I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 7

  Our university major is software development, even if I do not want to inevitably have to deal with the code, our sophomore year began to have the code class, at that time I and Mr. Gao just happened to have been together, and then I became the object of everyone's envy, Mr. Gao is a person with a strong interest in software development, but theoretical knowledge just can not learn, freshman year when no one paid attention to him, because freshman year But after the practical class started in sophomore year, Mr. Gao suddenly rose, as one of the two hegemons in our class code class, Mr. Gao suddenly became very popular in the class, but because Mr. Gao is really too high and cold, many people want to ask Mr. Gao questions are afraid to ask.

  Mr. Gao once said that I am a person who does not know how to use resources, when he first caught up with me, we are learning C language, because I really do not like it, so I did not learn much, let alone take the initiative to ask questions, a girl in my dormitory to see Mr. Gao good to me, let me go to help her to Mr. Gao to say, can you teach her, I said that Mr. Gao agreed, from then on every evening study, Mr. Gao Mr. Gao was teaching C code to the girls in my dormitory, and he became the master's apprentice, and I was playing with my phone while they were studying.

  In fact, not my heart, or how confident, because Mr. Gao is really a straight representative, said to be teaching knocking code is really teaching code, no matter whether you are a girl, as long as the learning is not serious, he will not scold you, but he will look at you with a look of stupidity, and then despise you with his eyes, so I simply did not dare to let Mr. Gao teach me, because I think his eyes are too terrible.

  However, I did not learn because I was not forced to the limit, the end of the semester, the teacher informed the final exam is to knock a program out, at that time I was in no way, is worried, Mr. Gao came over and told me to let me go with him to the milk tea store to learn the weekend, I was super scared, I know how I came this semester, let him teach me that will not be despised to death.

  But I couldn't help it, I purposely dressed very well that weekend, thinking that he would not despise me on account of my good looks. Mr. Gao seems to know my level very well, from the beginning to tell me, hand in hand to teach me to knock the code, but with my level, not to make mistakes is impossible, after making mistakes I was afraid to look at Mr. Gao, but he did not appear to despise the eyes, but asked me if he spoke too fast, let me see him knock again, that day I made a lot of mistakes, but he has been very patient, with study sessions to teach others Mr. Gao I learned he said reward me, buy me dessert, I was wrong many times in the same place, he said he would punish me, but finally fell on my face gently a kiss, said as punishment, that day I learned a lot, Mr. Gao should also take advantage of a lot of it.

  Later I asked Mr. Gao if I was very stupid, Mr. Gao smiled and said, "Stupid can do, their own choice, spoiled chant!" But Mr. Gao also secretly told me that I learn is considered fast, in fact, the brain is not bad, is not willing to learn, some people are really too stupid, an evening study knocked a small section, Mr. Gao said this word, eyes flowing dislike I see clearly.

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