I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 19

"Slide right, slide right ......" Little group chanted and stretched out her right hand into mid-air and slid it to the right, only she looked down at the phone on the table or the original screen and it was still vibrating, "Is it to slide the left hand right ?"

The small group of people wrinkled their brows and stretched out their left hand to slide to the right, just peeked at the phone or no change.

"Could it be that the left and right hands are sliding together?" The small group of left and right hands straight, two palms together, together with the right slide, found that the phone page or no change, suddenly scratching his hair frantically, "Why is still not right!"

This time the phone stopped vibrating, the sound is gone, the small group of people just stop, turn your head to see, the phone has been black screen, suddenly relieved.

At this time, Ji Shi returned with two cups of cola, put a cup in front of her, and then went to get the phone, "Who is it? What did it say?"

"This ......" the little dumpling got up a cold sweat, the brain quickly went to turn, "It's auntie, she said I'm cute and want you to take care of me more."

Ji Shi looked at her and unlocked it with her fingerprint, the first thing she saw was an unknown caller alert, then a look and no call history. The corners of her mouth picked up, "Besides saying that, is there anything else?"

"And that you can't bully me and prepare more delicious food for me." The little dumpling said and got up, crossed her legs and counted her fingers for Ji Shi, "And there is also, you can't cut the grass inside the potted plant into segments."

"Well, there's more?"

"And," the little group of people cocked their heads and couldn't think of anything but, "Say, say, say ...... I forgot."

At this time Ji mother's phone call, Ji Shi can only wait to pursue this matter later, get up and say, "I go to answer the phone."

"Oh." The newest and most popular of these is the "The New York Times".

The TV program was changed by her one after another, and then the little group ate the pills with a start.

Why is the human not back yet? It's not like he asked his aunt and found out she was lying, right?

The little group turned around and finally could not stand it, climbed off the coffee table "scuffle" to run over to eavesdrop. Ji Shi is in the room to answer the phone, the small group is lying on the wall at the door.

"I've been very good lately, good food and drink."

The little group of ears twitched and reached out to feel the little belly. It was indeed good food and drink, her little belly was up.

"Matchmaking? No need for that, wasn't it just a while ago-"

"Yes, yes, yes."

The little dumpling got tired of lying on the wall and got down from the wall and squatted instead. When she heard "blind date", she rubbed her chin and started thinking. The last time Ji Shi gave her that meal seemed pretty good, but it's no fun to eat the same thing all the time, so why not let Ji Shi change the package?

The first time I saw her, I saw her squatting in the doorway and drawing circles, chanting something about "dating" and "changing a dish", so I raised my eyebrows and asked, "What are you talking about?

The little dumpling clapped his hands and got up and asked, "Are you going on a blind date with a wild man?"

"Wild man?" Ji Shi walked towards her, "Who taught you to say that?" The little group of children almost all stay with her, she also did not say such things.

"It's said in the TV." The little dumpling didn't understand what was wrong with that and was still remembering the question she just asked, "You haven't said if you're going on a blind date with that wild man. Can I go?" In her eyes, a blind date is eating delicious food, and now the interest is extremely strong.

"That's not a wild man." Ji Shi explained while picking up the little dumpling, "Next time you say that word again, I'll spank you."

"Oh. Then I can go along?" The little dumpling waved his hand and looked at Ji Shi with an expectant look, "Can I change the dish once? I don't want to eat the last meal again."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

The little group of people hurriedly raised their hands: "I will perform well!"


"Jingle Bells--"

The two of them just sat down on the sofa when the doorbell rang.

Ji Shi looked at the little dumpling who was immersed in the TV playing with several sheep, and coughed lightly, "Little green, go open the door."

The little group was seeing the important juncture, and did not raise his head, "But-"

Ji Shi picked up a pill to his mouth and said vaguely, "Matchmaking, performance."

The little dumpling understands in a second, quickly put on a bright smile, small dimples appear, while answering "yes", while climbing off the sofa and run over to open the door.

"Who is it?" The little dumpling twisted the door on tiptoe, "Uncle and aunt?"

"Little grass?" Ji's mother did not expect the door to be opened by the child she had seen before, "Why are you at Xiao Shi's house?"

"This ......" the little dumpling stammered, "I'm playing here."

"So." Ji's mother went up and picked up the little dumpling and went inside, but she couldn't take two steps and could only put the little dumpling down, panting and asking, "Has the little grass gotten heavier recently? Auntie can't even hold it anymore." She said, she reached out and measured, "Hey, has it grown taller?"

The little group of children "ah" sounded, subconsciously hugged the small belly, "No." said peeking back at Ji Ji. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market.

The first time I saw that it was my parents, I quickly got up to greet them, and then I said, "Mom, didn't you say you'd come back tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow will be late." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

Ji Shi: "...... how so soon?"

"Not so fast, anyway, you are idle on the weekend." Ji mom also knows that she did unethical, finished this news and went to tease the little dumpling.

Little group of children also like Ji mother, directly climb up to its knees to sit, "Then I can go on a blind date?"

"Children are not allowed to go oh." When Ji mom finished, she felt a little familiar with the words.

"Oh." Little dumpling looked to Ji Shi, "Then little sister Shi we go to the mall at night?" She had eaten almost everything inside the refrigerator and needed to buy more before she could.

The words gave Ji Shi inspiration, immediately returned to the attention, "Mom, I know. Is there anything else besides this matter?"

"Oh yes, there is one more business." Ji mother was reminded before she remembered, "You haven't shown me the pictures of little grass recently, what's this all about?"

Ji Shi subconsciously looked at the little group, the little group also subconsciously looked at her, the next second the two again tacitly don't head.

The little dumpling is very calm, because she is already prepared like last time. As long as Ji Shi a few people to see the grass, she will find the opportunity to go to the toilet and then change back, this way will not be found.

Ji Shi reached out and hugged the little group back to her lap, and said with a serious face, "Mom, there's something I've been hiding from you, I'm really sorry."

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