I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 2

  The debating team went out to celebrate together, and Mr. Gao, as the "best logistician", also went to celebrate together. I was not a big fan of the game, so I played the game for a while and went to watch the TV show, and fell asleep without realizing it.

  When I woke up, Mr. Gao's jacket was draped over me, the senior side played the game unusually fiercely, while on our side, Mr. Gao quietly played the game, typing the whole exchange, while a glass of water was placed in front of me, my phone was put away properly by him and put together with his, I got up and looked at him, he put down the mouse to give me the water, confirming that I had lit a cigarette only after I woke up from my sleep, later I learned that Mr. Gao Mr. game is necessary to smoke, that day because I fell asleep, he has been holding back not to smoke.

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