I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 3

"Ji Shi, come here!"

As soon as Ji mother's loud voice rang out, Ji Shi knew that something big was wrong, she hurriedly broke away from Ji father's hand and trotted over. Worried that her own mother would faint from anger, she explained, "Mom, listen to my explanation, this potted plant-"

"You don't need to explain." Ji's mother interrupted her and waved her hand to hurry over.

"Even sentencing to death gives the sinner a chance to explain, mom, how can you jump to conclusions so quickly." Ji Shi walked over with a black face, and froze in the next second.

For no other reason than that the plant actually came back and stayed well in the potted plant.

"What death penalty what sinner, what are you kids talking about." The reason for this is to ask how you took care of it, the grass seems to be greener."

The grass was originally 30 or 40 centimeters too much, but now it's almost twice as tall as the original, reaching the top of the balcony. And the color is greener, just look at it to know how vigorous it is.

"I don't know." Ji Shi thought about it, or did not say that he did not water for several days. This look now can be completely explained as over watering to thrive. Otherwise, if the mother knew that she really forgot to water the plants, she would have to be nagged.

When she thought about it, she justified it by saying, "Maybe I didn't pay attention in the past two days and watered too much."

"But more water, a grass should not grow so ...... long," Ji's mother opened her arms and gestured, "...... long. "

"It means that the temple gives not mortal products." Ji Shi without heart guilt pushed to the Buddha's Grace Temple.

"Also, after all, it is the master's hand, must be the best." Ji mother hands together worshiped, chanting a Buddha blessing, and then urged Ji Shi to take good care of it, but not to raise the grass to death.

The first time I saw the grass, I saw that there was nothing in the potted plant, but when I turned around and opened the door, it was there again.

The actual fact is that she was just hallucinating? No way, how can you ignore such a big thing is.

Then where did this grass go before? Ji Shi thought about it, I guess I can only wait for Mom and Dad to leave and go watch the video to seek the answer.

"I'm talking to you, you're running away again." Ji mom reached out and poked her own daughter's brow, "Back to your mind?"

Ji Shi returned to her senses and opened her head sideways: "What did you say?"

"I said, my friend has a son, back home ready to start a business, about the same age as you." Ji mother rubbed her chin and began to recall information, "is a typical high wealthy handsome, or from Harvard graduate back, this time you always have no reason to dislike others lower education than you, right."

Ji Shi speechless: ...... this period of time without notice, she thought her own mother gave up, did not expect that there is a backward move.

"He is a little busy this time, about the twenty-fifth, you remember to prepare by then." Ji mother did not hear a response, the voice a few minutes louder, "hear?"

"Yes." Ji Shi answered breathlessly.

"I asked you if you heard me, what did you answer yes?" Ji mom wrinkled her eyebrows in dissatisfaction, noticing her dad who was holding back his laughter, not very happy, "Do you think it's funny, dad?"

"No." Ji dad pulled his wife into his arms, "It's just that the child is still young, there is no need to marry so early."

"After this year it must be twenty-four, not young."

"Yes, yes, yes." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Ji Shi nodded and sent the two out the door, "Dad, mom, take care on the way oh."

"You should also take good care of yourself."

Ji Shi nodded and waited for the two to leave, closing the door instantly and couldn't wait to go back to the study and turn on the computer.

She would like to take a good look at what this grass is all about.


First, she watched the video of the balcony shot a few days ago, when the grass was still 30 or 40 centimeters.

The disappearance was after she went out this morning, and the appearance was at ......

Ji Shi looked at the time, probably in the Ji mother came over, and then she went out to open the door this time, and appeared in the potted plant is now this look, about a meter, the top to the roof of the building.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

Ji Shi is full of questions, suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly clicked on the rest of the surveillance video of the place, and finally stopped there in the monitoring hall.

This video is facing the refrigerator as well as the dining table next to it, originally the picture was motionless, however at a certain moment the lens was blocked, and waited for a long time before the camera returned to its original form. Jixi looked at the time, about three minutes apart.

Put down the computer, Ji Shi ran over to look at the refrigerator. Sure enough, the fridge that was full before leaving the house is now empty, and the trash can next to it is stuffed with snack bags and fruit kernels.

This thief is too arrogant!

Even after eating, but also do not destroy the scene of the crime!

Ji Shi gritted his teeth, the next second thought of what, and hurriedly went back to the study and looked at the rest of the place, and found that the bathroom camera was also blocked, the time in the refrigerator that camera was blocked, up to half an hour. And when the camera was restored, the bathtub was really more water marks inside.

This scene is somewhat familiar, Ji Shi doubts whether the original thief came over again.

With suspicion, she looked through the video all the video back and forth several times, but also did not find where the thief appeared from. The doorway and window cameras were not blocked either, no one was captured at all, the thief appeared as if out of nowhere.

"Appear out of thin air ......" Ji Shi gave a beat, remembering the grass that disappeared and reappeared in the potted plant, reciting these words, "appear out of thin air, appear, disappear ...... "

One appeared out of thin air, one disappeared out of thin air, just in time connected. An aura flashed, Ji Shi thoughtfully ran to the balcony, looking at the grass inside the potted plant.

"Za -" the breeze blew, the grass inside the potted plant remained sturdy, as if fixed. Seeing this image, the corners of Ji Shi's mouth hooked up, with a few meaningful meanings under his eyes.

"Now the thief is too arrogant, after I catch him, I will definitely pull his skin, eat his flesh and drink his blood." Ji Shi said while feigning anger, while using the afterglow to survey the potted plants on the balcony.

Just after the words were said, the sturdy grass finally trembled.

Seeing it like this, Ji Shi somehow wanted to laugh, the words turned, "This grass seems like aloe, want to cut a piece to try the effect."


The corners of Ji Shi's mouth hooked up and added, "They say the grass is hardy, I wonder if it will survive after cutting half of it."


The amusement in Ji Shi's eyes intensified, reaching out and gesturing over the grass, "Where would be a good place to start cutting. Here? Or here, or maybe here?" With the sound of talking, the right hand slides up and down the body of the grass, eyes glowing with some excitement.

A little furtive. Ji Shi touched for a while and came to this conclusion.

Look again, it seems to be shaking even more.

"The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Shortly after she left the balcony, if any sound of relief drifted in the wind.


I am not aloe.

Hearing Ji Shi guess, the little girl hiding in the grass shivered, but was abashed by Ji Shi's words about cutting off behind her, and could only weakly refute each other's words in her heart.

At the time of just a seed, she had consciousness, just in the Buddha's Grace Temple stayed for hundreds of years without being planted. Until now this person came, the old monk Fang planted her into the potted plant, saying that the destined person appeared.

She asked the old monk what is the destined person, but unfortunately the other party did not answer, but only began to sigh. Although she has no eyes, but she can "see" the outside world. She saw the old monk as if he had shrunken down all of a sudden, his eyes with the vicissitudes of inability to erase.

Before reaching this human, the old monk also specifically instructed her to cultivate well and become an adult as soon as possible, so as to repay the master. She agreed, after all, the old monk accompanied her for so long, and also talked to her, although most of them said the four words Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha is what she does not understand, but always feel particularly comfortable after saying it, even occasionally said a few words.

At the beginning to here, she was thinking of repaying her master and trying to cultivate, however she found this master a little scary, every day when watering her with a black face, with a strong murderous aura, as if the next moment will pluck her out. So later, in order not to be drowned and try to cultivate, after all, adults are not afraid of so much water.

Back to God, the small figure in the grass hugged into a ball, thinking about what Ji Shi just said to cut her, waving his small fist in anger.

"Sure enough, after holding back for so long finally to reveal the prototype, not only to pluck me, but also to cut pieces, is really a terrible human." Little grass indignantly chanting, want to teach Ji Shi, but afraid to really be cut.

The next few days, although angry but also fearful little grass a lot more honest. But Ji Shi did not water for several days, the grass observed, to determine Ji Shi has not returned for three days, finally chose to commit another crime.

The first thing to do was to come out of the potted plant first.

"The first thing was to get out of the potted plant and onto the balcony with a swoop.

The second thing, eat all the bad human things.

The little girl crossed her arms and disappeared into the camera with a "bang".

Blocking the camera with a leaf, a figure appeared in the hall out of nowhere, and opened the refrigerator with a fleshy little hand.

"If you don't water me, I'll have to eat your food." The little girl's mouth kept chanting, her round eyes rolling around as if to say to explain herself, before she peacefully reached out and swept all the snacks inside the refrigerator to the floor.

"What is good to eat first." The little girl sat on the floor, placed the snacks side by side, point to point, and finally grabbed and fist-sized jelly, smiling, "Eat this first."

Although the body is small, but is a bottomless pit, and eat fast, two or three minutes to eat a refrigerator of snacks.

"It's a little bit up." It feels just like that horrible human poured too much water.

The little girl muttered, stretched her little legs, and only then did she notice that the soles of her feet were stained with the mud of the potted plants. The dirt imprinted on the clean floor, appearing as a small footprint, she hurriedly looked at the fun and got up and stepped on a few more before wiping the footprints away.

This way you can't see it. She sized it up, clapped her hands contentedly, and disappeared, and the leaves blocking the shot disappeared with it.

The third thing, the bathroom mess.

When she reappeared, she had already appeared in the bathroom and skillfully turned out leaves to block the camera.

Her spiritual awareness is strong, she can envelop the whole house "see" what that terrible human is doing, eating and soaking in the water are followed by learning. She recalled, unscrewed the switch next to put hot water, and then put cold water, hands put in a stir. Finally, the little girl picked up the water and washed her feet before jumping off with a splash.

Warm, so comfortable. The little girl breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself that humans really know how to enjoy themselves.

Just then, the little girl's ears twitched, let go of her spiritual sense, and finally "saw" the door handle of the house move, four people approached the house, one of them, the same terrible human who said he would cut her into several pieces.

"Watching" the human entered the hall, opened the refrigerator, the little girl shivered, the grass on top of her head also followed the shaking.

The air, the momentum is so scary.

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