I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 3

  In the second half of the first semester of freshman year we opened a course, a course that interested both me and Mr. Gao, and another reason why I later resolutely switched careers, that is, ps, in the boring software class, ps course is undoubtedly a course that allows everyone to relax their thinking, because of my excellence, I was chosen by the ps class teacher as the group leader, of course, because of Mr. Gao's love for development, he as our class practice class First, the representative of the countdown of the theory class, is also the leader of another group.

  PS teacher is our two cp powder head, the very beginning of the class, the teacher taught the basic application after, let us design a logo for their own group, I discussed with the group, as really interested in me, volunteered to take the design of things, I designed for a long time, think their design seamless, too perfect, the day of the homework show I was dumbfounded, I designed the logo in the use of The logo I designed was almost the same as the one displayed by Mr. Gao's group in terms of color and material, and Mr. Gao's group was before our group.

  From that time on, the ps teacher knew that there was a little ambiguity between the two of us, and also turned into a pink head for both of us, although at that time we did not pierce that layer of paper.

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