I and my programmer boyfriend

Chapter 10

  How much a person loves you depends on how special he is to you.

  Mr. Gao, as a straight man, is always cold to others, but boys or girls. For other people's requests, it is also able to refuse to refuse. So much so that many girls in the class say he has no gentlemanly manners, even to the point of not liking him very much. But he does not care, after all, in his heart, it does not matter whether people like it or not.

  I dormitory sister is the class study member, once a boy in the class is sick, because the boy's family is out of town, the teacher said let the study member to accompany him to see, the sister think they accompany a boy to see the doctor is not very convenient, want to find another boy to go together, I do not know why she chose Mr. Gao, at that time we are not together, the day before the evening study, the sister found Mr. Gao Mr. Gao, want Mr. Gao to accompany them to the hospital, Mr. Gao is watching a movie, did not even look at the girl, the girl persuaded for a long time, Mr. Gao just did not agree, the girl really can not help, want me to help to Mr. Gao say, at that time I and Mr. good or good friends, I went over and Mr. Gao said, want to ask him to accompany the boys to see the doctor the next day, Mr. Gao took off his headphones and looked at me seriously, asked me Is not also go, I said go, Mr. Gao smiled and said yes.

  The next morning at seven o'clock, Mr. Gao took the sick boy in our dormitory floor waiting for us to come down, later I learned that night Mr. Gao's hair to find him to go out online, Mr. Gao accompanied the hair to five o'clock in the morning before returning to the dormitory, because I promised to accompany the boy to the hospital, back to the dormitory to sleep for an hour or so to get up and go out, I asked him why he did not say that day not to go, he said "Because of the promise and because you went too."

  He loved me and he would put his best foot forward because of my word.

  Mr. Gao is a student from out of town, so every time his hair comes to him, they will go out together, but play are relatively single, is to play games online, Mr. Gao second and hair all night game is our field day, Mr. Gao's roommate because of acute appendicitis, the class let Mr. Gao do a replacement, the day of the game, Mr. Gao first to the field, see me over after asking me if he won I said if you win, I will give you a hug and a box of chocolates, Mr. Gao did not sleep all night, but tried his best to compete, unfortunately, second place.

  After the game, Mr. Gao gasped and came to me and said he did not win, I looked at his eyes red because of staying up all night, suddenly very heartbroken, gently hugged him, Mr. Gao gently hugged me back, in my ear, said a sentence, it was worth it.

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