I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 15

  When I first got together with Mr. Gao, I always felt that I was not very important to Mr. Gao because he never said how much he loved me, nor did he have sweet words, but that one incident made me feel that he loved me more than I thought.

  That day I accompanied Mr. Gao in the part-time studio overtime, at night, I had to let Mr. Gao send me home, Mr. Gao took time off with colleagues in the studio, ready to send me home, on the way home we talked for a long time, after getting off the bus I decided to buy a cup of milk tea, in fact, more importantly, I want to stay with Mr. Gao for a while, get off the bus and walk for a while, Mr. Gao suddenly found his phone missing, thought for a while before Found lost in the bus, Mr. Gao suddenly changed his face, let me wait in place, he had to run to find the phone, because we just got off the bus from the terminal, Mr. Gao wanted to run to the station to find, I also wanted to follow, Mr. Gao insisted that I wait for him.

  Looking at the back of Mr. Gao running away, my heart is actually very sad, because I am very guilty, if I did not insist that he send me, he would not have lost his phone in the company, I do not know if he can find the phone, and I do not know if he will blame me, I waited in the same place with anxious mood, waiting for him to return.

  After waiting for about an hour, I saw Mr. Gao panting and running from afar, I was about to ask him if he had found the phone, but he did not say a word to put me in his arms, I was about to speak, but he told me not to speak, let him hold for a while, I just quietly hugged him, after a while, he looked at me and said he was really stupid, I said what happened? Did not find? He said, "I actually put you here for a cell phone, what should I do if something happens to you?"

  When he said that I froze and asked him if he had found the phone, he said no, and I felt even more guilty. I said to Mr. Gao, "I'm sorry, if it wasn't for me, the phone wouldn't have been lost." Mr. Gao smiled, stroked my head and said, "It's okay, you can buy another phone if you lose it, but fortunately you're okay." After hearing his words my tears flowed, he held me in his arms and told me that when he ran to look for the phone, he found the car, but the phone was gone, he got out of the car and then remembered that he forgot to tell me where to wait for him, he rushed to find an Internet cafe, wanted to go online and tell me to wait for him where I was and not to run around, but found that the login required cell phone verification, and then rushed to the place where we were separated, because The time was too late, and he was afraid that I was in danger outside, so he ran while blaming himself, and actually put me down.

  Later I asked Mr. Gao, that day there was really no a little heartache? Mr. Gao said there is a little, of course the phone lost will be heartbroken, but he can still distinguish which is more important, when the phone was lost, he really is determined to find the phone, but after calming down found that I can not contact me, only want to rush back to my side, along the way kept blaming themselves how to leave me behind.

  After that day, Mr. Gao never left me alone again, no matter what happened, he would take me with him, he said that no matter what, things outside the body can be lost, but, must not lose me. So I never worry about what will happen if I break or lose Mr. Gao's things, because I will never intentionally damage his things, and if I accidentally break them, Mr. Gao will never blame me, but worry about whether I am hurt, and then advise me not to feel guilty, not to be sad, but also not just spoil, but to control me when I make mistakes.

  Before I met Mr. Gao, I never knew what love was, and never experienced the feeling of being cherished. Although Mr. Gao is a straight man and sometimes makes me angry until I cry, he always gives me a sense of security and lets me know that there is someone who loves me all the time, with me as the main focus in everything, but also does not let me get too loose and let me be lawless within a range. Mr. Gao always says that he is not looking for a girlfriend, but raised a lovely daughter.

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