I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 4

  Our thinking class exam is each class has to come up with a program, and finally in the report party show, the class president at the time saw my versatility (hahahahaha, is so don't that!) The class president at the time saw my versatility (hahahaha!) and asked me to organize a program for the school's debriefing performance, to get high marks of course, to be serious, on the selection of a famous sign language song by Brother Jackie Chan, the class chorus together, from the beginning of rehearsals, I regret every day, why to take this stall.

  It was winter, and the class was unwilling to take time off to learn the song and learn sign language, so the class president asked me to teach everyone in study hall, and at that time a whole bunch of "good students" would appear, saying they wanted to learn. When I was speechless, Mr. Gao sat in the first row of the background music, and then put the phone in my hand, I was in the ambiguous eyes of everyone taught over and over again.

  After teaching for a long time, finally it was almost time to perform, I decided to give everyone a heart-shaped formation, because the lineup is huge, can only take up everyone's class time, who knew that the notice of good things, once the class, the class boys all ran away, including Mr. Gao, the remaining only a few good relationship with the class president of the boys, girls instead all in, we began to call, want to call the students back, but into the We then decided that we would split up to look for them, and a few girls and I would stay where we were. I turned around and left when I was angry, and when I got to the door, Mr. Gao came over and pulled me and joked with me about the paragraph, and easily made me laugh, and Mr. Gao looked at me and said seriously, "I won't do this in the future, okay? From the beginning of rehearsals I have not seen you smile, I look at all heartbroken.

  The day of the performance, our uniforms were short-sleeved with the class logo, and before the performance we all had to put flag stickers on our faces, Mr. Gao ran up to me with the stickers and stuck his face out like a reward, so I had to help him put them on. After the show, everyone went to the empty classroom next door to get clothes, my clothes were pressed at the bottom, I wanted to take the last, Mr. Gao looked at me standing outside in short sleeves, and did not care whether the clothes were being taken by men or women, a push away from others to take out my clothes to me to put on, and then he waited aside for them to finish and then go to get their own.

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