I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 12

  Mr. Gao and I have a pact, no matter how angry two people quarrel, are not allowed to pull each other black, nor are they allowed to say go, and then angry to give each other a chance to explain. But this agreement seems to be for me, because only I will say go away.

  I went to college locally, so every weekend will go home, Mr. Gao every Sunday will come to my house to pick me up, with me on the way home, we will eat and drink together, or go to play, because at that time the cost of living is limited, and I do not like shopping, so we usually go to parks and museums, or go hiking, go to the snack street, every time very happy, but then there was a time, I and Mr. Gao had a fight, that day, Mr. Gao was terrified.

  The same Sunday, Mr. Gao also told me the day before to pick me up the next day, and then we went boating together in the park, I also specifically asked him what time to pick me up, Mr. Gao swore that he would pick me up at noon to eat together, the next day I was very happy, got up very early, showered, makeup, sitting at home waiting for him, to noon, Mr. Gao did not come, not even a phone call, I thought, then I call At that time, I thought maybe he was going to surprise me, I just waited and waited until 3:00 p.m. My parents called and asked me why I hadn't returned to school yet. also a little worried, because there has never been such a situation, I do not know what happened to him, and then began to call people around him.

  Then after another hour, I finally got in touch with Mr. Gao, and it turned out that he had overslept. After I got in touch with him, my long-suppressed anger and aggression suddenly exploded, and although Mr. Gao apologized and said he would go out to pick me up immediately, I was still very angry and said angrily that I didn't need him to pick me up, I would go back to school by myself, and then I picked up my things and went out.

  The more I thought about it on the way, Mr. Gao called several times I did not answer the phone, do not want to pay attention to him, want him to try to find my taste, and then his good brother called me, said I should hurry to answer the phone, Mr. Gao called and said he could not find me, in fact, I answered his good brother's phone is to give Mr. Gao a step down, Mr. Gao called again, I picked up the phone, Mr. Gao on the other side of the phone seems to be almost I told him where I was, he came over and hugged me with a crying voice and said, "I'm sorry, I know I'm wrong, don't don't answer the phone, don't ignore me.

  I've never seen that kind of Mr. Gao, in my memory he, even if never to me high cold, but also not a petulant person, I said next time not allowed, he nodded, we went back to school on the way, Mr. Gao has been holding my hand did not let go, he said, I'm afraid you do not want me.

  From that day onwards, Mr. Gao found that I had no resistance to his petulance, so when we quarrel angry, he will always petulance, and I will always give petulance to him a step down.

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