I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 6

What a coincidence, the one who called was none other than Ji's mother, asking about the little grass.

Responding to the past, Ji Shi returned to the balcony, only to search for the kitchen knife without finding it. However, she clearly remembered that she had placed it next to the potted plant before she left. She is very confident in her memory, not a memory problem, then artificial, no, or grass for.

"Look," see Ji Shi gaze, the small group always feel like a man in the back.

Can't see me, can't see me, can't see me.

Forget the chopper, forget the chopper, forget the chopper.

The small group turned its back to Ji Shi, curled into a ball, and hypnotized itself in the bottom of its heart.

However, God did not go as she wished.

"I remember putting this knife here, why is it gone."

The little group subconsciously turned over and heard that horrible human say again, "Could it have been stolen?"

Yes, yes, it was stolen. The little doughnut nodded and muttered in a low voice, so don't look for it.

"But this security net is blocked, so the thief can't get in."

The little dumpling's eyebrows knitted slightly and held his breath.

"But there's no one left inside the house except me."

The little dumpling trembled, afraid that this terrible human found her hiding the kitchen knife.

"Forget it, it's not a valuable thing, just lose it."

Little dumpling see Ji Shi get up, and listen to this, suddenly relieved, raised his hand to wipe the forehead does not exist cold sweat.

"Anyway, there are still a large number of knives in the kitchen, it's okay to lose one."

In this short period of time, the small group of moods because Ji Shi from time to time to turn the words up and down. She let go of her spiritual sense, carefully searched the house, and really found large and small knives in one place.


The small group stretched out their fingers one by one pointing, and finally the number stopped at nine, plus the one she was hiding, that's ten knives.

One cut a section, that is eleven sections. Little dumpling brain made up the picture of himself being cut into ten or so sections, immediately shaking like sieve chaff, well, so scary tat......

Just at this time, Ji Shi finally put mercy said: "Forget it, time is not early, I pack a meal downstairs well."

Because just the first few experiences, the small group did not dare to be happy, for fear that Ji Shi next sentence and a twist. But fortunately, the human finished and went back into the house, which made her relieved.

No, she has to hide all the knives to do so, otherwise, this terrible human will want to get up again one day to cut it into pieces, then it will be bad.

Making up her mind, the little doughnut stopped sleeping and let go of her spiritual sense just in time to see that the terrible human was letting the water out and then started to undress.

White flowers, and she does not seem to be quite the same.

The small group reached out and touched the chest, as if something was missing. Shaking his head, continued to look, the water was hot, the terrible human appearance in the mist of water, she could not say what, just feel some comfort, so she could not stop looking.

"Stare" for a while, the human will put on clothes, the small group of frown, she has not seen enough. But Ji Shi can not care about her, bed clothes to go blowing hair, clean up and over the balcony.

The small group subconsciously looked at the hands of Ji Shi, no knife, not to cut her, which was relieved.

Not cut her on the good.

"I'm going out, you remember to be good." Ji Shi reached out and poked the grass body, admonished.

I know, I know, it's noisy. The little group turned over and found this horrible human so hard to understand, just had to cut her with a knife, and now they want her to behave, what kind of person does that.

Ji Shi did not get a response and did not get angry, flexed her fingers and flicked the grass before she turned to leave.


The sound of the door closing, the small group instantly sat up, hehe smiled.


Covering the camera with leaves, the little dumpling only came out of the potted plant and turned back into her person, taking the kitchen knife out. She actually just topped the chopper with grass on the roof of the building, and thankfully the horrible human didn't look up.

With her feet covered in mud, she wanted to go take a bath, but then remembered something and turned in a different direction, "Let's go drop the knife first."

Into that place with the knife, the small group began to scavenge.

"Knife knife knife ......" the small group of people kept chanting in their mouths, according to the location found by the spiritual sense to look, and indeed saw the knife.

Only the place where the knife is placed is a bit high, she can't go up at all at this height.

The small group turned around, went outside the hall eating place to move a chair over, placed next to the sink, climb up the chair, and then climb the mountain sink.

"One, two, three, four knives." The little group happily reached down to take the knives. The smallest of the knives was as thick as her arm, and the largest was four times as thick as her arm.

It's just that with so many knives, she only has two hands and holding them is really problematic.

After stroking her chin for a while, she started rummaging all over the kitchen for something to hold the knives, and finally found an empty box, and put the four knives in it with a smile on her face.

Then she found the remaining five knives, just to fill the small box.

"Done," the little group pushed the box to a cabinet, clapped her palms and stretched, "Let's take a bath."

Taking two steps, she stopped, turned back to look at the box and shook her head.

No, just hide it, that horrible human can certainly find it, then would she not ......

The thought of being cut into segments of the picture, the little doughnut face pale shake his head, then in the kitchen to find a circle, but also did not find a 100% hidden place, but instead, when you see the trash can, came to an idea.

The first time I saw the trash can, I had an idea. Little doughnut grin, pick up the box, but the box is a little heavy, she can not use the strength of this body at all, can only find a side to push the box towards the door.

"Ka-ching--" pad feet screwed open the door, the small group pushed the box out the door, and then closed the door by hand.

Out the door opposite is the elevator, next to a door, is the stairs. The little dumpling had seen it before with his spiritual sense, and there was a large garbage bag right there, and someone collected the garbage every day.


The elevator door opened and two figures walked out from inside.

The small group subconsciously looked up, the next second but hurriedly lowered his head, speeding up the speed of pushing the box.

Can't see me, can't see me, can't see me. The little dumpling said silently in her heart that the person who came out was not the rest of the people, but the mother of that terrible human.

However, God is always not what she wants.

A round little dumpling always attracts attention, not to mention the green clothes as well as green hair, especially Ji's mother is still a fan of children, as soon as she saw her pushing something, as if it was very difficult, they thought to go forward to help.

"Children, do you want me to help?" Ji mom let go of Ji dad's hand, walked to the little group next to squat down, while asking while glancing with the afterimage, only then saw the box is a knife, just she thought it was a toy also did not put in mind, is some emotion now children's toys some peculiar, and also seems very real look.

Very real?

Ji mother blinked, reached out and touched a knife on it, the cold touch made her pause, this is real?

"What's wrong?" Ji dad came over and looked at her like this and asked in a soft voice.


The mother Ji waved her hand, looked at the little group, one hand on the edge of the box, this way if the children with a knife will be the first to obstruct, gently smiled and asked, "Children, these knives are very dangerous, you are trying to do something?"

The little group shrank from the shoulder and weakly responded, "I want to throw it away."

"Throw them away?" Ji mother looked up and Ji father eye contact, how to throw away is much better than to play with, just do not know whether the parents asked or the child wants to throw. This is a lot of knives, still quite new, how it is not to the point of throwing away.

The next thing you hear is the mother asking, "Little one, do your parents know you're throwing these things away?"

The little group did not say anything, hanging its head, standing on its left foot and constantly turning its right foot in a circle. This human is not malicious, she is not very good at lying.

Mama Ji was patient, patted the top of the little dumpling's hair and asked again, "Then why do you want to throw these things away?"

"Because mommy is going to cut me into pieces." The little doughnut thought of what that horrible human said and became angry, his mouth beeping up.

"What?" Mama Ji covered her mouth.

Papa Ji was a bit calmer, also squatted down and asked, "Little friend, how do you know that?"

The two couples looked up and only then did they get a good look at her.

The eyes of the little group turned, instantly appeared water mist, a look to cry but strong to hold back the cry, choked and said: "I heard."

"Don't cry, little one, maybe your mother is talking about something else." Gee's mother hurriedly pulled her over to soothe her, "Children are their parents' babies how could they be cut into pieces?"

"Because I'm not pro-life." The little dumpling subconsciously picked up a sentence, and then she saw a look of pity from the human beside her.

"Even if it's not biological, it can't be cut into several pieces." Ji mother finished comforting, looked at the people around her, eyebrows tightly wrinkled, a serious look, "husband, should we call the police?"

"Don't, let's make sure before calling the police." Papa Ji eased his tone, "Little friend, where is your home?"

The little dumpling hugged the box and shook his head, "I don't have a home."

Ji's mother did not believe, and Ji's father discussed it, since it appeared here, it should be the family of this floor. The two had no choice but to knock on the door one by one, but after asking once, no one said the child was their family, or even met.

The three of them tossed and turned for most of an hour, and finally returned to the same place, that is, in front of the elevator.

"I'm hungry." The little dumpling looked at the two with an innocent face.

"Let's take it to Xiao Shi's house first, then call the police." Papa Ji patted Mama Ji on the back.

"That's the only way." Ji mom nodded and pulled the little dumpling over compassionately, "Little friend, you come with me to eat, okay?"

The little dumpling nodded, only to see the box at his feet and hurriedly asked them to help throw it away.

The two couples looked at it, and Ji dad picked it up and put it next to the garbage bin in the stairwell. The little group of children then nodded in satisfaction and rubbed their stomachs to look at Ji's mother.

This angle of view, the little group of eyes moist, very cute, Ji mom instantly smiled, took her hand: "Well, let's go eat good."

At this time, the elevator door opened again with a ding, and a figure came out of it.

"Dad, Mom?" Ji Shi went to the supermarket after dinner to buy a bunch of things, only to return so late. She looked back some familiar, puzzled called, and so the two turned around, indeed her parents, and then looked down, this little guy ......

The small group did not need to turn around, all know that the terrible human face expressionlessly looking at themselves.

There, there is a murderous aura tat......

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