I, Cute Grass, am Super Fierce!

Chapter 13

After the meeting, Ji Shi found that the staff looked at her with a few sympathetic eyes?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the situation and get close to Ji Shi's ear, "Xiao Shi, you notice the way people look at you."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Only when she reached the office door, she heard a burst of laughter coming from inside and stopped in her tracks.

She didn't move a muscle, which caused some confusion to Guan Evening: "Xiao Shi?"

Ji Shi did not care about her, listened for a while then pushed the door open and walked in. The sound of pushing the door, joking a few people turned back in unison, found it was Ji Shi a few people, the smile on their faces disappeared minute by minute.

Ji Shi looked at the small group of people who were about to be drowned by various snacks, and then look at the rest of the people holding food in their hands, the tone of voice suddenly cold down, "do not have to go to work?"

Those few employees got up in a hurry, bowed their heads and left the office, not daring to take a breath. And Guan Wanwei, sensing that the atmosphere was not right, also hurriedly found an excuse to leave, leaving the little dumpling alone to face Ji Shi's cold face.

The small group can feel the murderous aura emanating from Ji Shi's body without having to look up, and then shivered, spilling some chips from their hands.

"I suddenly remembered I also have something, I have to go first." She threw the chips and walked towards the door, only to pass by Ji Shi, her head was instantly held down and she couldn't move.

"Where are you going?" Ji Shi lowered her head and looked at her expressionlessly.

The little dumpling's body stiffened before grinning, only how this smile looked forced: "I'm going to the toilet."

"Are you in a hurry?"

The little dumpling looked up and choked on Ji Shi's face that seemed to be splitting her into five as long as she nodded, "...... also, not so urgent."

Ji Shi looked at her still have the sense, "Then good, let's discuss what you were just talking about."

The little group shivered and muffled, "We didn't say anything."

"Not saying anything would be so happy?" Ji Shi looked at her obliquely, "You're quite capable of getting those employees of mine to come over and play with you during office hours."

"No, I just asked that Song sister for some snacks." The little dumpling did not expect that the other party would go out to get snacks and bring a group of people over. Just for the sake of everyone who had given her snacks to eat, she did not kick them out.

Sister Song? Ji Shi was more concerned about another thing than who it was, "What did you say to that group of people."

The little group stole a glance at Ji Shi's face, although still expressionless, but she somehow, just can feel the murderous aura is getting heavier and heavier, immediately cautious up, "They just asked my name, where I live, and ......" she counted her fingers. weakly said, "I can't remember."

"Then how did you answer?"

"Ji Cao, Ji Shi's Ji, small grass grass."

Ji Shi's face eased slightly: "And?"

"Live in your house." The little group remembered something at this time and muttered in a small voice, "By the way, they also asked me if I slept alone, I said I slept with you."

Hearing this, Ji Shi can already guess seven or eight percent of the truth.

"There are no more snacks for the afternoon." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main goal was to find a bag to put away all the snacks.

The little group froze for three seconds, a pounced up and hugged Ji Shi thighs, wailing, "Why!"


The little dumpling's voice was very miserable, plus the voice was not well controlled, and instantly spread outside, attracting sideways glances from the staff. In the end, Li Qingqing and Guan Evening were pushed over, on the grounds that they were on good terms with Ji Shi. Li Qingqing didn't excuse herself, she hurriedly knocked on the door and opened it without waiting for Ji Shi's answer, and what she saw was Ji Shi pulling the little group out of the snack pile. The image was like pulling a carrot, Li Qingqing froze in place for a moment.

The sound of the little group woke Li Qingqing up and she went over to pull the little group, "Xiao Shi, you are so big, what are you angry with the children."

"That's right." The little group saw someone backing him up, and suddenly had the courage to hide behind Li Qingqing, and made a face at Ji Shi.

Ji Shi looked at the little dumpling who didn't know what to do, and suddenly hooked up the corners of her mouth and smiled.

Little dumpling immediately froze, she thought this person would not smile, the results of the smile ...... little dumpling will not describe, but the feeling is good-looking, and even the desire to eat. Just then the small group of people lowered their heads and rubbed their arms, slandering in their hearts, if not bubbling with murderous gas will look better.

Guan Evening didn't notice the darkness of the two men and asked suspiciously, "How did the little grass piss you off?"

Li Qingqing also looked at Ji Shi and waited for an answer. The company has been known for so many years, Ji Shi's temper and patience are the best, how to Ji grass temper is getting worse and worse, is that the dating after-effects?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Then said what happened last night.

"In that case, it's the little grass that's wrong." Li Qingqing bent down and pinched the little dumpling's face, "Since the doctor said to control the diet, then you should listen to the doctor and Xiao Xie's words properly."

Little dumpling removed the hand that was doing bad on her face and puffed out her face not too happily, "I was hungry, so I asked sister Song for food." Saying that, she glared at Ji Shi, "I have done as you said, stay here properly and not go out." Just coming in with so many people was not what she wanted.

The aggression in her eyes was so obvious that Ji Shi subconsciously reflected on whether she had been too harsh.

The little group noticed the hesitation in Ji Shi's eyes and her voice instantly got louder: "Now do you know it's wrong?"

Ji Shi subconsciously nodded her head, then heard the little dumpling pick up, "Since you know you're wrong, then I'll forgive you for now."

Ji Shi wrinkled her eyebrows and felt that something was wrong. The little dumpling over there was still talking, very justified, "Since I'm so obedient, you should reward me with more snacks, right?"

Ji Shi came back to her senses, cupped her cheeks with both hands, and said word by word, "No! Right!" Poor her, she was still feeling guilty about whether she was too harsh or not, but it turned out that this guy was good, he actually dared to set her up to give more snacks, it seems that she really thought too much.

Li Qingqing and Guan Evening glanced at each other and quietly left. With this temper of the little dumpling, Ji Shi does not sternly, but really can not let her long lesson.


The company's rumors, Ji Shi also did not bother to explain, anyway, does not have any impact on her. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

"We just ate, we have to remember to wash and brush our teeth." Ji Shi led the way to the bathroom, filled a mouthwash cup with water and handed it to the little dumpling, warning, "No drinking the water down this time."

The little dumpling gurgled and stared at Ji Shi for three seconds before reluctantly spitting it out.

"You brush your teeth well, I'll go get my clothes and take a bath." When it comes to bathing, Ji Shi suddenly remembered that this little guy before stealing the bathtub, suddenly stopped, and then thought of the other party stealing snacks, expressionlessly stared at the little group.

The little dumpling is squatting at the sink to rinse his mouth, perceive the murderous aura behind him, and suddenly a cold behind.

"Oh yes, I don't seem to have watered the potted plant for a long time. Forget it, I'll go water it before I take a bath." Behind him Ji Shi suddenly said so, scared the little group almost fell in the sink.

The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

The first thing you need to do is to get to the balcony and see the grass staying in the potted plant, there is a smile in your eyes, but it is not obvious. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem of the problem. But not two steps away suddenly turned back and found the grass shaking.

I didn't notice, I didn't notice, I didn't notice. The small group held its breath and thought silently in its heart. Probably her resentment is too heavy, Ji Shi really turned around and left. But not happy for two seconds, she saw Ji Shi again stopped to look back at this side.

This short section of the road, Ji Shi can be said to be a step three back, so that the small group of people do not dare to move. I was afraid that once I left, Ji Shi turned around and did not see the plants in the potted plants would be bad.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the potted plant and flash back to your original location, and pick up the mouthwash cup before Ji Shi came in.

"Grrrrr - pfft -"

Ji Shi looked at her, took the water bottle to catch the water, finished catching the water when the little group just finished brushing their teeth. She suddenly asked, "I'm going to water, do you want to join me?"

"No, no need." The little group almost bit their tongues and climbed off the sink, "I'll wait for you in my room." He said and ran away.

Ji Shi looked at the mud next to the sink, "Next time remember to wear shoes."

The small group of people were a bit vain, but then Ji Shi did not say anything else should not find, and quickly responded, "Know, know."

Then Ji Shi went over to water the potted plants, and found a reason to leave to get something in the room several times. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first thing you can do is wipe the hot sweat off your forehead, and Ji Shi said to herself, "It looks like you can cut a few sections if you get fatter, wrap them in some breadcrumbs and then take them to fry, maybe the little green will like them."

The small group hiding in the grass heard this, frantically shaking their heads, she does not like to eat!

When Ji Shi left, the small group quickly back to the room, dry feet mud, lying on the bed thinking about how to make Ji Shi forget to cut themselves into several segments fried.

Deep-fried ...... do not know if it is good to eat. The small group subconsciously swallowed saliva, and then came back to his senses, and immediately slapped himself, was fried but her own, she actually thought about whether it was good to eat.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

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