I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 5

Ji Shi froze for three seconds before coming back to her senses, lifted her clothes and looked, and there was a small tooth mark on her white belly.

She pinched the back collar of the small group of people to lift people to the front, this is a clear look at the small group of people. About four or five years old, the skin is white and tender, the face is still with baby fat, indeed with a doughnut like. The eyes are tightly closed, the eyelashes are long and arched, I don't know what I dreamed, my mouth is still baring, two paws clenched into small fists on the side of the mouth, very cute.

"Xiaoxi, did you get drunk last night and run away to steal someone else's child?" Guan Weiwei approached Ji Shi, reached out and poked the little group's cheek, fleshy and soft, "or live hey."

Ji Shi glanced at it, did not say anything, but let Guan Wanwei see the contempt in his eyes.

Not live can it be dead, what a fuss. At this time Ji Shi has forgotten the shock of finding something hanging on his body at the beginning.

Li Qingqing is much more sensible, pulling over the kneading small group of cheeks of Guan Wanwei: "Wanwei you bully people little potty friend. Now the question is whose child is this and where did it come from? It can't be that it appeared out of thin air, right?"

When Li Qingqing asked this, Ji Shi thought of something. Let the two people stay in the room, and she herself went out with the small group in her hand and walked in the direction of the balcony. Walking to the balcony, she saw the empty potted plant.

Ji Shi half squinted and turned her head to look at the small ball in her hand, and only then did she pay attention to the small grass on its head. She pulled down her hair, the grass was really coming out of her skin, not an accessory on a clip. And this grass is like a small grass look like a potted plant at the beginning of planting out, five or six centimeters or so.

Sure enough.

The guess was finally confirmed, Ji Shi did not have too much fear of emotions. Probably because there is already a guess, after so long to ease, plus this little guy's appearance is too harmless, Ji Shi does not have much resistance and fear of emotions.

The wind blew, the sleeping little group felt a cold, began to turn over and up, and finally returned to her arms, feeling the warmth before rubbing, continue to sleep.

Ji Shi: ......

This demon seems ...... a bit silly and cute. She thought.

Other demons have become elves, usually with their tails between their legs, how will not let people find the identity. This little doughnut in her arms is good, not only not careful, but actually dare to change back to its original body and climb into her bed with a big smile.

"Xiao Shi."

"Yes." The voice of Guan Evening calling came into her ears, and Ji Shi could only carry the little dumpling back.

Now that she knew the identity of the other party, she had to raise it anyhow. I just don't know how my own mother will react when she learns that the little grass has become human. Should be shocked to faint also may be, after all, not everyone can so calmly accept the fact that the demon.

On the other hand, Li Yuanyuan in the bathroom for a long time to wait for his sister to bring clothes over, simply surrounded by a bath towel and came out. When he arrived in the hall to see a few people gathered on the sofa, puzzled to go over.

"Where exactly is the little friend from, she is missing, mom and dad will not be anxious?" Kwan asked late at night.

"No." Ji Shi was not quite sure. Although it is a goblin, but also will have parents, right, just a grass ...... will have parents? This question is a little over the top for her son.

"Why would she have a grass on her head?" Li Qingqing stroked her chin in thought, "Could it be a modified human? Like inside the movie, a mutant bred with genes, or an alien that just happened to land on Xiao Shi? This green hair and the grass on top of the head is the best evidence that it might really be an alien."

The more he said, the more outrageous he was, listening to Ji Shi cried and laughed.

"What aliens?" Li Yuanyuan stopped behind Ji Shi, "Qingqing, where are the clothes I asked you to take?"

"Ah, I forgot." Because of the appearance of the little dumpling, Li Qingqing completely forgot to help Li Yuanyuan borrow clothes, and quickly apologized to her own sister.

Li Yuanyuan held her forehead, just then also attracted attention by the small dumpling on the sofa.


The company has a lot of clothes, some of which have not been worn, so it found a set for Li Yuanyuan. The company is in a hurry to get a date, so it changed its clothes and left in a hurry.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. She had a hangover and smelled of alcohol, which was unbearable.

Just as she was getting up, the little dumpling slowly opened its eyes.

"Qingqing look, her eyes are green hey! Just like glass beads."

"It's a foreign kid, right? These eyes are nice."

When Ji Shi heard this, she looked back and just met the eyes of the little dumpling looking over. The eyes of the little group of children are even larger than ordinary children a couple of points, probably just woke up a little dull gaze, but the turquoise eyes as if clear and crystal emerald general, tender green lovely.

"Little friend, you remember--"

The little doughnut stayed for two or three seconds, returning to his senses, not understanding why so many people were next to him, and especially not understanding why that horrible human was staring at himself expressionlessly.

"Human," the little dumpling remembered that you can not call human, recalled the words learned while watching TV, quickly climbed off the sofa, ran to hug Ji Shi small legs, called out, "Mom."

The TV said that the more malicious mother will not hurt their children. This human being thinks about cutting it off every day, if it becomes her mother, it should not cut it off, right?

The little group felt that their idea is very good, force a crawl, feet also hanging on Ji Shi calf, the whole person hanging in the air, like a wombat.

The word "mom" is a bit powerful, once she said, the air instantly freezes, so quiet that even the sound of clocks moving can be heard clearly.

The two of them seem to have a slight resemblance to each other.

Li Qingqing calmed down a little, squatted down and little dumpling level, pointed at Ji Shi and asked, "Little friend, little Shi is your mother?"

The little group felt a terrible murderous aura, cowered, but did not let go, but nodded.

Worried that the two did not believe, she also added, "My mother,"

Guan Weiwei suddenly looked at Xiang Jixi with a shocked and aggrieved face: "Xiao Shi, you actually secretly married and had a child without telling us!"

Li Qingqing also nodded: "Is there something wrong with the little one's father, that's why you are hiding this matter?"

Ji Shi looked at her two friends, did not understand how the two believed this kid's nonsense, cold face said, "I am not this kid's mother, and there is no kid's father." She didn't tell them that the little dumpling was turned into a small grass. It's not that you can't trust it, but this kind of thing is ultimately rather bizarre, it's a bit troublesome to explain, and in case you leak, it's not good for the little dumpling.

When the little group heard this, they slowly climbed down from Ji Shi and tiptoed away from them, intending to take the opportunity to escape. Only before taking two steps, he was picked up again, his body suspended in the air, and his two short legs could only wave in the air.

"Where do you want to go," Ji Shi carried the small group on the sofa, wrapped his arms around her and stared at her expressionlessly, "Did I let you run?"

There, there was a killing aura.

So scary. The sharp little dumpling shivered and turned its head to look at the two humans next to it pitifully. The other two humans seemed to be friendly to her compared to the owner, a scary human.

Her almond eyes were round, revealing a bit of fear at this time, and her originally red face turned miserable white because of fear, which softened the hearts of both Guan Weiyan and Li Qingqing.

The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

Li Qingqing also felt that Ji Shi was not quite right, after all, just a small child, so she said, "Xiao Shi, the child is not a subordinate, you do not be so harsh, will scare her."

The little girl had someone to back her up, so she hid behind Guan Wanwei and made a face at Ji Shi when Guan Wanwei and Li Qingqing weren't looking.

Ji Shi did not expect to instantly fall into the target, look down just to see that ghost face, face instantly black: ......

It seems that this is still a plant with a heart.


Guan Weiwei and Li Qingqing made sure that the little dumpling was not Ji Shi's daughter, and played with her for most of the day before leaving.

Once they left, they were left with the little dumpling and Ji Shi who looked at each other speechless.

The little dumpling stole a glance, saw Ji Shi was concentrating on the TV, slowly climbed off the sofa, gingerly walked in the direction of the door.

She couldn't let this horrible human find out who she was, or else the human would definitely cut it into pieces.

"Where are you going."

An icy voice rang out from behind her, and the little dumpling tried to pretend it didn't hear her, but the other party asked twice more, and she could only stiffly turn her head.

The little dumpling was a bit abashed when she met Ji Shi's icy sight, and her lips trembled slightly as she let out a low "ah".

"That's the direction of the door, are you going home?" Ji Shi leaned back on the sofa, hugging his arms, and looked at the little group in a good way.

"Yeah, yeah." The little dumpling squeezed out a bright smile, "I've been out for so long, it's time to go back."

"Do you want me to send you back?" Although he said so, Ji Shi did not get up to send people off.

The little dumpling shook her head and refused: "No, no need, you just go about your business." If you let Ji Shi send her away, then she would be exposed.

"Also. I suddenly remembered I have to water my potted plants, so I won't send you off." Ji Shi's eyes rested on her, watching with satisfaction as the red face turned miserably white.

It pays to be naughty and bring rhythm to make people misunderstand her as unmarried or something.

"I'll go first then." Sensing the killing aura, the little dumpling pulled her legs out and ran.

She must not be cut into pieces by this horrible human.

"Boom--" The door slammed and the room rang with an inaudible soft laughter, only the little dumpling that left did not hear it.

Once outside, the little doughnut disappeared into the doorway, and when it reappeared it had changed back into the form of grass appearing in a potted plant.

And after a while, Ji Shi, who said she wanted to water, went to the balcony.

The small group of people hiding in the grass, to make sure that they appeared one step ahead of Ji Shi, then breathed a sigh of relief. If she hadn't been found missing, she wouldn't have been cut off, right? She thought with some unease.

Not long after, she felt wet and looked back to see that the human was watering with a flower shower.

So much water.

Feeling uncomfortable the little grass shivered, trying to shake off all the water droplets on her body. However, outside Ji Shi constantly watering, how she shake will have water beads stained.

"Why is this grass shaking so much today."

Hearing what Ji Shih said outside, the grass instantly stopped shaking, just afraid of being found different.

"You say you, other small grass are short, how you are so tall, are almost propped up the roof."

It's not your fault. The little group deflated in aggravation.

According to her normal cultivation, there should be a period of time before she will be transformed. However, Ji Shi watered too much every day, almost drowning the grass, so that she had to speed up the absorption of water to grow so high.

Outside Ji Shi does not know that it is their own cause, and still talking to themselves, "If it is longer, poking through the roof is not good, simply cut off a cut, this way will not break the roof, but also better to feed."

Little grass heard these words, instantly frozen. Not waiting for her to think of a countermeasure, she saw that horrible human actually went to the kitchen to find a kitchen knife, and gestured on the grass to find the location.

Stop, stop it!

Just when Kusa was about to hit someone, the ringing of a cell phone came from down the hall.

"Why is the phone ringing at this time, really." Ji Shi feigned pity and put down her knife, "Forget it, let's talk about it later." Saying that, she looked at the small grass with slight pity and turned to go into the house.

The small group inside the small grass was relieved to have such a terrible master, it was really tough for the grass to be born.


The little doughnut wanted to cry, a turn of the head, saw the kitchen knife next to the eye.

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