I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 4

"So hungry." Li Yuanyuan rubbed her stomach and looked straight at Ji Shi, the meaning was self-evident.

Ji Shi took slippers from the shoe rack and changed them, without raising her head, "There is food in the fridge, take it yourself if you want to eat."

"Just waiting for you to say this." Li Yuanyuan gave a thumbs up to Ji Shi, "dilly-dally" directly to the direction of the refrigerator. This is not the first time she has come here, and her movements are extremely skilled.

Ji Shi shook her head and let Li Qingqing and Guan Wanwan go to the sofa to take a rest, while she went back to her room to prepare a change of clothes.

There Li Yuanyuan pulled open the refrigerator and was dumbfounded, the refrigerator was empty. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Xiao Shi!!!"

Ji Shi was passing through the hall to go back to her room when Li Yuan Yuan's loud voice suddenly came into her ears and instantly her ears echoed.

She rubbed her ears before asking unhurriedly, "What's wrong?"

Li Yuanyuan complained, "The refrigerator is empty!" It was obvious that the refrigerator was so big, but there was no food at all.

Once she looked down, Li Yuanyuan noticed the trash can next to her, which was stuffed with all kinds of snack bags. Without waiting for Ji Shi to reply, she added angrily, "So excessive, you actually finished all the snacks!"

Empty? Eaten up?

Ji Shi's feet beat, changed direction, turned around and walked to stand next to Li Yuanyuan. Pull open the refrigerator to take a look, inside is really empty, and next to the trash can stuffed with all kinds of snack bags and shells, and a little one or two fall on the floor.

It seems to think of something, Ji Shi jogged to the bathroom, a look at the door is really closed.

Her behavior is a bit unusual, look at Li Yuanyuan full of confusion, followed by, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. By the way, there is a convenience store right downstairs, go buy some food and come back." Ji Shi put Li Yuan Yuan out of the way and reached out to twist the door handle, but I didn't expect it to unscrew with a "click".

"She slowly pulled open a gap, and the hot air from the bathroom wafted out through the gap.

The next second she pushed the door open and walked in. Looking around, the bathtub inside is draining, at this time there is still a small half has not been drained, the bathtub next to the shower gel unscrewed the lid and did not buckle, the air with a fragrance.

Just a glance at the bathroom can see the whole, and there is no rest of the people exist.

"Xiao Shi, what are you doing ?" Li Qingqing appeared behind her, noticing the water inside the bathtub, and asked, "Are you taking a bath?"

"No." Ji Shi went up and fastened the lid of the shower gel and turned around to go out to the balcony. Seeing that the potted plant was still in place, the grass also stayed intact in the potted plant.

But when you take a closer look, there are some water droplets on it.

Jixi reached out and touched a water droplet, and brought it under her nose, and there was indeed the fragrance of body wash.

Her body wash is brought back from her own mother's foreign travels, the smell is very strong, as long as a little dip, the fragrance can remain for a day, usually do not use much.

So it seems ......

"Is this ...... still grass?"

Guan Evening's surprised voice came from behind him, interrupting Ji Shi's thoughts. Ji Shi nodded his head, his eyes still did not leave the grass in front of him, not knowing what he was thinking about.

Although Ji Shi has little expression, but it brings great pressure to the little girl in the grass.

This is exactly the expression when it means to cut her a few paragraphs. The little grass turned over in fear and anxiety, still feeling the murderous aura behind him, could not help but a shiver.

Good, so scary.

Thinking about the fact that she hadn't finished draining the bathtub and had forgotten the lid on the shower gel, Little Grass became a little worried and couldn't help but ramble on.

But this horrible human did not see her, should not think that the person who did these things is her. Little grass recalled the old monk told her that there are very few things that can be cultivated from a grass to a human like her, and that she should be careful to hide her identity when she is outside so as not to be discovered. In that case, the humans should not know that she can cultivate adults, then they do not know that she did it.

So think, the grass is at ease, is behind the sight is too strong, she does not dare to move at all.

The good thing is that Jixi look grass a shiver, and did not scare her for too long, and then pulled Guan Wannian away.

Guan Wanwei struggled, but the strength is not as strong as Ji Shi, hard to be dragged away, mouth constantly protest, "Hey? I haven't touched it yet, this is the grass of love, touch it and maybe it will bless me with a good marriage."

When we got to the hall, Ji Shi let go of his hand, his ears were not clear, so he had to speak out: "Shut up."

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

* The first time I saw her, I saw her.

In the evening, the little girl was bored in the grass and let go of her spiritual sense to "watch" the four of them drink.

So boring. The young girl's eyes were a little sore after staring for a while, she raised her hand and rubbed it, her mouth beamed up, thinking how these people are still not gone, this way when she can continue to take a bath. By the way, the bath water was put away by that terrible human, but also continue to put water to do.

The thought of taking a bath, she suddenly felt the whole body warm, like soaking in water.

Not right.

The little girl opened her eyes and "saw" that the annoying human came over at some point and was staring at herself, holding a bottle of something in her hand and pouring it inside the potted plant.

The liquid is yellow, the little girl did not pay attention, the roots subconsciously absorbed, and the amount is quite a lot.

In a short while, the little girl felt dizzy, her body swayed, and the little grass outside swayed with it.

There, a little dizzy, that terrible human how to become two?

Not only the little girl's face was red, but Jixi's face outside was also a little flushed. She finished pouring one bottle of beer and was about to pour a second when Li Yuanyuan came out.

"Little Shih, keep going in for a drink." Li Yuanyuan had good drinking power and was still conscious now. Not getting a response from Ji Shi, Li Yuanyuan went up to look and cried, "Why are you pouring beer into a potted plant." Noticing that the beer had already started to emerge from the potted plant, he rubbed his chin, "I don't know if it will drown."

"Pour, pour water." Ji Shi replied calmly, just look carefully, eyes can not find focus, the action is somewhat mechanical.

"Well, watered, now go back to continue drinking." The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a bottle of wine.

Ji Shi also did not take it back, quietly looking at the potted plant, said a: "cut off."

Her voice is a little small, Li Yuanyuan did not hear clearly, but also do not think a drunkard can say anything good.

Li Yuanyuan tilted the potted plant and finished pouring the beer on the dirt, only to have it seep in and there was nothing she could do about it. Putting the potted plant away, she pulled Ji Shi who was muttering to herself not knowing what to say and headed inside, "Okay, go back to drinking, don't toss it."

Ji Shi followed with a misty-eyed look in her eyes, only her mouth kept chanting, "Cut it off."

When the two left, the grass in the potted plant instantly couldn't hold on and bent limply, the tops all falling to the ground.

"Bad, bad people." Hearing Ji Shi speak the grass is a little angry, only the brain rose, angry but three seconds did not remember can not be.

Good, so dizzy. This position is a little uncomfortable, the little grass want to get up, but the whole body is flabby can not use the strength.

"Boom--" the grass in the potted plant disappeared, and a little girl appeared on the ground, curled up in a ball lying on her side, with two little hands clenched into fists by her mouth.


At night, the weather turned cool, the wind blew, the little girl lying on the ground shivering.

So cold. The shivering little girl opened her eyes and tried to speak, but burped and bubbled, "Burp."

Moving her nose, the little girl's eyes were lost in the direction of the house, did not pay attention to the floor to ceiling window below, kicked in after the body fell forward, only to see a small round ball rolled ah rolled ah, and finally hit a soft thing, only to stop.

The little girl felt this thing hot, a hug, refused to let go.

So comfortable. She rubbed her face with her cheeks, feeling a little rough, and pulled away the blocking clothes and buried her head in.

It was even warmer. The little girl who was smoothly touching her skin stirred and fell into a comfortable sleep.

"Whew--" The empty bottles of beer were poured all over the hall, and several of Ji Shi were either lying across the floor or half lying on the sofa. I don't know whose snoring sounded first, and then it rose and fell.

Jixi felt a mountain on his chest, deliberately not, confused to open his eyes. Look down, a soft moist little mass lying on their own body. Then turn around and look around, he was lying on the ground and fell asleep, no wonder he felt a little cold.

Ji Shi rubbed her swollen brain and got up, but the little group on her body still clutched her clothes and hung on her. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The first thing you need to do is to lie down on a soft bed, covered with a quilt, so warm that the still-drunk Ji Shi fell asleep for a second.

The next morning, the phone rang, waking up the hungover people.

Li Yuanyuan was the first to wake up, taking the vibrating phone and picking it up, "Honey, what's wrong?" She was the best drinker, but the three of them combined to fill her one to the point of drinking the most, and at this point her head hurt so much that it didn't look like her own.

"Date?" Li Yuanyuan looked at the time, instantly sober, "the road is a little traffic, you are waiting for a while oh."

Hanging up the phone, she hurriedly woke up a few people.

"What's wrong?" Guan Wanwei rolled over and muttered, "I still want to continue to sleep for a while."

Seeing this, Li Yuanyuan could only wake up her own sister. Fortunately, Li Qingqing was much more reliable and slowly woke up.

Not finding Ji Shih in the hall, Li Yuan Yuan said to Li Qing Qing, "I don't see Xiao Shih, now go take a shower first, you help me find her Xiao Shih to borrow a set of clothes, I am in a hurry to go on a date." She now smells of alcohol all over her body, past the date will be cold.

"Oh." Li Qingqing nodded and looked, there were Ji Shi's shoes scattered on the way to the master bedroom, "Xiao Shi should be in her room."

"That's too much, sleeping on the bed by yourself and letting a few of us sleep on the floor." Guan Wanwei also woke up, reached out to hammer his shoulders, slept on the sofa all night, and now his back is sore.

The two sighed and resigned themselves to knocking on the door.

"Knock, knock, knock--" "Xiao Shi, are you still sleeping?"

The bed curtains in the bedroom were pulled up to block the sunlight, causing the room to be very dim. In the bed, Ji Shi is asleep, in her arms, a small figure lying quietly, one hand tugging at her clothes, mouth with the sound of snoring and bubbles.

The two people outside the door looked at each other when they couldn't get a response. The first thing she did when she entered the house was to lift the blanket: "Ji Shi, get up."

Li Qingqing, on the other hand, pulled open the curtains and windows, and in an instant the room brightened up.

"Ah!!!" Guan Wanwei pointed to the bed with trembling fingers, her mouth shivering, "Where did this come from!"

The sunlight is a bit harsh, coupled with the cold wind blowing, Ji Shi lifted his right hand and placed it at his eyes, slowly opening his eyes.

"Noisy you." She expressionlessly looked at the bedside of Guan Weiwei, "I heard your loud voice early in the morning."

"No." Guan Evening's mouth opened and closed, words couldn't come out, and suddenly there was some anxiety, "You, on you!"

"On me?" Ji Shi sat up and felt her clothes being dragged, and her movements instantly stopped.

She looked down and saw the green fur and the small grass located in the middle of the fur. There was a baring sound in her ears, and the next second there was pain in her stomach.

Wh, what the heck?

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