I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 22

The little touching that came from the warm hearted behavior of the little group at night,

In the morning after being awakened by the cold instantly disappeared without a trace. City

Ji Shi's exposed skin was already cold enough to raise goose bumps, rubbing her head and propping herself up to sit up straight. Look down,

The quilt has been kicked off the bed by the small group hanging on it, no wonder she was woken up by the cold.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and you can't even get a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The little group actually woke up when Ji Shi sat up, just the embrace of warmth does not want to leave it, muttered and continued to hug.

"If you don't get up again I'll eat cake by myself."

Cake? The small group of ears twitched, nose also twitched,

The smell is not there. This time she also remembered that she gave the cake to Ji Shi last night, and immediately realized that it was a lie told by Ji Shi to trick her into getting up.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time,

I didn't expect you to wake up, so it looks like I'll have to eat it myself."

The little dumpling was really worried,

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new one.

The small group of people reached out and yawned,

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. She looked around and found that there was really a piece of cake in the plate on top of the cabinet, and suddenly her eyes lit up,

The first thing you need to do is to go over there. But just as she started to crawl,

Her foot was caught.

"The little group was lying on the bed,

She struggled to reach forward,

But no matter how hard she struggled,

But no matter how much she struggled, there was always a little distance between her and the cake.


Her cake. The little dumpling cried out in her heart,

However, the distance between her and the bottom of the cake is getting bigger and bigger.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The little group almost did not want to break away from her hand, even slippers are not wearing, directly rushed to the bathroom to brush teeth and wash face.

Ji Shi held forehead: ...... this guy is only this time so positive.

Shaking her head, she followed the past, just to see the small group of "gurgling" two sounds after the throat moved seems to swallow the water, then wrinkled eyebrows: "not to say to spit out?"

Little group looked at her, and then began to flatten the mouth "biu" "biu" "biu" spray water, spit out the tongue to Ji Shi: " Look at you, fooled again."

Ji Shi: ...... this is how to do it.

Ji Shi raised his eyebrows: "Happy?"

The little dumpling hurriedly shook his head.

"Still play or not?"

The little dumpling continued to shake his head.

"Know the mistake?"

The little dumpling quickly nodded his head with an extremely sincere attitude: "I was wrong."

"Wrong about what?"

This ...... little dumpling this time knows where she is wrong, but she does not feel that she is wrong, immediately said, "Little Shih sister, I am just kidding, why are you so serious with a child?"

"How dare you retort?" Ji Shi increased the strength of the hand pinching face, the white and tender feel always let her think she was touching tofu.

The small group endured for a while, cheeks sour to unbearable before begging for mercy, said vaguely: "Even know wrong, even Jupiter should brush teeth when teasing you mud play."

"Is not supposed to play with water while brushing teeth." Ji Shi corrected, "Say it again."

The small group instantly changed its mouth, "Even Jupiter should not play with water when brushing teeth."

Only then did Ji Shi let go of his hand and nodded at the little dumpling's reddened cheeks: "Admit your mistake early and you'll be fine."

"Bad person." The little group reached out and rubbed the sore cheeks, staring at Ji Shi sorrowfully.

Ji Shi: "Oh?"

The little dumpling suddenly moved his nose and sobbed, covering his face with both hands: "You are ruthlessly cold and unreasonable, people do not care about you anymore ~"

"Say it again and I'll smash the TV."

The small group suddenly did not dare to say more, lightly grunted and climbed down the sink.

Jixi took his arm: "Have you finished brushing your teeth?"

"Finished brushing, otherwise how can I tease you." After saying this small group of people scattered legs and ran.

Ji Shi: ...... tease? It seems that she has recently relaxed a little on the small group of children, only to let this guy have this hobby.


When the little dumpling was eating the cake, she remembered one thing.

Ji Shi previously threatened her from time to time that she would be cut off, was it because she knew that she was Little Grass that she said that? Before she thought that the other party did not know her identity and denied it, but now when she thought about it carefully, the other party knew it from the beginning, so saying that she would be cut off should be a deliberate threat to intimidate her words.

"Barf." The small group spooned up the cake and stuffed it into her mouth, also remembering the previous Ji Shi in the balcony step three times to scare her in the potted plant not even dare to move. When you think about it, the other side must have been teasing themselves at that time, deliberately watching their hands and feet to cover up their identity.

"Bang--" the small group slapped the bedside table, shaking the plate and jumping.

No way. As a demon, how could she be scared like this by a human?

The eyes rolled, the little dumpling looked at the cake in front of him as if looking at Ji Shi, greatly spooned up a spoonful into his mouth, biting hard to vent his anger.

At this time, Ji Shi came out, carrying pajamas in his hands, staring at the little group expressionlessly: "Did you drool again last night."

The little group subconsciously touched the side of the mouth, did not feel saliva, before justifiably said a "no."

"I'm not asking if you're drooling now, you're not touching it now." The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market.

The little group still has cake in its mouth, cowered down the neck, vaguely answered: "It's yours."

Ji Shi raised an eyebrow: "Hmm?"

The little dumpling looked at her expression and knew it was going to be bad, quickly swallowed the cake, ran over and took Ji Shi's hand, put the fork into the other hand: "Little Shi sister you finished brushing your teeth right, come over and eat some cake first."

She dreamed last night that she met a cake made of a mountain, eaten with great joy, should be that time drooling she did not find. Thinking about it, glancing at the clothes that did have a small water stain, she quickly yanked it over, "I'll help you wash the clothes later."

Ji Shi obediently sat down on the edge of the bed, rubbed her shoulders, and feigned a complaint, "After a good night's sleep, I always feel so stiff and sore oh."

"I'll help you with your back." The little dumpling hurriedly put the clothes aside and climbed up/on the bed to help Ji Shih squeeze her shoulders, left pounding right pounding, moving up and down. In a short while, she felt her hands were sore and asked carefully, "Little sister Shi, is it comfortable?"

"Not comfortable." Ji Shi told the little dumpling to stop moving, "It's sloppy, it's barely okay."

The small group of cheeks puffed up and looked at Ji Shi accusingly, "I am so well behaved and understanding you can not praise me properly?"

Ji Shi looked at the cheeky little dumpling, bent down and reached out to pick up the pajamas: "This dress ......"

The little dumpling also can't care about begging for praise, and hurriedly grabbed it and took it behind her back, smiling ingratiatingly, small dimples appearing: "It's getting late, let's go to work."

Ji Shi glanced at her, "Take the clothes and put them in the bathroom, come back and wash them for me."

"Yes." The little group answered and ran to the bathroom, throwing it in the bucket before returning to Ji Shi to ask if there was anything else.

"Change your clothes and go out." Ji Shi got up and picked out a soft yellow dress for the little group.

"I don't want this one, I want that one." The little group did not take Ji Shi's clothes, directly into the closet to take down the soft green dress, but also with the soft green hat.

The small group of children change clothes very quickly, in a short time changed, but also put on the shoes, and then ran to Ji Shi in front of two turns, "good-looking?"

The little dumpling grows white and tender, the green little dress is even more white and lovely for her. But this from head to tail are tender green, especially the green hair and green cap more striking.

Ji Shi wrinkled her brow, she is not unable to understand the little group like green because itself is small grass, is green, but this green hat ......

When exactly did she buy the cuckold?

Ji Shi was silent for too long, seeking praise eager little group tugged Ji Shi, and apprehensively asked if it looked good again.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

"I also think it looks good." The little dumpling looked at the mirror beautifully and looked at the dress in a circle.

The actual fact is that you are still a child, you can't avoid being beautiful. Ji Shi thought to herself, but it was getting late, so she had to reach out and pinch the little dumpling's cheeks, interrupting the other party's narcissistic mirror-gazing behavior, "Let's go."



Ji Shi took the little dumpling to work, once again making waves in the company. However, Ji Shi this time especially explained that the little dumpling is the child of her distant relatives, and also her cousin who does not know how many layers of bloodline apart, but also especially stressed and clarified the matter that the little dumpling is her illegitimate daughter.

After introducing the identity of the little dumpling, Ji Shi had to go to a meeting and could only get Song Ningshu to come over to take care of the little dumpling, with a special instruction, "Don't let her run around."

"Yes, Mr. Ji." Song Ning Shu nodded and sent Ji Shi out of the office, only to turn around and see the little dumpling staring at herself with unblinking eyes.

That look ...... Song Ning Shu can not say how it feels, but always feel behind the hairy, and quickly asked the small group what the problem is.

"Sister Song don't you want to go to work?" The little dumpling sitting cross-legged on the ground, dragging his chin, green eyes moving to look in front of him, voice ghostly, inexplicably let Song Ning Shu goose bumps are up.

"I'm at work right now." Song Ning Shu rubbed her arm, squeezed out a smile, and bent down to look at the little group, "Little grass, do you want to go over and sit there in the lounge? The floor will be dirty over here."

"Okay." Although the little dumpling agreed, it did not move.

Song Ningshu was puzzled: "Don't you want to go over?"

The little dumpling looked up, eyes watery, and hung her head in embarrassment: "My feet are numb, I can't get up."

Song Ning Shu couldn't hold back and laughed out, exasperating the little dumpling, who instantly puffed up her cheeks. She hurriedly coughed lightly and picked up the little dumpling to the sofa in the rest area.

In a few short steps, she was panting and almost fell on the sofa with the little group directly.

"Sister, you can't do it physically." The little dumpling drew a tissue and gave it to Song Ningshu, her eyes kept staring at the hot sweat at the corner of its forehead.

"Ha, ha, ha." Song Ning Shu two awkward laugh, she sits in the office every day, physical strength can be good there is really a problem.

Little dumpling suddenly Ji Shi hugged her for ten or so minutes before she got tired of things, her brain came alive and opened up. So it seems, Ji Shi that human's physical strength seems to be very good look. This way she wants to retaliate against each other and then revive the majesty of the demon, it is much more difficult.

Her facial expression changed when she thought about things, looking at Song Ningshu full of confusion, completely do not know what she was thinking.

"It's no fun here, let's go out for a walk, OK?" The little dumpling couldn't sit still for a while and wanted to walk outside.

But Ji Xi had instructed Song Ning Shu not to take the little dumpling out, Song Ning Shu naturally did not dare to take the little dumpling out privately, immediately politely refused.

"But it's boring here." Little dumpling sighed and lay on the sofa with his limbs spread out, "Then why don't we play games?"

Song Ningshu: "Games? What game?"

The little dumpling stroked her chin and thought for a while, and shook her head under Song Ning Shu's "expectant" gaze. She had never played a game with anyone, so she really didn't know.

Song Ning Shu can only think for herself, but she also can not think of any game can be played in the company. This is a company, there is nothing for children to play.

"Forget it, I'm already an adult, I can't play children's games." The little dumpling spoke first.

Song Ningshu: ...... who said to play games?

"Otherwise ...... let's play the "who moves loses" game?" The small group of sleepy heart, yawned, lying flat action changed to lying on the sofa, the words in the mouth did not stop, "from now on, in addition to talking blinking eyes, who moves even if who loses, the loser has to shout three "I am a good baby" in front of everyone, what do you think? " Without waiting for Song Ningshu to speak, she took it upon herself to say, "Since you don't have a problem with that, it's time to start now."

Song Ning Shu who was standing: ......

The little group seems to be able to see that she wants to change her posture, and hurriedly speaks out: "Do not move oh, as long as you move, you will lose."

Song Ning Shu, who was thinking of sitting on the sofa: ......

Second shift.

Half an hour passed, Song Ning Shu's forehead began to appear hot sweat, standing body is a little unstable. Not only her forehead, but also her back started to sweat. It was already autumn, but she felt as if she was in the heat of summer. God knows how long she hadn't stood in military posture, and it was all thanks to her willpower that she was able to hold on for half an hour.

Song Ningshu's eyes rolled and found that the little group was not moving without any pressure, so the pressure was multiplied.

"Ka-" Song Ning Shu's body stiffened a bit, and finally staggered, and could only sigh, "It's me who lost."

She threw her arms and shoulders, got no response and was wondering when the person on the couch finally reacted.

"Ah." The little dumpling yawned while sitting up and stretching her arms, yawning while lamenting, "So comfortable."

Song Ning Shu some crazy: ...... fell asleep? I dare say she was playing the game foolishly alone?

Rubbing her eyes, the little dumpling only then found Song Ning Shu's presence, "Why are you still here?"

Song Ning Shu thought that the little group woke up dazed should forget that they were playing a game, then there is no need to shout "I am a good baby", and quickly said that he was going to drink water.

"Then why don't you hurry up and go?" The little dumpling crossed his legs and yawned sleepily.

"I'll go now." Song Ningshu breathed out in her heart and hurriedly turned around to leave, only to be called by the little group before she took two steps.

"Did you forget something?"

Song Ning Shu's body suddenly froze: "No, right?" Did Ji Cao find out?

Little dumpling yawned while getting off the sofa and walked towards Song Ning Shu, "Don't think I have such a bad memory like Little Shih sister, I still remember we were just playing the game of 'whoever moves loses'. If I'm right, sister Song, did you move first?" Without giving Song Ningshu a chance to retort, she said while fiddling with her posture, "At first you were standing like this, but when I woke up you were already standing like this."

A drop of sweat dripped from the corner of Song Ningshu's forehead. What a terrible memory, this has slept a sleep, actually still remember how her hands were posed when she was standing.

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