I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 14

  Mr. Gao is not a very jealous person, no matter what I said to him, he will not be jealous, once I told him about the boy I used to like when he knocked the code, he looked at the computer without raising his head and asked me a question why? I explained to him why he liked the boy, speaking incredibly carefully, Mr. Gao finally took his eyes off the computer and looked at me and said, "Oh. Then go back to look at the computer, which is a stark contrast to the jealous me, so my heart is very upset, from then on I always deliberately talk about the previous, to like hitting on cotton, etc. can not respond, Mr. Gao seems to know that I am deliberate, every time I say, he will only laugh at me, never comment.

  But there was an unintentional act that made Mr. Gao jealous.

  When we do part-time work at school during the school year, Mr. Gao because he lives there, eating and drinking are the company tube, the company several programmers takeout eat tired, sometimes will cook themselves, Mr. Gao can not cook, but always let others cook and he does not feel good, so please me to help them do a good meal, I agreed.

  That day after class I went to buy food with Mr. Gao, after buying food to the company rented house to clean up, I am a person who can cook but can not cut vegetables, Mr. Gao volunteered to help me cut vegetables in the kitchen, I was outside to clean the table, suddenly remembered that I forgot to tell him what to cut into, so I pushed the door ready to remind him, I used to have a very good relationship with a boy, with Mr. Gao a surname, pushed open the The moment I opened the kitchen door, I don't know how I thought, I called the wrong name.

  Mr. Gao, who was cutting vegetables, froze and turned around with his knife to look at me at the door and asked, "What did you call me? I was so frightened that I said a disturbance and hurriedly closed the door, and forgot to say anything to him.

  Mr. Gao finished cutting vegetables out of the kitchen to see me standing in the doorway, a pinch of my face, asking who I just called, I had to tell him the truth, that is my very close friend. The first thing I did was to let go of my face and go with me to the kitchen to stir-fry, and during that time I kept asking questions about my relationship with the boy, and that's when I realized that Mr. Gao would be jealous, but he thought the person I liked was already in the past tense, but the name I unintentionally called wrong was the one I should really care about.

  When it comes to the guy with the same surname as Mr. Gao, we are very good friends, and every year when we go home for New Year's Eve will get together once, he is also a programmer, but also a straight man, I sometimes think, I am made of what sins, surrounded by straight men, in addition to Mr. Gao, around the straight men are treating me as a buddy, never as a girl to see, resulting in my previous are boyish character.

  Mr. high know another big brother exists after, think about contacting the big brother every day, and my friend, know I have a boyfriend after also want to know Mr. high, according to him is that he wants to know who so bold, two people later still added contact information, as two are not much talk programmers, two people also often contact, once I secretly look at their chat logs, Mr. high plus big brother. Mr. high plus the big brother said straight I called the wrong name thing, the big brother actually said my brain is bad is normal, and then is spit me out, in the after are exchange of code, Mr. high said, they are also considered good friends of God.

  Last New Year, I and big brother New Year's Eve party together again, the end of the party, we four good friends together to see the lights, on the way to go, Mr. high know we are together, sent a video, I had to give the phone to the big brother, two people on the road to talk for a long time, I realized that the original programmer is not less talk, because they encounter with their own topic, is a chatterbox.

  Now, these two programmers and about to find time to meet one side to talk, Mr. high said, the previous me he did not know what kind of, so want to find another person to understand the real me, but in fact I was very refused, after all, at that time I was a person with a lot of black history.

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