I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 24

Li Yuanyuan a few look at the two completely ignored their presence,

The only way to brush up on their presence: "Xiaoxi, this is ......"

Hearing their voices, Ji Shi turned her head: "Why haven't you left?"

Although Ji Shi is the same expressionless face as always,

The tone of voice also did not change much,

But Li Yuanyuan they just heard the surprise and disgust inside. City

At the same time, Ji Cao also turned his head,

The city also turned its head and added a knife: "Yeah,

You're not leaving yet."

I'm so sorry,

I'm sorry to interrupt your two love show. The three of them are in tears.

Ji Shi frowned: "All right, just leave."

"You have not introduced us to this beautiful woman who is it. By the way,

You do not say first,

Let me guess." Li Yuanyuan reached out to instruct Ji Shi not to speak first, lowered her head and pretended to think for a moment, asking tentatively,

"Is it Xiao Cao's sister?"

Originally, Li Yuanyuan wanted to ask if it was her mother,

But Ji Cao's tender loli look really does not look like a person with children,

The first thing you can do is to say that it is your sister.

The subconscious asked a rhetorical question,

"The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

This is equivalent to a side acknowledgement of this identity, heard Li Yuanyuan several hearts a happy. They said that the cold-hearted Ji Shi had always been so fond of Ji Cao,

The actual fact is that they love each other. Although I didn't expect Ji Shi's partner to be of the same sex,

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

"Xiao Shi,

You are too unkind, right? It's just that you're in love with your sister Xiaocao,

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Li Yuanyuan joked. Li Qingqing and Guan Weiyan also echoed,

"That's right,

The first thing you need to do is to let us know that you're in love, and that you don't consider us friends."

Ji Shi and Ji Cao looked at each other with a puzzled face, not understanding where they came to the conclusion that they were in love

"By the way, where is Xiao Cao, how come I haven't seen her in person?"

Ji Cao instantly said sheepishly, "She went home first this afternoon."

Ji Shi worried about saying more easily revealed, also hurriedly diverted attention: "What gay people, do not bullshit."

"Don't be shy." Li Yuanyuan pointed to the current posture and appearance of the two, "tsk" two times before saying, "I did not even sit on my darling's lap a few times."

Ji Shi pulled up Ji Cao, "There is no such thing, you do not say nonsense."

Li Yuanyuan did not believe: "Really?"

"Really." Ji Shi looked at them with a gossipy face, her head hurt a little. Just don't wait for her to kick them out in the next second, Li Yuanyuan three already pulled Ji Cao to the side.

"Little sister grass, how old are you this year? Grown up?" Li Yuanyuan's first question was this, and then glanced at Ji Shi if she meant to, "If you're underage has my little Shi done anything excessive to you?"

"Excessive things are ......" Ji Cao had not finished, was Li Qingqing pulled over to ask the name of Ji Cao.

The other side of the hand was also pulled by Guan Evening, gossiping about when the two fell in love, met their parents, and had no intention of getting married.

Ji Cao was confused by one question after another by the three, and could only look at Ji Shi for help.

And at the height of Ji Shi looked over, like a small white rabbit into the wolf pack surrounded by three big gray wolves, weak and pathetic and helpless.

"Okay." Ji Shi saw them talking more and more powerful, went forward to pull people out, protected behind, "Her name is Ji early, my distant relatives, early is no head of grass."

Ji grass, who hadn't had time to be happy to hear the explanation behind, instantly shivered in fear and subconsciously touched her neck.

"Ji early? What kind of name is this, the person who took the name is a bit of a child's play, right?"

"The original is a distant relative ah, no wonder all a surname."

"I didn't even hear Xiaoxi say it before, maybe the distant relatives or something is nonsense to lie to us."

Li Yuanyuan three together, muttering, but the voice is not controlled, all into the ears of Ji Shi. Ji Shi could not stand it and interrupted their gossip: "Do you three have any comments?"

"No." The three of them felt the cold air coming from Ji Shi and shook their heads in unison.

Ji Shi raised her eyebrows: "Then why don't you hurry up and go? Or do you want to stay and work with me overtime?"

Li Yuanyuan was the first to say no: "No, I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment with my dear, I'll leave first."

Li Qingqing: "I have an appointment with a classmate."

The two sisters finished in unison and left the office in silence.

Ji Shi looked at the abandoned Guan Wannian: "What about you?"

Guan Evening cursed inhumanity in her heart, but quickly made excuses on the surface, "My mother asked me to go home early for dinner today."


The three people left in unison, and the office once again returned to silence. Just seems to be quiet some abnormal, Ji Shi turned his head, found Ji Cao hand on the neck, is a sad face looking at her, and quickly asked what is wrong.

"You want to cut off my head?" Ji Cao asked.

"What? Good reason why I ...... "Ji Shi remembered what just happened, suddenly crying and laughing to change his mouth, "No, I just temporarily thought of the name, did not want to cut off your head."


Only then did Ji Cao sigh with relief, her eyes rolled and she lowered her head, "You scared me, shouldn't you apologize?"

Ji Shi wrinkled his eyebrows, but still honestly said, "I'm sorry."

"What else do you need jc for if you say you're sorry." She kicked the floor and said sullenly.

Ji Shi seemed to guess something, but still asked, "...... What do you want."

"I want to eat cake," said the cake, Ji Cao instantly looked up, brightly looking at Ji Shi, "strawberry cake."

Sure enough. Ji Shi gave her a deep look and shook his head, "No."

"Just one." Ji Cao walked up, took Ji Shi's arm and shook it, pouting, "Just one, OK." Saying that, he also stretched out a finger.

"No." Ji Shi shook his head, stretched, pretending not to say, "I've been working all day today, my back is sore, oh."

"I'll help you massage." Ji Cao instantly lit up, rubbing her back and pulling her back to sit in her seat.


Said not to give, but when taking people to the mall to buy clothes finally home, Ji Shi still bought two cakes for Ji Cao, by the way once again received a good man card from Ji Cao.

In the evening, Ji mom called and said that the two couples had packed their clothes and asked Ji Shi to take Ji Cao home for a trip over the weekend to try out which clothes were more appropriate.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the best and most effective products. The two parents will know about the sudden growth of the little group of adults when they meet at the weekend anyway, so it's too late to explain then, and it's more convincing to see it with your own eyes.

When she hung up the phone, she turned around and saw Ji Cao squatting in the doorway of her room, her hands sliding around on the floor. This image was seen once when Ji Cao was a small group of children, and when she saw it again, she had a different feeling.

"What are you doing here?" Ji Shi walked over and asked.

"I was just watching TV." Ji Cao hung her head, her voice muffled, "There's a not-so-good-looking person on it saying that people like me who stay at home all the time and don't go out to work are gnawers and will squeeze the last drop of your blood dry."

Suddenly was treated as a mother was gnawing at Ji Shi: ......

Ji Cao could not wait for an answer, looked up at Ji Shi: "Do you also think I have to go out to work?"

Ji Shi swept her eyes back and forth at Ji Cao and shook her head firmly. If you really let Ji Cao go out to work, whether you can find a job to say, even if you can find a job, it is estimated that this kind of messed up nature the next day can also be the boss angry death.

Even Ji Shi can think of the next day's news report, the title is: "A company a female employee alive angry boss, in fact this female employee is what is sacred?

shook his head, Ji Shi put that Ji grass was pulled to jcj drink tea picture shake out of his head, "you do not have to work, I can support you for life."

Ji Cao suddenly shocked, "then I am not eating soft rice?" Not waiting for Ji Shi to answer, she quickly shook her head, "No, as a demon with a backbone, how can I eat soft rice?"

"Right, Little Herb, you are a big demon, you can't nibble on the old, naturally you can't eat soft rice either." After finishing with herself, she also nodded heavily.

Ji Shi: ...... started acting again.

"By the way, Xiaoxi what do you think I can go do?" Ji Cao thought about it and realized she didn't know what she was going to do. She seemed to be able to control plants and didn't understand the rest of her human skills.

Ji Shi looked at her and suddenly changed the subject, "Have you eaten the cake yet? The cake will be past its shelf life tomorrow."

"Right oh, I haven't eaten the cake yet." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

"Remember to brush your teeth after eating."

"Got it." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

After eating the cake, Ji Cao stretched and dutifully went to brush her teeth, then went to Ji Shi's room.

"You're old enough to learn to sleep by yourself." Ji Shi, who was reading a book, heard the movement and said without raising his head.

"Oh." Although Ji Cao agreed, but still skillfully at the end of the bed just lift the quilt and get into it, and then pop up a head next to Ji Shi.

Ji Shi: "...... promised to go to sleep next door."

"But I'm worried about you having nightmares, I don't feel comfortable with you sleeping alone." Ji Cao justifiably finished explaining, lying on Ji Shi's lap, while yawning and asking, "What are you reading? Read to me."

After all, it is a child. Ji Shi sighed, put down the books in his hands, picked up a fairy tale on top of the cabinet and read the fairy tale to Ji Cao.

"In a long, long time ago, on a certain small town, there was a very smart and lovely girl ......"

Read to Cinderella crying with the old woman, a slight purr reached Ji Shi's ears, Ji Shi then stopped.

Put the storybook aside, Ji Shi looked down at Ji Cao, found Ji Cao although the body is grown, but the essence of exactly the same, sleep or like to hold a fist on his side, mouth slightly open snoring.

She reached out and poked her cheek, which was still fleshy, and the next second Ji Cao mumbled and rolled over, scaring her.

After a while to make sure Ji Cao did not wake up, Ji Shi continued to poke a poke, back and forth several times before Ji Shi returned to his senses, stop the childish harassment action, move Ji Cao's body past the side.

The next time you look at the time it is almost time to go to bed, Ji Shi then turn off the lights and lie down. The next second there is a warm touch came, open your eyes to see, Ji Cao has been lying in her arms sleeping sweetly.

It is better to sleep. Ji Shi lamented a sentence, also closed his eyes and slept.

Just ...... won't wake up Ji Cao will turn back into a small group, right?

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