I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 21

The parking lot is huge,

Plus the mall is very crowded,

The cars inside are almost crowded one by one. The lights in the parking lot were broken,

The flickering lights make it difficult to see clearly. The actual location of the parking lot is not quite remembered by Ji Shi,

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Sister Xiao Shi,

We've just walked past here." The little group pulled Ji Shi to a halt,

Pointing to the next pillar,

There is an exit to the right marked on it, below which is not sure which mischievous posted a pig pattern, "I just saw that pig once."

Ji Shi also knew he had gone around in a circle, rubbed his temples,

"I'm looking for our car,

You be quiet."

The little group did not expect Ji Shi is looking for the car, and thought it was looking for something, "But we just passed the car location."

Ji Shi a beat,

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The small group of children looked up innocently,

The green gemstone eyes are clear and innocent: "I thought you saw it."

Ji Shih's hand moved,

But this is really not the fault of the little dumpling,

I can only rub her hair,

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a good deal on this.

The little group's eyes rolled,

She didn't answer directly,

Instead, she said, "I want to eat strawberry cake."

Ji Shi: "......" really good bargaining.

"Little sister Shio,

Is that okay?" The little group has been somewhat used to Ji Shi's murderous aura,

The more the debt, the better,

I'd rather enjoy myself before receiving punishment, maybe this is the "last supper"?

"Yes." The two words came out almost through gritted teeth.

The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Because I remember." The little dumpling waved her hand unconcernedly.

"You remember even such a complicated location?" When the little dumpling nodded, Ji Shi realized that she had underestimated the little dumpling a bit. She thought this little demon would just be cute, but she didn't expect to have a better memory than her now. Or is this a unique ability of demons?

Ji Shi could not figure out the result, took the keys and opened the car door, then let the little dumpling go to sit in the back, he went to the driver's seat, and then paid the money out of the parking lot.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

"I'll buy it for you tomorrow." Ji Shi looked at another closed snack store, turned his head and said to the little group, "It's very late now, most of the stores are closed."

The little group puffed out its cheeks, looked out the window, and spoke sullenly, "But I want to eat tonight."

"You just finished eating not long ago, you shouldn't be hungry yet." Ji Shi wrinkled her brow. The children's set meal at that restaurant is very generous, and there are also snacks, so you can eat enough.

"I want to eat." The little group turned its head to stare at Ji Shi, "You promised auntie to buy me tonight."

"But it's so late and the store is closed, so you can't blame me." Ji Shi attempted to reason with her, but unfortunately the little dumpling was rarely strong-willed. When she said her mouth was thirsty, the little dumpling refused to compromise, nor did she have the slightest intention of backing down.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

Little group mouth quivered, a look to cry not to cry to look at Ji Shi.

"Said not to buy is not to buy." Ji Shi gas came up, also do not care about her, finished driving the car in the direction of home.

The little dumpling's nose twitched and muttered, "Ji Shi is a bad person."

After the red light at the intersection, Ji Shi found that the back is too quiet, looked back.


Little dumpling lying next to the window, constantly breathing into the window. The night is cool, the breath of the gas touched the window suddenly fogged up, and then the small group of children on the top of the drawing.

Noticing Ji Shi's eyes, the little group turned its head and gave her a sultry look, then continued to turn back to blow on the window.

Ji Shi: ...... made it look like she was guilty as hell.

The car drove a little further, Ji Shi looked back at the small group or the previous posture, sighed.

It is not just a few pieces of cake, to this?

Although not understand the little group of enthusiasm for the cake, Ji Shi still soft hearted, at the intersection turned a corner.

"This is not the direction to go home." The little group spoke slyly, wondering if Ji Shi had forgotten the way home like she had forgotten the location of her car in the parking lot.

"I know, shut up." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The little group "oh" sound, continue to sulking thinking about life. She began by pretending to be depressed to gain sympathy, but when she saw that Ji Shi did not notice her at all, the fake depression became real.

In this situation, the little group remembered a scene from the TV and suddenly said, "I want to sing."

The four sides of the Ji Shi a meal, do not know what the little group wants to do again, but she can be sure is not good. The little girl's eyes, Ji Shi refused to say the words to the mouth became a "hmm".

The right hand cupped his throat and cleared his throat, then began to sing.

"The only good thing in the world is that a mother's child is like a treasure

The child is like a treasure.


"Za -" a white Audi emergency brakes stopped at the side of the road, almost hitting the trees on the side of the road.

Ji Shi also can't be bothered to talk about the small group, quickly get out of the car to determine whether there is a collision, and found that it was all right when the relief. Just notice the neighborhood, her eyebrows instantly wrinkled.

"Scared to death, how this car suddenly turned here."

"What a terrible female driver, almost hit a tree."

"I told you driving can drive like this must be a female driver."

Ji Shi completely can not listen, black face back to the car. From learning to drive now, she is the first time this kind of accident, if Li Qingqing and a few of them know estimated to be able to laugh half a year.

Thinking about it, Ji Shi's face became even darker.

"The only good thing in the world is that there is no mother's child like a grass


The sorrowful song is still singing, Ji Shi only then remembered the culprit. Waiting to turn to the small group of people, her body's murderous aura is so thick to become an entity, "You shut up."

The little group instantly shut up, but the eyes are still very sorrowful, want to say but also "ah ah ah" a few sounds.

Ji Shi wrinkled his eyebrows: "What do you want to say."

The little girl pointed to her mouth.

Ji Shi some doubt whether he really will not one day throw the small group of children, pinched the bridge of the nose: "You say."

The little group got the answer, only then aggrieved to speak: "just you agreed to my singing."

Ji Shi helpless: "I did agree with you to sing, but I did not agree with you to sing this kind of song." Still in that sultry tone. The people who didn't know thought that Ji Shi was going to leave her family behind.

"But I just learned such a song from TV." The little group felt that the human mind is really hard to understand, one moment to let her sing and the next to shut her up.

"Then don't sing." After such a tussle, Ji Shi has given up looking for the bakery, ready to turn around and go home. However, I don't know if it's a good thing, but when she turned this corner, she saw a bakery still open.

Ji Shi parked the car on the side of the road, while unbuckling the seat belt while instructing the small group, "You stay well in the car. Don't move around, and don't talk to others."

The little dumpling was terrified: "Are you finally tired of leaving me?"

Ji Shi: "...... you ask again I'll really leave you here."

The little group stared at her for a while, to make sure that the other party did not mean it before "oh" sounded. Even if they are left here, it's okay, but she remembers where her home is, and will always find it.

Ji Shi saw her so well behaved, the original irritable heart slightly eased, patted her head and got off.


The first time I saw her, I was so happy. Ji Shi asked for three strawberry flavored cakes, quickly paid and then went back to the car.

"This is the strawberry cake you want, hold it well don't drop it." The bag was given to the small group of people before sitting back in the driver's seat, "satisfied, right?"

The small group did not expect Ji Shi detour is to find their own cake store, heart suddenly warm, listen to Ji Shi asked busy nod.

"Go home." The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

"Yes." The little group of people nodded their heads and smelled the fragrance wafting out of the bag beautifully, and their pretty noses moved around, "Little Shi sister you are really a good person."

The good man card received Ji Shi has seen through the nature of the small group, so very calmly drive the car. Just did not buy a cake to sing a messy song, talk without calling people, now with a cake, will be sweet-mouthed sister Xiaoxi.

When I got home, the little group was in a hurry to open the bag, however the bag was taken away by Ji Shi first.

"Aren't you forgetting one more thing?" Ji Shi also saw the three empty water cups on the coffee table before she remembered the matter of little dumpling selling water for glory, narrowed her eyes and picked up the little dumpling to the sofa, "You promised to behave well before, where did you go as a result?"

The little dumpling was blinded by the food brain pounded, quickly back to the mind.

Looking at Ji Shi's expressionless face, her eyes rolled and she smiled coyly, revealing two small dimples. She pulled Ji Shi sit on the sofa, herself is climbing on the sofa to its behind to give pressed shoulders, according to the TV above said pinch to pinch, "small Shi sister, you drive so long, must be very tired, I give you pounding back, massage, OK?"

Ji Shi first contact with such a bad massage master, the force is either too heavy or too light, and no rules, where you want to press, one moment pressed the shoulder, the next second to the waist, and then a second back to press the shoulder. Instead of saying that it is a massage, it is better to say that it is poking and prodding.

After enduring for a while, Ji Shi then spoke: "There is nothing else but massage?"

"This ......" small group of people have never served anyone, really do not know what to do.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The small group of people understand in a second, "You wait, I'll go get you a glass of water." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

** The phone buzzed.

When the little group came out with water, Ji Shi was on the phone. She put the glass of water in front of Ji Shi before looking at Ji Shi, found that the other party seems to have encountered some kind of problem, the brow wrinkled up, like a small hill. She didn't rush the other party, yawned and sat on the side to listen to the other party.

"You send me the proposal later, I'll read it and get back to you." Ji Shi hung up the phone after saying this and patted the top of the little dumpling's hair, "Later on, you go take a shower and brush your teeth by yourself then go to bed, I'm going to the study to work on my work."

"But--" before the little dumpling could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Ji Shi.

"Good boy, be good." Ji Shi rubbed the little dumpling's hair, then picked up the phone and went straight to the study.

Little dumpling looked at the water cup and cake bag and beamed. But it was getting late and she was sleepy, so she yawned and went back to her room to get her clothes. When she passed by the study, she heard talking inside and muttered two words before continuing in the direction of the bathroom.

It was rare that Ji Shi did not care, the little group soaked for a long time. If the water had not become cold, she might have fallen asleep.

When I came back from the shower and brushed my teeth, I heard the little girl talking in the study.

Talking about it, how come they haven't finished yet. Little dumpling muttered, suddenly remembered that the cake did not put in the refrigerator, rushed to the hall.

"It's great that it's not melted." The small group took out two cakes and looked at them, and found that they were not melted which was a relief. Then he picked up a glass of water that had gotten a little cold and went to the kitchen to re-pour a cup of warm water, then pulled open the cupboard and took a plate back to the hall

"One piece."

"Two pieces."

"Three pieces."

The little group put the cake on the plate and gulped as they looked at the different styles of strawberry cake lined up side by side.

"Or ......" the little dumpling silently took one, and another, and in the next, the plate instantly became empty.

Little doughnut holding her head and sighing, "So tangled."

About a minute later, she carried the plate to the door of the study.

"Knock knock knock--"

"Little Shih sister." Just as the words of the little group came out, I saw Ji Shi waving her hand.

"Little green, I'm busy now, I don't have time to play with you, you go to bed first." Ji Shi said without raising her head.

The little girl looked at the tray in her hand, "Oh", and then said "You should also go to bed early" before closing the door.

When Ji Shi and Guan Wanwei video corrected the text, it was already late at night more than one o'clock.

"I don't know if Little Green has listened to me and gone to bed early." Ji Shi returned to the room before the door deliberately stopped to listen to the meeting, just could not hear any movement, but also some wonder, after all, the small group is not so well behaved people.

"Squeak -" Ji Shi pulled open a small gap, found the room light is still on a, a heart to relax. She said, the little one will not be so early to bed.

However, when she got closer, she realized that the little group had really fallen asleep. The little group's sleeping posture is very poor, hands hugging the corner of the quilt, feet sandwiched between the quilt, mouth slightly open snoring.

When you look again, there is a tray and a piece of paper next to it. On top of the tray were the three cakes she bought and her cup of water, as for the white paper ...... on which two match figures were drawn, one high and one low, the low one with a fork and an arrow pointing from the left to the high match figure. The taller matchmaker should be her, and the shorter one is a small group.

What a coincidence, the cake on top of this plate is on the left. That drawing means that these things are reserved for Ji Shi.

Ji Shi did not expect the cake to be for herself, she did not have much appetite at night, did not eat much, at this time see the cake is really hungry. She reached out and touched the glass of water, the water inside had been cold for so long, and even felt a bit icy at night, but her heart was hot like fire.

Looking at these things, and then look at the little group that turned over and muttered something, the corners of Ji Shi's mouth hooked up.

Maybe ...... having this guy along isn't such a bad thing.

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