I am serious about love

I am serious about love

Author:xiao yan huan
Chapters:85 | 5.0
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The main reason for this is the fact that it is not a good idea to have a good time. When the black and white sweet sand carving, encounter with a gentle skin of the hungry wolf, what fun and exciting things will happen, bursting out how much spark? Case one Soon after we got together, Chen Xiaoshina got excited one day and used her own Mr. Jiang's phone to play games. She found out that she had a note on Mr. Jiang's phone: "Little Head". So there was the next part of the conversation. "Why is my note small brain?" "Because you have a small head." "Did you only see my head when we first met?" "Hmm." ...... Friendship Case 2 The circle of friends gathering is always chatter. Tong Ziyi: "XX is a rising star in the entertainment industry, she ......" Xu Manqi: "XX is a rising star among scientists, he ......" Wu Ruoxin looked at Chen Xiaoxiao, and then looked at Jiang Yeqiu, her eyes full of sympathy. "Your male ticket Jiang senior is the rising star of B University, you look at you again." "What's wrong with me!" Chen Xiaoxiao is not convinced "I am also a show!" "What?" The three were confused at the same time. Hearing the conversation of the three, Jiang Yeqiu's hand that was peeling shrimp for Chen Xiaoxiao gave a beat, and the corner of his mouth hooked up with a meaningful smile. Then, Chen Xiaoxiao proudly returned: "Tihua's show" [Profile Incompetence

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