing here."

Saying that, Ji Shi crossed over the uncle, took the little group's collar and picked the person up.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

"She is burned, is rinsing cold water." The uncle explained to Ji Shi, and then rambled on, "Are you the mother of this child? How can you let your child run alone to such a dangerous place."


"And, as a mother, how can you pick up a child by the collar, this way will strangle the child's neck, over time it is easy to accident."

The older man did not give Ji Shi the opportunity to speak, himself alone for two or three minutes, the words are not satisfied with Ji Shi not being a good mother.

The young girl seems to sense Ji Shi's embarrassment, close to Ji Shi whispered an apology: "Sorry, my dad just likes to preach." Saying that, she handed ice over and said, "Dad, it's almost time, use the ice."

The uncle nodded and looked at Ji Shih, not quite satisfied, "Aren't you going to come over and help?"

Ji Shi took a big step forward and hugged the little dumpling, took the ice and ointment, and thanked the two while applying ice.

The little dumpling completely ignored them, her eyes kept glued to the side of the barbecue wings, and her mouth kept choking. Only then, she suddenly smelled something and excitedly raised her voice to alert: "It's burnt! It's burnt!"

"Don't move." Ji Shi pressed the ice with difficulty and spoke to the two before carrying the person out.

The little group sensed the murderous aura and was instantly quiet as a chicken, cowering and allowing Ji Shi to carry her back to her original seat.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Ji Shi bowed his head: "You say."

The little group wanted to go to the side of those people, but moved did not break free can only give up. Hearing Ji Shi asked, she weakly explained: "Terrible ......" After a pause, she hastily changed her words, "Little Shi sister said she was going out to call, and told me to tell sister in blue what I wanted to eat. I don't know the words, and I don't know what this is, so I just thought I'd go over and take a look ......"

Ji Shi sunken face to her dressing, and did not answer.

Little dumpling looked up, the words that followed suddenly could not be said, looking at Li Qingqing and a few of them pitifully.

"Children are active by nature, a little injury is nothing." The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The little group immediately felt the murderous aura heavier, and quickly scared to bury in the arms of the night. I don't know if it's an illusion, but it seems like the murderous aura behind me is even heavier after I'm buried, and the little group is shaking like chaff.

"Is not cold." Guan Wanwei hugged the small group tightly, "Qingqing, take ointment over."


The little dumpling was suddenly reduced to the center of several people, Ji Shi was completely ignored, sitting with a cold face to the side, as if a statue.

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