Here Lies The Wicked

Here Lies The Wicked

Author:yao huo
Chapters:960 | 4.0


(Important note: The plot has horror elements, underage and timid do not look. (〖20,000 even booking metaphysical fantasy boutique〗) You turned over the "world's unsolved mysteries", nothing to find. You do not die, you search for a bottle of six flavored dihuang pills at home, and successfully strengthen eight kidney six flavored dihuang pills. You walk down the road and pick up a stone and point it out to turn it into gold. You continue walking on the road and encounter an old magician peddling fake martial arts secrets. You empty-handedly wolf down three fake secrets, you strengthen the "Golden Bell Mask" and get the real secrets that can be cultivated. You are contemplating. You have been in continuous contemplation for 5 minutes. This is a time of rejuvenation, the world is no longer calm ...... You begin to collect the 72 Shaolin masterpieces. Golden, ancient, yellow and other martial arts secrets. You find that the cultivation needs to consume their own qi and blood to increase the power, you again into contemplation, then you three steps and two steps to run downstairs to the pharmacy, in the pharmacy owner's underage daughter's huh sneer gaze, you pick up the gum, mother-of-pearl grass and run QAQ. Ps: the first chapter is a prologue, wedge, does not affect the subsequent reading. The book reading group: 827465164; full subscription group (need fan value verification): 832237009.

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