I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 18

"Retaliation, retaliation, retaliation, just ...... how to retaliate well?"

Little doughnut just on the spur of the moment, but there is no specific plan, once out in the trouble.

Looked around, the small group touched some hungry stomach, suddenly came to an idea, "Why not eat all her things as punishment."

With a decision, the little group turned to the hall and moved to the refrigerator. Opening the fridge, all kinds of snacks appeared in front of her eyes.

She ate joyfully on her side and completely forgot about Ji Shi who was still waiting in the kitchen for her to come back from the toilet. When Ji Shi finished frying the balls, she found that the little dumpling had not returned, and immediately wrinkled her brow. She untied her apron and carried the balls out, asking as she walked, "Little Green, are you still in the toilet?"

"Ignore." Little dumpling stuffed with mouth full of snacks, slurred speech, the voice is as thin as a mosquito na, pressed not to reach Ji Shi's ears.

The first time I heard a response, I put the plate aside and was about to go to the toilet, when I turned my head I saw a pile of snacks in front of the refrigerator, and it was moving, and there were many snack bags and cookie crumbs scattered next to it.

This image is somewhat familiar, Ji Shi took a deep breath, then went forward to grab the outstretched short legs, a hand pulled out the person carried, expressionlessly asked, "You said you went to the toilet? What are you doing here?"

"After going to the toilet I was hungry and had to eat." The little dumpling braced himself for fear, and after answering with a good face he asked suspiciously, "What's wrong with that?"

"Didn't I tell you to fry the balls with me?"

"But I don't know how to deep fry." The little dumpling looked at each other with an innocent face and Ji Shi.

The two of them stared at each other with big eyes, and neither of them was convinced. In the end, it was the little dumpling who felt his eyes were sore and blinked first, complaining, "Why are you so serious with a child?"

Ji Shih's hands were also sore, but he didn't want to admit defeat and held on, and when he saw that the little girl admitted defeat first, he quickly put her on the ground and rubbed his arms while spitting, "Only at this time will you admit that you are a child." The first thing you need to do is to be sure that the seeds have been sown for less than a year now, so she wonders if the little girl is a thousand-year-old demon in a child's skin.

"But I am a child, will you believe me when I say I am an adult?" The little dumpling gave Ji Shi a contemptuous look, "Little sister Shi, you are so stupid oh."

Ji Shi: ......

The little dumpling is still adding fuel to the fire: "And you are so big, still calculating with children, is really petty. Don't think I didn't just know you gave me hot-"

"Little green." Ji Shi interrupted her words, bent down and the small group face to face, suddenly smiled, behind as if there are flowers blooming, but for no reason let the small group behind a cold, "I suddenly remembered that the vegetarian pill seems a little less, or we go to cut a little grass chopped up into vegetarian pill, right? What do you think?"

Cut a little bit of small grass ...... chopped up ...... veggie balls ......

Threat! This is a proper threat!

Little dumpling is so angry that she clenched her small fist. But on second thought, she felt that it was not quite right. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. For a moment, the little group was dazed by itself, was this a threat from Ji Shi or not?

The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.


The little dumpling pondered for a long time and suddenly realized: "I suddenly remembered I didn't wash my hands before I ate, I'll go wash my hands now." She said she ran, but as she ran, she flew.

Flying up? The little group looked down, legs have left the ground, small arms and legs in the air constantly waving.

"Don't try to change the subject." Ji Shi took people to the hall and put them on the sofa.

"But I really didn't wash my hands." The little group frowned, "I have also touched your clothes with these hands, touched the quilt, touched the feet and feet, touched-"

"Who let you touch the feet and feet." Jixi suddenly could not bear to go on, directly took people to the sink to wash their hands and come back.

Little dumpling glanced at Ji Shi, stretching his feet to touch the blanket, while getting off the sofa, said, "After washing hands, it's time to eat pills, right, little Shi sister."

"Right." Ji Shi almost subconsciously nodded her head. When she returned to the gods small group has climbed to the coffee table to pick up the fried balls, probably still some hot hands, she dropped the fried balls from the left hand to the right hand, and from the right hand to the left hand, but also constantly blowing air with the mouth, tossed for a while before successfully throw the balls into the mouth, eyes closed to show a look of enjoyment.

Ji Shi: ......

The little group finished eating one and picked up another, but when it came to the mouth, suddenly thought of something, turned a direction and handed to Ji Shi mouth, but also open wide mouth "ah" sound.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. This is the idea of the small group of children.

However, Ji Shi feels different, think small group of people as a foodie is also willing to share her food, so the little bit of anger that can easily rise immediately dissipated without a trace.

"Eat ah." The little group saw Ji Shi did not respond, directly on tiptoe, pinching Ji Shi's mouth open and then stuffed pills into it, then muttered a sentence "this way is good", and then picked up all the pills and threw them into his mouth, "Mmm, delicious."

Ji Shi: ...... although touched but three seconds, but really quite delicious, worthy of her fried pills.

"But this way eat throat a little dry." After saying that, the small group of eyes looked at Ji Shi.

"It's just a little way, you want a drink you go get it yourself."

"But people's hands are greasy." The little dumpling dawdled to the edge of the coffee table, stretching his feet rubbing Ji Shi's calves, "OK, OK, OK, OK ~"

The trembling tail voice smoothly made Ji Shi goose bumps all up, quickly stood up to the side, sternly criticized, "Do not do such actions, and not so talk!"

"But it says on the TV that you can get anything if you look like this." The small group pointed to the TV, the top is no longer the sheep, but a heavily made-up woman and a plain-faced but good-looking girl talking, with subtitles: the woman ah, will be pampered will cry to eat candy. This man, ah, eat this trick, as long as you pampered, nothing can not be solved.

Ji Shi turned his head to look at the small group, the other party again lying on the coffee table, while eating pills while watching the TV with great interest.

"No more watching these TVs." Ji Shi began to reflect on whether their own policy is not quite right, but the small group of children is not human, according to the human child's study, employment, marriage, birth of a child this process to go but not.

The small group to see Ji Shi serious look like when you want to cut her a few paragraphs, and remembered Ji Shi said before the vegetarian pills are not enough to go to cut small grass to fry things, a cold behind, and quickly wake up Ji Shi, "Xiao Shi sister, you are not going to get a drink?"

"Oh good."

Little group to see Ji Shi go, before you can breathe a sigh of relief to see Ji Shi turn around, expressionless look at themselves, subconsciously sit up, "What, what's wrong?"

"You haven't said what you want to drink yet." Ji Shi narrowed her eyes, "Are you being vain? What?"

"I want a Coke, with ice." The little group pretended not to hear the second question, head down to count fingers, "I want five squares of ice, so big square." Also gave Ji Shi than the fingers.

Ji Shi: "...... sure?"

There, there is a killing.

The small group shivered and shook their heads back and forth.

"Good boy."

Little doughnut: qaq


Little dumpling saw the phone vibrate, and hastily called Ji Shi, "Phone."

"You answer it for me, slide it to the right." Ji Shi went into the kitchen without looking back.

The small group "hmm" sound, then turn back to look at the phone, look serious as if to do research.

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