I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 5

  Mr. Gao's birthday was the day of New Year's Eve, the first birthday of his college life, we were not together yet, he decided to spend his birthday with his roommates in the dormitory, and that day, I also went out with my roommates for New Year's Eve, all night he was spending his birthday, I was eating and drinking, he kept sending me pictures, telling me what they were doing, telling me that he had been drinking and was a bit confused, I went to buy him a mouse as a birthday present. Almost to the last bus, I went to school with my roommates, and on the way he kept sending me messages telling me to be careful and safe on the way, and that he might be falling asleep.

  After half an hour or so, we are almost to the school, suddenly he called me, I did not feel anything and picked up, picked up and regretted it, because I found that the voice coming from the receiver was his roommate's voice, his roommate asked me where I had arrived, said Mr. Gao had been muttering that he wanted to give me something good, I said I was almost to the school, and then I heard a group of them saying that they were going out, his roommate said that I should hurry Come back, they are waiting for me at the school gate.

  When I arrived at the school gate, I saw five or six boys in front of the school, I was panicked, more shy, the roommates around me were also coaxing, but there was only that one way back to school, I had to walk over, Mr. Gao had drunk to weak legs, saw me after a smile, and kept rummaging in his pockets, and then took out a big pile of lollipops to me, stuffed them into my hand, and told me, you said you like to eat candy, I I don't know what flavor you like to eat, I'll give it to you, at that time, Mr. Gao was roommates racked, dumbfounded looking at me smile, holding the candy my heart warmed.

  Mr. Gao insisted on sending me back to the dormitory, after going back, I sang him happy birthday, and then Mr. Gao changed his phone several times, that song has been in.

  The next morning, Mr. Gao called, very aggrieved that he was coaxed by his classmates last night, the phone was snatched by his roommate, I do not know if it caused me trouble, I said no, he was relieved to laugh.

  Until a few years later, one day I sat with Mr. Gao to play with the phone, I suddenly remembered this matter, asked him, your phone is not fingerprint unlocked, then your roommate that year how to snatch away? Also unlocked to call me? Mr. Gao looked up at me, I said did you not realize that they took your hand to unlock? Mr. Gao said no, I unlocked it myself. I asked him why, he put down the phone and looked at me and said, because I want to see you.

  Tsk, Mr. Gao's set is too deep.

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