I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 17

After eating lunch, the two sat on the sofa watching animation. It should be said that the small group of people watching the TV inside the running several sheep, and Ji Shi looked at the small group of people, the atmosphere looks quiet and peaceful.

Ji Shi suddenly said: "Right little green. A rare break, why don't we fry balls later as afternoon tea, OK?"

The small group subconsciously remembered the fried balls eaten in the dream, immediately drooling, lifting a hand to wipe over the mouth, "Yes."

Ji Shi looked amused, "How many do you want to eat? I'll go cut them now."

"Cut?" This word finally brought the little group back to their senses, "Do you mean ......"

"That's right." Ji Shi sat up straight, leaned forward, reached out and pinched the little dumpling's white face, then moved his fingers down, "The potted plant outside was raised white and tender by me, cut part of it and take it down to fry it must taste very good."

The small group of people cold sweat, "grass should not be eaten, right?"

Just at this time, the TV came a sentence, "This grass is really delicious, really fresh is the most delicious."

Little dumpling: ......

Ji Shi forced a laugh, "Look, that's what they say inside the TV."

But, but that is sheep. Little dumplings shivered, not knowing what to say to make Ji Shi change her mind.

"It's 12:30, we just finished eating, why don't we make fried balls at 2:00 and then we can eat at 3:00." Ji Shi stared straight at the little dumpling, satisfied to see a drop of cold sweat dripping down from the corner of the little dumpling's forehead.

The little dumpling's brain turned quickly, "But we have to take a nap, right?" She decided that the nap would be straight through the night, this way she wouldn't need to be cut off into fried pills.

"You're in good spirits now, you shouldn't need to--" Ji Shi didn't even finish his sentence, he saw the little dumpling's eyes closed, his head tilted, and his whole body fell on the sofa, and his mouth deliberately let out a "huffy huffy The "snore" sound.

How can it be so cute.

Ji Shi's right hand fist on the lips lightly cough a few times, barely stop the laughter to come out, reached out and pushed the "sleeping" little group, "little green, it's already two o'clock, it's time to get up fried balls."

The little dumpling heard this, instantly got up, "where is two o'clock, obviously I just-" met Ji Shi's eyes, she realized that she should be "asleep", can not hear the right.

"Aren't you asleep?" Ji Shi looked at the small group of people with a good attitude, the end of the tone of voice up, "hmm?"

"I just woke up from a nap." The little dumpling froze for three seconds and hurriedly yawned, his voice was appropriately hoarse, muttering, "What for, I just fell asleep, and you woke me up."

"So, it's my fault?"

"It was your fault." The little group said this to Ji Shi's expressionless face and then wimped out, his voice getting smaller and smaller, "Forget it, I don't care about adults, I'll forgive you this time, just don't disturb my sleep later."

"What you want to say is that adults do not care about small people, right?"

The little group justifiably explained, "But I am a child, a small child, you are an adult."

Ji Shi: ...... seems to be quite reasonable.

"Okay, I'm going to go back to sleep, you remember not to disturb me again." The little doughnut was worried that Ji Shi did not believe, and yawned, then continued to lie on the sofa with his eyes closed.

"Hoo hoo hoo hoo-"

The first time Ji Shi heard it, she knew it was a fake sleep, and reached out to poke the little group's undulating belly.

This time the little group has the previous experience, no matter what Ji Shi said and did she did not respond.

Seeing this, Ji Shi can only give up, after all, can not be with a child general knowledge. She picked up the phone and sat on the side, to see how long this little guy can pretend.

** The first time I saw this was when I was a kid.

The two small arms and legs are spread out in a big circle, and the mouth is slightly open and spitting small bubbles.

This look is not at all like grass, but rather like the little fish that went ashore without water and then desperately breathed and spit bubbles.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

"Zizi zizi--"

The little group slept very sweetly, dreaming that he went to the amusement park with Ji Shi, and this time did not get lost, and also bought ice-cold gourd with the kind-hearted uncle. Just the moment this just bite down, something magical happened, this ice sugar gourd actually instantly turned into fried pills.

Deep-fried pills?

"No!" Little dumpling eyes snapped open, shouted sat up, panting. Looked around, the TV was still showing several sheep playing games.

This is a dream. The little group patted the small chest and breathed out.

But ...... this dream is really scary. The little group thought while rubbing their eyes, then climbed off the sofa to find Ji Shi for comfort. However, when I found Ji Shi, the other party was cooking something in the kitchen.

It smells good.

The moment he smelled the fragrance, the little dumpling felt himself hungry, touched the corners of his mouth without saliva before walking over and tugged on Ji Shi's pants, "What are you doing?"

"Deep-fried pills."

fried pills ...... fried pills ...... fried ...... pills ......

The little group remembered the nightmare she had and jerked awake from the scent of the food, "No, no, you can't deep fry pills." She was so anxious that she stomped her feet and kept shaking Ji Shi's legs.

Although her body is small, her strength is not small, tugging Ji Shi pants are about to come off. Ji Shi could only put out the fire and tug at her pants with her hands to keep them from falling down.

"Ji Cao." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Do you know this is very dangerous!"

It was the first time that the little dumpling saw Ji Shi so stern, her body involuntarily retreated two steps, hands up, in a defensive posture. Although Ji Shi has been expressionless, but she did not feel stern, but at this time Ji Shi gave her a really serious feeling.

Just life and death, then stern little group of people are not afraid, and drummed face forward to step on Ji Shi, "who let you fried pills, you bad guy."

Hearing this, Ji Shi reacted, rubbed his brow: "I was just frying the normal pills, did not move the grass outside."

The little dumpling froze and looked at Ji Shih with little belief: "Really?"

"Really." Said, Ji Shi went out to the hall and moved a chair back, picked up the little dumpling and put it on the chair, and then used chopsticks to pick up a piece of already-ready meatballs and brought it to the little dumpling, "I made vegetarian meatballs and meatballs, this one is meat, you try it."

"Ah." The little dumpling opened her mouth and bit into the meatball in one bite. But the next moment she opened her mouth and gasped, vaguely shouting "it's hot", but did not spit it out.

Ji Shi looked like she just remembered, and shrugged at the little dumpling, "Sorry, I forgot that the freshly baked fried dumplings are hot."

The little dumpling did not miss Ji Shi's look at the good show, chewed a few times and swallowed, two cheeks suddenly puffed up.

"Is it delicious?" Ji Xi asked with a smile in her eyes.

The little dumpling gave her a deep look and replied while climbing down the chair, "Yummy."

When Ji Shi saw that the little dumpling was going out, she quickly asked, "Where are you going?" Wouldn't tease too much to get angry, right?

"I'm going to the toilet."

"Then go and return quickly." Ji Shi waved her hand and continued firing the fried balls.

The little dumpling turned around and grinned at the back that was staring at Ji Shi.

She wasn't going to just let go of someone who lied to her, humph.

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