I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 8

"Welcome." As soon as they entered, a waiter came over and asked, "Hello, do you have a reservation?"

"Ms. Lu Evening Qing has booked a window seat."

"Yes, please come with me this way."

Little dumpling shook Ji Shi's hand: "Who is Ms. Lu Wanqing?"

"That's my mother, the aunt who gave you snacks yesterday."

The little dumpling said, "I don't understand," and then my nose twitched and my eyes kept lingering on the table I passed.

It smells good.

The air is scented with all kinds of fragrances, smelling the little group's mouth is going to flow out.

The two arrived at the location, that Lin Ziyuan has not yet come.

Ji Shi looked at the time, there are still two minutes to the appointed time, reached out and asked the waiter to two cups of juice. When waiting for the juice, the little group saw two people on the table next to them raise their cups and said "cheers" and drank all the drinks inside the cups.

Waiting for the juice to come over, the small group of people looked at that terrible human, do not want to say "cheers" with her, so silently in the heart said, and then the right hand to pick up the juice. But the juice cup is a little big, she can not hold it in one hand, and finally can only hold the cup, head high.

"The juice that was served up instantly reached the bottom, and the little group couldn't hold back, her mouth opened slightly, "burp~"

Good to drink. The little dumpling put down the cup contentedly.

It is also fortunate that all around are people who are eating and talking and did not notice this side. When Ji Shi grabbed the cup from her hand and was ready to lecture, he saw his parents walking over.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new dress.

"My friend is on a business trip, little grass to stay at my house for a while I took her to buy clothes to buy daily necessities and so on, after buying it to now, which has what time to go back to change clothes." Ji Shi turned his head to look at the little group, "Little green, say is not it?"

The little group at first did not react to the "little green" called himself, or Ji Shi kept staring at her expressionlessly, only then blankly "ah" sound.

"Little Green?" The small ball is small, the back of the chair is high, just back to face, if not, Ji mother really did not notice. A lower head, to meet the small group of innocent little eyes, "you came to a blind date, why also brought her."

"A friend is on a business trip, so I helped bring her along."

"Then you can't bring a child on a blind date." Ji's mother picked up the little dumpling, "Little grass is left to me and your father for now, you give me a good blind date."

Little dumpling is indifferent to follow who, just Ji Shi promised to give her snacks, so she said, "Auntie, I want to eat snacks."

"Little grass good, we go to eat snacks, do not bother Ji Shi sister oh." The little ball is a little heavy, after holding Ji mother for a while feel weak, put her down, instead of holding hands. "Little Shi, you give me a good match."

"About seven o'clock, this exceeded seven o'clock, what else is good matchmaking." Ji Shi this just finished, a footstep sounded behind him, followed by an embarrassed female voice.

The little group looked up, all unfamiliar people, shrinking behind Ji's mother's legs.

"Sorry, we're late." Mama Lin tugged at the clothes of the boy beside her, "Zi Yuan, say something."

The boy raised his chin slightly, "Sorry, I just talked business with a client, who knew I was back from Harvard and had to take me to a French restaurant for dinner."

This gesture was less like an apology and more like showing off. Except for the little dumpling's confused face, the rest of the people heard it.

Ji's mother wrinkled her eyebrows, her original excited expression faded slightly: "It's okay, we just arrived."

"Auntie, did you just arrive, my sister and I arrived very early." Little group of curious, this similar to answer words out, the scene instantly into silence.

"Ha, ha, ha, that's really embarrassing." Mama Lin apologized awkwardly, "This child is so cute, is it your little daughter?"

"No, that's my mom." The little dumpling came out from behind Mama Ji's leg and ran to Ji Shi's leg and hugged its thigh, "That's my mom."


"What?" Mama Lin looked at Ji Shi in shock, then looked at Mama Ji, "Ms. Lu Wanqing, didn't you say your daughter was single and unmarried? And ended up having a child out of wedlock?"

Ji mother just wanted to explain, however Ji Shi picked up the little group beforehand and sighed, "I didn't want to tell you guys, but you all saw it, so there's nothing to say."

"Little Shih, don't say anything." Ji's mother snapped, "Ms. Lin, this little child is Xiao Shi's friend's, because this friend is on a business trip, this child is temporarily staying at my daughter's house for a while, it's not some unmarried child."

"Really?" Mother Lin was a little hesitant. She had seen Ji Shi's profile before and was very satisfied with her. In addition to seemingly cold natured, the rest of the conditions are good in all aspects, seriously counted except for education, all aspects are better than his son. The young age of the business as a boss, Lin Ziyuan just started a business, and Ji family is also a powerful family, can provide financial support to his son and so on. But seeing this condition are to matchmaking, she and Lin's father both suspect that there is not any hidden information not exposed, and it happens that the hidden information is an important factor that leads to its single to matchmaking.

"Mom, it's come to this point, do you still want to lie to them? Even if we go over, they will still mind that I am carrying a child."

"Who is the father of this child?" Lin Ziyuan finally spoke up.

Ji Shi hung her head, pressed the small ball of head to her chest, her voice took on a sobbing sound effect, "It's all my fault for being young and ignorant."

So soft, the little group twisted its head, then felt breathless and began to struggle. However, Ji Shi was at an important juncture of acting and didn't pay attention to her. The little dumpling felt smothered, and hurriedly lowered her head and bit her mouth, taking advantage of Ji Shi's stinging pain to let her go, which then breathed heavily.

Almost to suffocate the grass, the small group breathed smoothly, and suddenly looked up mournfully, but to an expressionless face.

There is, there is a murderous aura. The small group cowered, but in the next second reacted, obviously she is almost suffocated, this human who is angry, immediately glared back.

"If you don't mind, we can talk for a while." Lin Ziyuan spoke out to interrupt the two of them from staring at each other, the words were somewhat unexpected for several of Ji's moms.

"Well then, you guys continue talking first, we'll leave you alone." Ji's mother grabbed the little group, said and went to the next table with Lin's mother.

This side of the window seats are all connected, located on both sides of the long table, blocking the view, but you can hear the children's conversation.

The little dumpling sat in the middle of Ji's mother and father, wanting to eat, but found that everyone's ears were pricked up, not eating at all, and suddenly puffed up his cheeks.

It was still good that the horrible human would buy her food. The little dumpling poked the table in depression, and the next second also followed their actions and pricked up her ears.

She also had to bring her matchmaker home, and later when that horrible human wanted to cut her, she would pull her matchmaker out to intimidate that horrible human.


"I don't mind if you have an unmarried child." Lin Ziyuan sat down and said.

Ji Shi looked up at him, not expecting the other side to accept this.

"However," Lin Ziyuan picked up with a light expression, "if we get married, this child must be given to your parents to raise."

Ji Shi frowned: "The child is already lonely without a father, you want to leave her without even a mother?"

"You can come home to see her occasionally. By the way, the child is easy to quarrel, I now have to start a business, may be busy with social engagements not home, before the age of thirty do not consider having children, you must learn to understand."

Ji Shi hand a meal, resist splashing water, "What else do you want?"

"Originally I was going to talk to you before saying anything, since you're asking now, I'll say it first." Lin Ziyuan wrinkled his eyebrows and looked Ji Shi up and down, "the first point, I like simple and natural girls, especially the best hair is natural black, do not dye other colors. If you follow me, you need to dye your hair back to black and straighten it."

Ji Shi years ago by Li Qingqing a few pulled over to dye the brown hair, now grow out, only some hair ends left with color, did not expect this has become a problem.

"Bang -" put down the glass of water, Ji Shi asked, "there are still."

"Second point, I heard my mom say you opened a company, right?" When Ji Shi nodded, Lin Ziyuan added, "If you follow me, I hope you will stay home and take care of your parents well, don't run around outside."

"You mean you want to live with your parents after you get married?" !

Lin Ziyuan nodded: "Yes, my parents have raised me for more than 20 years, of course I have to repay them well."

"Then can I bring my parents to live with me?"


"My parents have raised me for twenty years too, I have to repay them too, why can't I live with us?"

Lin Ziyuan instead looked at Ji Shi with a surprised face, "Don't your parents have a house? And there are children to bring up."

"Then you mean you'll still live in your old house when you get married? Not buy a separate wedding house?" Lin Ziyuan slot too much, Ji Shi already do not know where to start.

"I am now starting a business, funds are relatively tight, you have to learn to understand. What's more, it's not like there's no room in my house, there's no need to waste it."

"Oh." Ji Shi lost interest at once, but her parents were watching, and it was not good to go straight away, so she turned her head to ask the waiter to order food.

Lin Ziyuan was still counting the sixth point when Ji Shi had already finished ordering.

"Miss Ji." Lin Ziyuan looked at her like this, did not resist calling out.

"Are you hungry too, let's see what you want to eat." Ji Shi pushed the menu over, hoping to gag the other party with the meal.

Unfortunately, Lin Zi far away from the dish, and continue to talk about the request.

Ji Shi perfunctorily "mmmmmmmmm", not long after the meal was served, she subconsciously looked up, a look up, to a pair of curious green eyes, froze.

The eyes of the little ball of joy were undisguised, revealing a desire for her food.

Those eyes were so enthusiastic that Ji Shi really couldn't eat it directly and carried the food over.

"Thank you." The little dumpling hurriedly reached out and took it, lowered her head and started eating.

After such an interruption by Ji Cao, Lin Ziyuan also had no more words to say.

After finishing the meal, everyone left the restaurant.

Ji Shi hugged the dumplings, ready to leave, but was called.

"Miss Ji, I think we are quite compatible, what do you think?"

"I don't think you're good enough for me." Ji Shi laughed and finished hugging Ji Cao and walked away without looking back.

"Ms. Lu, this ......" Lin's mother's face looked a little ugly.

"I feel the same way." Ji mom interrupted her, "Honey, what do you think?"

Papa Ji nodded and pulled his wife away, leaving behind the three blue-faced Lin family.

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