I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 23

Li Qingqing couldn't calm down even when she walked out of the door of the office,

A few shock and confusion on his face. Bookmark the site

"Where is the little one?" Guan Evening walked over eagerly, only then noticed Li Qingqing's face and asked suspiciously,


What's wrong with you? Why is your face so red?"

Guan Weiyan really couldn't understand, Li Qingqing didn't just go in to see what was going on inside and persuade the fight at most? How come your face is so red? This can be dripping blood.

It's okay if she doesn't mention it,

Once mentioned this matter,

Li Qingqing thought again just saw the charming picture.

The white soft bed,

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing,

The bed is sunken in an arc. From her angle, she looked over at an oblique angle,

The two white and slender legs of the unknown person can only be seen sticking out from underneath Jixi's legs, and Jixi's black pants form a stark contrast. The rest of the person was blocked by Jishi and the sheet, she could not see clearly,

The other part of the story is that the rest of the story is blocked by Ji Shi and the sheet,

Otherwise, it would not be treated like this by Ji Shi. It was only the thought of what the two might be doing that made her blush even redder.


Are you okay?" Guan Weiwei reached out to Li Qingqing's forehead with some concern,

She found some fever and asked with some concern,

"It's not a fever, is it? Your forehead is so hot."

Li Qingqing coughed lightly,

She was uncomfortable and took off Guan Weiwei's hand,

"I'm fine."

Guan Weiwei was not quite sure,

After all, this red face does not look like nothing,



"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But although puzzled, she still nosily asked what was going on.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Or did someone go in and I just didn't notice?" And she was even more confused, the legs did not seem like a man's legs, after all, she had not seen any man's legs so thin and white. And that scattered all over the fabric ...... she really did not find Ji Shi actually so active as well as impatient.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The office is only this doorway, out must come out from here, after all, Xiaoxi can not hide people in the office for life."

"Also." Li Qingqing mulled over this is the way, nodded.

The two detractors were very interested in the person Ji Shi was pressing, and immediately went to Li Qingqing's seat together, with their eyes gazing in the direction of the office from time to time, just in case they looked away.

Not long after, Li Yuanyuan also came over. Seeing that two people that from time to time stealing glance action, quietly go to the back of the two, reach out to slap the two shoulders, whispered and asked: "What are you doing?"

Guan Weiyan was staring at the office door with full concentration, but Li Yuanyuan's tap scared her heart into her throat, and she jumped up on the spot.

"I go, scared me to death." Looking back to see that it was Li Yuanyuan, Guan Wanwei patted her chest and breathed out, "Do you know that this look is very scary?"

"If it's not scary, why would I shoot you?" Li Yuanyuan said that a justified, pulled a chair and sat down next to them, "What are you looking at, so fascinated.


"We are watching when Xiao Shi and her lover will come out."

Li Yuanyuan raised her eyebrows, "Lovers?"

Guan Weiwei is a can't keep a secret, let alone such a big secret, immediately let Li Yuanyuan stretch his head over, blabla, by the way, let Li Yuanyuan analysis of this mysterious lover is where out.

Li Yuanyuan stroked her chin and spoke slowly in the expectant gaze of the two: "If it is a normal relationship, there should be no need to hide it from us. Xiao Shi will hide it from us, which means that this mystery lover cannot be made public. This means that there is something wrong with this mystery lover."

"We naturally know there is a problem," Guan Evening glanced at the unmoving office and lowered her voice, "I am asking if you know what the problem is?"

At that, Li Yuanyuan rolled her eyes, "I'm not a god, how would I know?"

"Also." Guan Evening muttered, continuing to hold his chin and stare at the office.


Ji Shi did not know that several detractors were waiting to see the gossip, and had not yet recovered from this sudden change.

The person in her arms has delicate skin like milk, so white and tender that it looks like peeled white tofu. She just did not control the force because of the shock, under the hands of a little force, the white arm instantly started a red mark.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, Ji Shi couldn't believe that this person underneath her would be Ji Cao, even though both of them had green hair and eyes.

She just can't understand, clearly Ji Cao just a small dumpling look, how this all of a sudden grew up?

She looked down and measured the appearance of the person under her. This small group grew up, a round small face also grew, but still palm-sized small face. Exquisite features than the oriental face to a little three-dimensional, but not as deep as the Europeans, nose, thin lips not point and Zhu, with a strange flavor, only the pair of emerald eyes in the simple unchanged.

"Sister Xiao Shi, I don't seem to be so hot anymore." The little group of consciousness gradually returned, then also found the body of the strange, some surprised to reach out and feel.

Well, there is less flesh on the face.

The palms of the hands have also become larger, and the arms have grown longer.

All kinds of findings are indicating that she has grown up, the small group of people immediately excited a carp to sit up straight. But she forgot about the Ji Shi above her, this carp jumped straight into Ji Shi's arms.

"Mmm." Ji Cao stifled a grunt, shook her head, and then looked at Ji Shi in surprise, "Did you see, I seem to have grown up."

"Hmm." Ji Shi was knocked back by this bump and realized that Ji Cao's face was only half a palm's length away from her, so much so that she could even see the tiny hairs on Ji Cao's face. For a while, she noticed the position of the two, and hurriedly stood up from the bed.

Without Ji Shi pressed, the little group of people hurriedly stood up, turned around, mouth constantly let out the awe-inspiring sound. She looked at her fair and slender legs, suddenly remembered something, more or less excitedly jumped off the bed and ran over to Ji Shi's side, however, reached out to the comparison, she found that she was still not taller than Ji Shi, and suddenly puffed up her cheeks.

She thought she grew up to be able to exceed Ji Shi, did not expect to actually only to the other side of the shoulder a little, so angry oh!

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the situation.

"Didn't I teach you, no undressing." Ji Shi face lectured. Before Ji Cao is a child look okay, but now all of a sudden pulled up, also considered grown up, and then naked is not appropriate.

"But," the little group puffed out his face and turned to point at the tattered clothes on the bed, "the clothes are rotten." Because the body was propped up all at once, the little dress had long been torn, and the remains were being scattered on the bed.

Ji Shi also knows that this can not blame Ji grass, just said also just a moment of confusion, and quickly apologized.

Ji Cao is always the representative of climbing up the pole, at once raised his chin, a haughty face lightly hummed: "I villain, no, adults do not count adults." She waved her hand generously and whirled around to continue admiring her enlarged body, only she searched around and couldn't find a mirror.

"What are you looking for?"

"The mirror."

"In the bathroom." Ji Shi just finished speaking, the little group scattered her legs and ran, the sheet on her body to cover her shame fell on the floor without caring.


Ji Shi told Ji Cao to take a shower after looking at the mirror, while he himself took the opportunity to look for clothes, and by the way, took the time to look for clothes to run through the things that made the little dumpling bigger in an instant.

In connection with what happened today, Ji Shi suspected that the small ball grew at once most likely because of eating too much spicy food. Because before becoming like this, Ji Cao had been shouting hot. So she thinks that even if it is not caused by eating too much spicy food, "spicy" in the process of Ji Cao growing up must also have a great influence, after all, before Ji Cao did not have the slightest sign of growth.

No. Maybe the little group has been growing before, just today ate too much spicy stimulated, and then the body can not stand it all of a sudden became bigger.

Thinking about it, Ji Shi does not know what to make the expression. Other demons are hard work to cultivate, to the small group here becomes so childish comical, actually will eat too much spicy and grow up all of a sudden, said out to estimate no one believe.

"Xiao Shi, my clothes." The voice coming from inside the bathroom interrupted Ji Shi's thinking.

"Wait a minute." Ji Shi then picked up a set of clothes, only to take two steps and then remembered something, turned back to the bottom cabinet to pick up a new underwear set.

Ghostly, she remembered Li Yuanyuan sent her this set when spreading dog food words, "is my family dear said, after falling in love can not be separated, to buy a set of, this is the love interest."

Also because of such a flirtatious words, Ji Shi has not been used, did not expect that now instead to give the small group to use. Just do not know if the size is right, it should be about the same, just now she just briefly glanced, but that size feels about the same as her ......

"Ka-ching--" the little group waited too long, ran out of patience and just opened the door and came out, all wet, and didn't take anything to cover it.

"You--" Ji Shi did not expect the small group just, just so naked out, walking between, that chest is also a shaking, a moment words just stuck in the throat, hair under the ears quietly become red.

Although we are all women, but Ji Shi has never seen the fruit body of others. Now repeatedly see Ji Cao's fruit body, Ji Shi is still not very comfortable, especially this "other" or by her previous small group of grown up into, the heart is more complex.

The little group is not the slightest bit shy, a frank face towards Ji Shi, see Ji Shi holding the clothes, asked: "This clothes is for me?"

Ji Shi returned to his senses, nodded his head hastily, the next second like remembering what one, don't head, throw the clothes in his hand on the small group, "first put on the clothes before talking."

"Oh." The small group of people nodded and moved clumsily to put on the small underwear, and then followed the previous action of Ji Shi to put on the pants and top, but there is a long thing left next to her, but she does not know what for.

"Have you finished changing?" Ji Shi heard the rustling behind him stopped and asked in a hurry.

"Yes." The little group carried the thing around to Ji Shi, looked up and asked, "Just what is this?"

Ji Shi subconsciously looked up, but then subconsciously lowered her head, her face not quite at ease. Her clothes in the office are buttoned models of white shirts, but her figure is taller than Ji Cao, this shirt wear to Ji Cao body becomes loose and saggy. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Xiaoxi?" The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not aware of this. And also on tiptoe, stretching out his right hand to probe Ji Shi's forehead.

"No." Ji Shi avoided her hand, right hand clenched fist on the side of the mouth lightly cough, slightly calm, "And, to call me little Shi sister."

"Ah." The little group felt that she had grown up and should be the same age as Ji Shi, shook her head and called out with a smile, "Xiao Shi."

Ji Shi: ......

Ji Cao still remembered what just happened and asked, "By the way, you haven't said anything about your blush, it's not a fever is it shyness? Just why shy, is it because ......"

"Shut up."

This response from her made Kijusa even more excited, "Oh oh oh, is it because I was right and then got annoyed?"


Although I don't know why I'm shy, but it's rare to see this side of Ji Shi, Ji Cao excitedly shaking Ji Shi's arm, "Come on, don't be shy~"

Ji Shi could not bear it, directly a hand pressed people to the bed, and then expressionlessly unbuttoned Ji Cao's shirt.

---------- ----

Second shift.

"Little Shih?" Ji Cao froze, recalling the picture played inside the TV series, suddenly reached out and grabbed both sides of Ji Shi's collar, eyes brightly looking at Ji Shi, "Could it be that you have long liked me, just because I was a child before then now see me grow up and can't wait to pounce on me?"

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The two hands on the sides of Ji Cao, Ji Shi face blue, "you say another word I will go back to the TV to smash."

The little group of children immediately shut up, but two eyes but sadly look at Ji Shi. If she didn't have a TV to watch at home, she would die of boredom.

Ji Shi took a deep breath and quickly picked up the bra and put it on for the little group, then picked up the shirt again, buttoning it while saying how these clothes should be worn.

"But this is a little tight." Little group of people pointing to their bulging two, incomprehensibly asked, "stuffy, can't you not wear it?"

"Can't." Ji Shi raised her hand and wiped the hot sweat, feeling that both the little dumpling and the grown-up were making her heart tired.

See the little dumpling hanging head not to speak, Ji Shi paused, added, "tight also can't help, my new only this, wait for the end of the day I will take you to buy a fit."

Little dumpling nodded, noticing that Ji Shi was wearing the same clothes as herself, and slapped her palm in realization, "Xiao Shi and I are wearing couple's clothes."

Her attitude is very frank, there is no ambiguity, saying this is purely from watching TV. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Ji Cao seems to understand, but still the usual retort: "But I this dress is your, and theirs is not the same."

Ji Shi went with her, looked at the overlong clothes, and helped roll up the sleeves and pants a bit. Although it is not obvious, but Ji Cao this look kinda like stealing to wear adult clothes of a small child.

However,...... kinda nice to look at. Ji Shi also found that although Ji grass is short almost to her shoulders, but the body proportion is very good, looking at the height does not match the actual. This set of work clothes to wear, look very small and fresh.

When Ji Shi returned to his senses, he found Ji Cao was staring at himself, and quickly coughed lightly and asked.

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