I and my programmer boyfriend

Want to say to everyone

  Programmer + straight man + Capricorn is a get along bomb, Mr. Gao happens to meet all of them, so you can imagine how difficult it is for us to get along, but in fact they just don't know how to say apologies.

  When I first met Mr. Gao, he was sloppy, always wearing a plaid shirt, or the kind of clothes that people don't want to look at the first time, plus Mr. Gao himself is not particularly tall, and relatively thin, so it is the kind of people thrown in a pile of people are not outstanding, I started with Mr. Gao because of his talent and character, and he has been chasing me for a long time, when I was together after I decided to change Mr. Gao's appearance, but I did not expect to have a lot of fights because of dressing, Mr. Gao felt that wearing comfortable clothes is the most important, but I think that their own comfort at the same time, so that others look comfortable is also very important.

  I like to buy gifts for people around me, whether they are boyfriends, girlfriends, or parents, so after I got together with Mr. Gao, looking at his dress, I want to buy him clothes, I think to a certain age to wear clothes that match their age, if you are in your twenties to wear older, thirty or forty years old to wear clothes, then when you are old, want to wear youthful and vibrant clothes I also gave Mr. Gao this reasoning, but Mr. Gao has always felt that the clothes are worn for themselves, not for others to see, a reasoning to him, said I hope he is more handsome, I do not know how he extracted the key words to the matter that I dislike him, that I dislike him not good-looking, before I will be calm with him that I do not dislike him, but the more later, Mr. Gao's inferiority complex makes me very happy. The more I got, the more I was angry with Mr. Gao's low self-esteem, and finally once I couldn't help but argue with him, I was so angry with Mr. Gao that I told him how I disliked him, told him that if I really disliked him, then I wouldn't have been with him for so long, I wanted to change him, not to run away from problems, this can change things why not try to change it.

  After that quarrel, I did not talk to him for a day, the next day, Mr. Gao met with me, he did not apologize, but gently took my hand and told me that he went back to think about it, I think I'm right, is that others should look comfortable, he said that from now on I am responsible for looking like, and he is responsible for looking at the material, I know, this is already Mr. Gao apologized to me.

  I used to think that guys should take the initiative to apologize, but after being with Mr. Gao, I found that when two people love each other, he does not need to apologize, a look, a gesture, you know he is already apologizing. Mr. Gao and I often quarrel, we feel that quarrel is a way to spice up life, the dull life for a long time will be very boring, two people together will always have friction, but the purpose of quarrel, not to pick a fight with each other to make trouble, but to solve the problems in the relationship between the two people, understand this point, the two people quarrel is not afraid, and the apology after the quarrel is not to say concede, in fact, I have a few times also very I was very angry, I think he did not apologize to me I do not forgive him, but not long after, will feel that maybe "sorry" three words is not so important, his small pampering, he was angry when you do not forget to care about your actions, in fact, is in the apology, at that time, you just need to give him a step down, you can talk about the problem After all, you want to live together for life, no matter how much external pressure there will be in the future, at least you can not be beaten down because of small problems.

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