I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 16

Little dumpling brought the person to the previous stall, skillfully tiptoed on the edge of the stall and knocked on the table to attract attention: "Uncle, I'm back."

The boss looked up and froze when he met two pairs of clear eyes. The little group's eyes and hair were just too conspicuous, and with the short time they spent together before, the boss remembered almost instantly, just a little puzzled, "Didn't you leave?"

"I didn't find my sister, and thought about it, I can't eat your stuff for nothing, so I came back to help you earn money to pay off your debt." Little dumpling tugged the person next to him, "Look, I also found you a helper."

Gu Qingyu look bewildered, do not understand how the promised to buy food has become a debt repayment.

This time the little dumpling said again, "kind big uncle, we help you work, you give us something to eat, OK?" She pointed at Gu Qingyu, not waiting for the boss to answer, and looked at each other pitifully, "This little child is hungry, and then not eat food will starve to death. Does the kind uncle want to see him die of hunger?"

The boss looked around with a headache at the eyes cast over because of the little dumpling's words, and hurriedly took down two cotton candies and gave one to the little dumpling and Gu Qingyu, "Uncle doesn't want you to work, so you should stop talking about it, little friend."

"How can this be, we can not eat your things for nothing." Little dumpling said while taking the cotton candy, the other hand tugging Gu Qingyu, "Then we go first, uncle, bye bye."

Uncle: ...... Although I did not want to really let them help, but how to shift too fast, right?

Now the children's minds are too complex. Uncle sighed and continued to get marshmallows.

After a few more minutes, a noisy sound in the ear, seems to be the sound of talking and children's cries, he looked up and saw a group of people are walking over, led by the two children just that.

The small group of people eating cotton candy while bringing people to the edge of his stall to stop, pointing to the uncle's hands just finished getting cotton candy: "Cotton candy is this uncle's, if you want to eat it, you can buy it here."

"Mom, I want this!" All the children immediately let go of their parents' hands and ran to the stall, yelling for cotton candy.

The boss didn't expect so many customers all of a sudden and froze for a moment.

Little dumpling just finished eating, and quickly reached out and tugged the dazed uncle: "Uncle, hurry up and do it, the children want it." She said, she pulled Gu Qingyu out of the crowd.

The small group waited for Gu Qingyu to finish eating and asked, "Are you still hungry?"

"No, I'm not hungry anymore."

Little dumpling clapped her hands, "Then good, next I'll take you to your mother well."

"Okay." Now Gu Qingyu has great trust in the little dumpling, almost whatever she says.

The two did not take two steps, a figure rushed over to hug Gu Qingyu, "Where did you go, I was worried sick."

The person's back was turned to the little dumpling resulting in the little dumpling could not see, and could only move down to see clearly that it was a woman who looked like Gu Qingyu, and immediately stern face: "Auntie, as a mother, how can you let the cubs play by themselves?"

Only then did Yuan Qingling notice the presence of the little dumpling, the little adult look inexplicably delightful, and asked, "Who are you?"

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself before asking someone? Auntie, it must be because you look like this that Little Fish is like you."

"That's really embarrassing." Yuan Qingling smiled, "Auntie is Little Fish's mother, surnamed Yuan, you can just call me Auntie Yuan. Now can you say your name?"

"I'm Ji Cao, the Ji of Ji Shi, the grass of little grass." The little dumpling crossed her waist and raised her chin proudly, "But I brought him to you oh."

Yuan Qingling looked at this little adult look of hers, the smile on her face deepened by two, "Then thank you for taking care of my little fish."

"Mom, this young lady also gave me cotton candy." Gu light fish said, "And also took me to help the boss make money."

"Make money?"

"Yeah. The little sister took me to the place where there are many children, and then told the children that this cotton candy is very delicious, but then only the smart and cute children can have it." Gu light fish proudly, "those children heard all want to eat, and then we take them to the stall to find the boss."

The little group nodded, "Yes, that's right."

The children's herd mentality is particularly obvious, and it is easy to bring the rhythm, but Yuan Qingling did not expect the little group so smart. She squatted down and small group of people level, only to notice that the small group of people also green eyes, "Children, where are your parents?"

Only then did the little group remember the existence of Ji Shi, and quickly waved his hand: "Right oh, I have to go to my sister, big sister and small fish goodbye." The first thing you need to do is to run away and disappear into the sea of people in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Qingling chased after two steps and did not catch up, can only take Gu Qingyu's hand also disappeared in the crowd.


The amusement park is crowded, a variety of smells mixed, the small group of people looking for a circle still did not find people, and finally went back to find the kind uncle boss.

"Where is that little brother just now?" The boss saw that she was only one person, and quickly asked.

"I helped him find his mother." Little dumpling lying on the edge of her stall, watching the boss in action.

"And did you find your sister?"


The boss saw that the little dumpling had not yet found his family and was very enthusiastic: "I'm done selling cotton candy, so I'll go with you to find your sister. But wait a little, I'll get rid of the stall to a friend first."

The little dumpling nodded.

A toss and turn, she finally smoothly found around calling her name Ji Shi, reached out and tugged the other side of the shirt.

"Ji-" She didn't even finish her sentence before she was embraced in a hug. Ji Shi's embrace was warm, and the little dumpling instantly grinned and raised her hand to hug back.

Feeling the truth of the person in the embrace, Ji Shi a heart just put back in place. Just this next second, she let go of the little dumpling, stern face: "Ji Cao, I did not let you follow me?"

There, there was a killing aura. The little group that was still moved instantly sobered up, and sheepishly dropped her head to look at her toes: "But there are so many people, it washed away at once."

"Then you should have stayed where you were and waited for me to come to you."

"But you didn't say that." The little dumpling noticed Ji Shi's cold down expression and quickly changed the subject, pointing to the boss on the side, "It was this kind uncle who helped to find you."

Ji Shi hastily thanked the other party.

"No need to be so polite, children have also helped me a lot." The boss waved his hand, then got serious again, "Next time, you have to keep a good eye on her so she doesn't get lost again, otherwise it would be bad if such a cute child met a human trafficker."

The little dumpling nodded: "Yes, I'm so cute, it's easy to be kidnapped. Also, you are such a big person, you can still get lost, this really makes me worry."

"You shut up." Ji Shi looked at the little group, with a murderous look that instantly made the little group shush.

"Since you guys have met and made up, then I'll go back first." The boss reached out and squeezed the little dumpling, let the little dumpling reach out, then took out a mao grandpa and put it on top, "This is the cost of your part-time job, you are welcome to keep coming to work next time oh."

"Okay, goodbye kind uncle." It was the first time the little group received money, some surprised and cautiously held with both hands, a turn of the head found Ji Shi stared at her, so she was frightened to put away the grandfather.

The first time I saw her, I asked, "What's the deal with the part-time job?"

The small group briefly said the thing that tricked the children cry parents to buy cotton candy, then proudly raised his chin, "not only this, I also helped the lost little fish to find his mother oh."

Little fish? Ji Shi shook his head and squatted down to carry the person, "Let's go back." The company has been in the business for a long time, and she has no desire to have fun.

"Oh." The small group is tired after a day of running, naturally no opinion.

After a while, she remembered something that had occurred to her earlier and whispered, "Sister Ji Shi, will you leave me behind?"

Ji Shi froze: "Why would you think of asking this?" Could it be that the little dumpling knew that she had discovered its identity?

"Just say it." The little dumpling asked relentlessly.

Ji Shi did not think about this question, but the little group asked, she almost did not even think about it and said "no." Although the little group is a bit tumultuous, a bit abrasive, but sometimes still very cute. And with an extra person in the house, it's not so cold, she's getting used to having such a little dumpling in the house these days.

The answer to this question is that the little girl is at ease, lying quietly on her back, yawning a little, and falling asleep in a short while.

When he returned home, Ji Shi put the person down and found that the back of his jacket was stained with a water stain, and then looked at the drool flowing from the little dumpling's mouth, the hand holding the jacket was instantly bruised.

It seems that it is better to deep fry the little grass.

The sleeping little dumpling felt the killing energy and turned over in a hurry.

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