I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 7

Ji Shi went to the kitchen to bring out a few cups of warm water and placed them in front of Mom and Dad before sitting down on one side. As for the little dumpling, she already had bread in her left hand and milk in her right.

"How many pieces is her mother going to cut her into?" Ji Shi repeated what her own mother said, then looked at the little dumpling expressionlessly, "Do you have anything to say?" The first thing she thought was that she was scared of the grass in the morning, so she deliberately went to the supermarket after dinner and bought a bunch of food to put in the fridge so that the little group could eat. I didn't expect that in such a short time, this little dumpling has already complained to her parents.

The small group felt a burst of murderous energy, shivering, so scared that she sucked hard.

The yogurt is really good.

Not getting a response from her, Ji Shi's face got even stinkier.

"Xiao Shi, don't put on such a stinky face, it's not good to scare the kids." The mother took Ji Shi's hand, "Be gentle."

Ji Shi: "She will not be afraid." If you were really scared, you wouldn't not remember.

The little group shook her head silently in her heart, she was obviously very afraid.

"By the way, your father and I have asked all the neighbors in the neighborhood, but we can't find the parents of this child, so we have to take her to the police station later to contact them."

Ji Shi wanted to tell his mother the truth, but then thought of this guy here, it is not good to say, can only casually find an excuse: "Mom, this little friend I know, is my friend's daughter, later I send back just."

"So." Since the daughter knows, Ji's mother is relieved. But then wrinkled his brow, "Xiao Shi, you ask your friend how the matter, even if it is to scare the children can not scare the children said to cut people into sections ah." That's right, in her mind, the little group should have done something to make her mother angry, and then only out loud threatened her to cut into several segments or something like that if she didn't obey.

Ji Shi looked down and met the innocent expression of the little group, nodded expressionlessly, "I will talk to her properly."

The little group cowered, withdrew their eyes, and stepped back into Ji's mother's arms.

"I told you not to be so stern-faced, see, you're scaring the child." Ji mother half complained, and then worried, "You can't be like this when you have children in the future."

Ji Shi: ...... think too much, she now object is not a.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about the business." Ji mother slapped her forehead, "I told you before to arrange for you to believe it, he has to travel next month to talk business, thinking simply look ahead, so the time will be changed to this evening."

Ji Shi a meal, just want to refuse, then heard his own mother spoke.

"Not to mention working overtime, your father and I will be there, so you don't want to make excuses not to go." The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market, but also in the marketplace.

This attitude, just like the salesman said, seems to be saying rare price reduction, as long as 888 take home, miss will regret a lifetime.

"How could it be so sudden." Things were suddenly changed to the evening, and the decision was made unilaterally almost without asking if she had time. No matter how good the conditions are, Ji Shi feels that this man is not considerate enough. After saying that, Ji Shi swept his eyes to glance at his mother's arms in a small group of lips stained with milk, white liquid look shaky, reached out and drew a tissue to hand over.

The little group looked up and did not borrow it, but raised the milk bottle, directly gurgling all filled, sticking out his tongue to lick a circle of lips, before accepting the tissue, said, "Thank you."

Although she doesn't know much about what matchmaking is, it seems like this horrible human being seems to hate it.

It's rare to see something that this human is afraid of, and the little group wants a blind date. This way, if the other party threatens again in the future, she will have a way to deal with it.

The eyes twinkled, the little dumpling pulled the clothes of Ji's mother: "I can matchmaking?"

Ji's mother froze and laughed: "If you want to go on a blind date, you may have to wait for a decade or two."

So long. Little dumpling bristled and asked undyingly, "Can't you give me the blind date now?"

Ji's mother burst out laughing, "A blind date is not something that can be given."

Even Ji Shi couldn't tense his face, the corners of his mouth picked up slightly, "So it's true that it's a child."

The little group puffed out his face, arms crossed, don't turn his head, the little grass on top of his head shook, "Hmph, I'm angry." Even if you don't give a blind date, you still call her a child, really all very excessive.

"Hahahaha--" Ji mother could not help but reach out to poke that bulging cheek.

Little dumpling: ...... so angry oh.


The family of three teased the little dumpling for a while, Ji mom remembered that she didn't know the child's name yet, so she quickly asked, "By the way, what is this child's name?"

"Name?" Ji Shi subconsciously looked at the little group, saw the little grass that moved on the top of the head, Fu Ling heart to heart, "Ji grass."

"Ji grass?"

"Yes, Ji Shi's Ji, small grass of grass, small name words ......" Ji Shi sight down, into a vibrant green, the corners of the mouth hooked up, eyebrows softened down, "small green. "

Ji mother looked at Ji Shi, do not know how to introduce a name, the look became so soft. Just this name ...... how and they a surname, is this friend this happens to be surnamed Ji?

Maybe it's just a coincidence. Ji mother shook her head and looked down at the little dumpling in her arms, "Then I'll call you Little Grass, OK?"

The little group did not expect to have an additional name so soon, looked up at Ji Shi. Why did this human lie, lie that it was someone else's child, and now give her a name.

Little dumpling what emotions are surfacing on the face, Ji Shi a glance to know what she is thinking, but did not explain, just knocked her head, said, "Mom is asking you words."

"Okay." The little dumpling nodded her head.

Ji Cao, Ji Cao, Ji Cao. Little dumpling recited this name three times in her mind and found that it seemed quite nice, and then she grinned.

"There are dimples when you smile." The mother said, and stretched out her finger to poke the dimples of the little group.

The cheeks were poked and sunken, and the smile on the face began to disappear minute by minute, and there was a little pain.

The little child's skin is white and tender, and every little while the red marks are up. Ji Shi took away her own mother's hand and said righteously, "You're hurting her."

The little group did not expect this terrible human to know that she was in pain, looked up at each other, eyes became wet because of eating pain, just like a deer, white and tender face rose up with redness, like a peach.

So cute. Ji Shi ears are a little red, hand subconsciously placed on the cheeks of the small group, a pinch, soft, tender, no wonder adults like to pinch children, the feel is really good.

Caught off guard and pinched face of the small group: qaq......

Sure enough this terrible human is as annoying as ever.


The little dumpling sat on Ji Shih's lap, straight back, legs sitting cross-legged, right hand propped up on the chin listening to them talk. Mostly it was Ji's mother talking, about some neighborhood family matters, she looked up at the person holding herself, and although she didn't answer, her expression softened down. This makes her a little rare, just listen carefully, or do not understand, and began to run away.

At this time in front of the coffee table full of things, are Ji Shi bought back snacks and snacks, and in close to her edge of the coffee table, is placed a piece of cake.

Ji Cao gulped, she just ate bread, but not full yet. She watched carefully for a while, a few people are talking, should not notice her, and only then carefully reached out with a small short hand groping over.

Touch, touch it. The moment the small hand touched the cake, Ji Cao smiled and narrowed his eyes, but the next second but noticed that something is wrong, how the sound of talking is gone, does it say ......

Ji Cao movement stiffly looked up, three people are looking at her with a smile on their face, especially Ji Shi, a terrible human, emitting killing intent.

"I did not steal food." The little group subconsciously raised her hand, "I was just worried that it would fall off, so I wanted to push it in a little. That's right." To increase the convincing power, also nodded heavily.

"Little grass is so good." Ji mom stifled a laugh, reached out and stroked Ji grass's hair, then picked up the piece of cake and put it in Little Grass's hand, "Since Little Grass is so well behaved, then this cake is a good reward for Little Grass."

"Thank you mom." Little Grass took it from the goodness of her heart.

Ji mom lost her smile, "Little grass should call me auntie."

"Then ...... thank auntie?" Ji Cao looked not quite sure.

Ji mom stroked the top of Ji Cao's hair, "Good boy, eat quickly."

"Mom, she's already eaten quite a bit, if she eats any more she'll get a bad stomach." Ji Shi said and took Ji Cao's cake with the lid open and put it aside.

Ji Cao instantly deflated her mouth, her cheeks puffed up, and looked at Ji Shi resentfully, "It won't eat bad tummy."

"Just eat a small bread and milk, where to eat bad stomach." Ji mother did not think so, "Little grass, have you eaten enough?"

"No." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

The mother of Ji froze, then covered her mouth and laughed, "Little grass you are too cute."

Ji Cao "ah" sound, although do not quite understand why suddenly received a compliment, but still embarrassed head down, toes drawing circles, "No, just a little bit."

Ji's mother burst out laughing. She only has one daughter, but Ji Shi grew up understanding, learning from her husband's quiet nature, she did not enjoy the fun of raising children, now Ji grass appeared just to meet her thoughts, really children should be this way to play.

"Auntie, since little grass is so cute, can I have a snack?" Little grass began to blink, round eyes seemingly emitting a blingbling light.

Mama Ji nodded her head, reached out and picked up that snack and placed it in front of Ji Cao, "Okay, okay, now then, let cute little grass have the snack."

Ji Cao took it and said "thank you auntie". Almost subconsciously, she raised her eyes to look at Ji Shi, and then quickly looked down the next second.

She didn't see anything, and she didn't feel any killing energy or anything. Well, this cake is really delicious.

She ate with relish, and Ji's mother surveyed her for a while before she looked away and got up: "Xiao Shi, you stay with Xiao Cao, I'll go see how the potted plant is."

Potted plants?

The little dumpling's hand gave a beat, watching her aunt walk towards the balcony, then looked down at the cake in her hand, opened her mouth wide to eat into her stomach, and quickly said, "I'm going to the toilet for a while." After saying that, the two short legs flew up, almost in the blink of an eye to the toilet outside.


Second shift.

"This grass is rising quite happily, just when will it mature?" Ji's mother always remembered what the master said, as long as the plant is mature, Ji Shi's marriage will arrive.

Ji Shih saw clearly what was in her own mother's mind, "Maybe it will take so long."

"I've seen less, don't lie to me." Ji mother glanced at her, "I look at it is almost the same, it just happens to be a blind date tonight, so maybe it will arrive."

When it comes to blind dates, Ji Shi does not want to answer, perfunctorily "hmm hmm hmm", a look at it is clear that it is not taken seriously.

The company's mother is used to this, and it's good to go on a blind date anyway.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Ji Shi looked at her phone and didn't know what to say. It's only three o'clock, let's get ready, what exactly does she need to prepare to get ready for a few hours.

The mother said, as if she knew what was in her mind, "Anyway, no messy past, change my skirt, then put on makeup and get a haircut, yes, Zi Yuan likes girls with long straight black hair, you don't have to tie it up, just spread it out."

Ji Shi: like long black straight, straight male is unmistakable.

"Did you hear that." Ji mom repeated the question.

"Yes." Ji Shi answered breathlessly.

Every time she had an opinion she would answer yes. Ji mom didn't hold back and rolled her eyes.

"Well, dear you don't put so much pressure on the child, anyway, our little Shih is in such good condition, let nature take its course and will always find a good home." Papa Ji pulled his wife into his arms and squeezed his eyebrows at Ji Shih to get her to echo a few words.

"Mom, I recently saw a dress that suits you very well," Ji Shi took out her phone and found a photo to show her, "What do you think of this dress."

The actual mother was really distracted and looked at the photo, it was quite nice, but the color was a bit bright, some hesitation, "Will it be too red."

"No, your skin is white, the red color is just right for your skin tone." The actual fact is that you can get a lot more than just a couple of days to try it out, just report my name."

"Which store to come."

"Let me see, just this one." A few people said, and started to walk to the house.

"Look" to see them to leave, Ji grass relieved, can not help but shake the body, tense too long a little tired. However, in the next second, she saw Ji Shi jerk back and stopped, not moving a muscle.

In just a few seconds, Ji Shi turned around and continued to talk to Ji Mama with her head down. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

It seems to know that she is honest, Ji Shi only take Ji mother Ji father into the house.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what's going on.

Just if they really knew, would it be this reaction? The little group could not understand.

At this time, inside the spiritual awareness heard Ji mother asked up where she went, the little dumpling only then reacted to the fact that he should be in the toilet, and hurriedly out of the potted plant, turning back to his person.


The first thing you can do is to go to the toilet.

Ji mom called her over and put her hand on her head, "Auntie is going home, little grass should listen well to sister Xiao Shi, and listen well to mom when she goes back."

The big hand touched her head warmly, the little group felt it for a while, before nodding warmly.

"I'll go back and pack up, and will go over to the restaurant and wait there first when the time comes." Ji mom got up and looked at Ji Shi, "Remember, clean up nicely for me before coming over."


Ji mother look at her like this, also do not know what to say, waved her hand, take her husband's arm and go out.

Ji Shi followed along, and the little dumpling tried to sneak away, but was picked up the next second.

"Send them away together."

Little dumpling stared at the expressionless face, daring to anger

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