Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 97 Go back

"The footsteps outside the closet never stopped, and they were getting more and more urgent. I thought, if I could hear the sound, it must be very noisy outside. I tried to shout a few times but couldn't make a sound at all.

"After that I began to wonder where I was and what kind of state I was in. But my brain was surprisingly gradually unconscious and groggy, leaving me with no way to think.

"Finally, I could only feel the closet shaking more and more, and the vibration outside was getting louder and louder, and my consciousness followed and became more and more blurred."

Qin Yiheng managed to ask me for another cigarette, as if recalling these events made him uncomfortable.

In fact, I was also very nervous, more than my own personal experience to be on edge, I asked: "And after that? Where did you wake up?" I thought this would be the crux of the matter.

He rubbed his temples and said, "I still woke up in the closet. You hear me out." Qin Yiheng's expression was very tired and he began to lie down halfway and continued, "When my consciousness began to blur, I already felt that things could be bad, but I did not want to die meaninglessly, I tried to leave some trace, to record what I felt. I tried hard to think 'I want to struggle' because it only stopped at 'thinking' and I couldn't control my limbs."

"Did you succeed?" I couldn't help but interject and ask him.

Qin Yiheng shook his head and said, "But I figured out one thing, I was not in a state where I couldn't feel my limbs, otherwise it would be logical that I couldn't feel my feet vibrating." He looked up at me and said, "I should have been poured in."

I was dumbfounded, this is not an adjective, I really forgot to blink, I asked after Qin Yiheng, "You mean the closet is a pouring tool, pouring liquid into it and setting it into solid use?"

Qin Yiheng nodded and said, "Yes, but I can't tell what kind of liquid it is, maybe it's ice, maybe it's metal, I'm really not sure."

"And then what?" I continued to ask.

"I was wondering the same thing after I found myself in the situation I was in, but I couldn't do anything other than keep making myself try to stay awake. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe I wasn't, just when I was already about to lose consciousness, I suddenly felt the closet fall over, and at the same time I began to realize that what was going on outside didn't seem to be an unusual walk, but a fight." Qin Yiheng sat up, took a deep breath and continued, "And then the closet still still continued to shake, but the frequency changed. I did not think about this carefully at the time, and only later did I react that the closet should have been lifted."

"Someone went to the ferry to rob the closet?" I was baffled and asked another follow-up question, "In the netherworld?"

I was really not expecting this answer, even if he told me the closet was retrieved from the pyramid, it was more credible than this.

Qin Yiheng's expression was also incredulous, slowly said, "I can't be sure, but the change started at that moment."

"I was still unconscious when the closet shook again, and by the time I woke up, it was almost forty-eight hours later. I was squeezed into a corner of the closet in a very uncomfortable position, my arms and legs were numb, and it took me a long time to get conscious. The closet door was open and the room was bright. It took me a long time to be sure I was not dreaming. After that I checked every corner of the closet and could not find any fresh traces. But--" Qin Yiheng got up and sat upright before saying, "I found a blood spot missing from the yin buckle, and something may have come back with me along with the yin buckle. Everything I saw was the memory of this thing."

I listened to the scalp a little numb, do not guess, this is what Qin Yiheng said the change.

But I still can't understand how this sounds like a science fiction movie, I asked, "What does this have to do with the white open? You seem to be talking in a roundabout way."

Without waiting for Qin Yiheng to speak, Bai Kai entered the room, strutting the Yin button back to Qin Yiheng, said, "The people outside are taken care of, can not wake up for a while, but I did not figure out who is who, anyway, are alive."

I suddenly remembered that Xu Chuanxiang died, hurriedly asked them both: "Who killed Xu Chuanxiang?"

Who expected that neither of them would talk, I said, "Damn, not ready to blame me, right? Just want to curse, the one called Bai Kai replied: "I found you are really lack of heart, your followers are suicides can not see. Know what is called the soul to grab the body? The result of the struggle is that no one wants to take!"

I did not talk back, I have some grief, but more self-blame, Xu Chuanxiang's death, how I am considered an indirect killer, a long way to come with me, I really do not know how to solve this matter after returning. I do not know what his family's situation is, and how I should face, even if I give his family a sum of money, but what can have life important?

The three people in the mansion did not speak, I do not know what they were both thinking, in any case, I was in a very religious silence.

Raising my head, it suddenly occurred to me that the man named Bai Kai told me that I had two things on my back, and I didn't know if they were in danger.

I asked Bai Kai: "How to solve the things on my back ah?"

Who expected Qin Yiheng but snatched the answer: "It's my fault. I asked Xu Chuanxiang to get the thing on your back, I'm sorry."

I had never heard him apologize to me in such a tone, I was quite surprised, I thought, maybe it was because Xu Chuanxiang's death made him also very sad, after all, it is also considered to have known each other, so I "hmm", considered to accept the apology.

I didn't expect Qin Yiheng to say, "I was too selfish, I wanted to save myself too much."

"What do you mean?" I was a little confused.

This time Qin Yiheng did not squeal again, just asked Bai Kai to help fix the things on my back. Bai Kai this person is very ruthless, let me take off the top after breaking my shoulders to force a few times, after I do not know where to turn out a plaster-like things, burned with a lighter, paste on my two shoulder blades seam, feel sticky, but also does not hurt. After a while, Bai Kai tore that thing off, this time it hurt me, and I do not know if it brought down a lot of sweat.

White open and pounded for a while, turned back to the sentence: "You open wide mouth." Not waiting for my reaction, his hands have been under the force of a strong pat on my back. I subconsciously "ah" a, damn, the more I look at the more I think he is considered a personal vendetta.

Qin Yiheng in the side also did not idle, told me not to worry too much, my back things in the jargon called pillow, is a very like to ride on the shoulders of adults on the little ghosts, many people have. It will not stay much in the human body, because after all, the distance a person travels is limited, it is tired of seeing the scenery, will naturally look for the next person. So called the pillow, because even so there is no other major disease, is often will fall into the pillow, so it got such a name.

Saying that, Qin Yiheng stood up, patted his body and said, "We can go now, the rest, I will tell you on the way back."

I actually wanted to leave long ago, looking around the mansion, I really feel exhausted, followed the two of them out the door, outside those people are still lying straight on the ground. I counted, this time no more, no less, it seems that Qin Yiheng is not mixed with us, no wonder I did not notice along the way. I bowed three times when I passed Xu Chuanxiang's body. Bai Kai also ridiculed and said to me: "Like your followers so dead people, after death is unable to remember who they are, you worship his corpse is useless."

I ignored him, there is no use, and sincere heart has nothing to do with it, and I do not bother to explain to such people.

Walking out of the courtyard, I asked Qin Yiheng: "Xu Chuanxiang's death will not be investigated on us?"

He reassured me, "Tonight, someone will definitely die, no matter who dies. Hongda side must have prepared early, do not worry."

He said that I still have a hard time, in this world money can really set everything right?

I found out that Qin Yiheng had hidden a car in the courtyard. It seems he really came prepared.

Three people got into the car and drove directly towards the city. I looked out the window and felt a little dazed.

I didn't ask Qin Yiheng anything on the way, looking at Qin Yiheng's appearance, it seems that there are some things that can not be said in front of Bai Kai, and, I am too tired.

Qin Yiheng drove the car very fast, much faster than when we came. When we arrived in the city, the three of us found a big stall and ate something. I have little appetite, only drank some beer. The white Kai is a very good drinker, himself poured six bottles of beer, not even see red face. I politely clinked glasses with him once, and then ignored him. The three people were all eating in their own way. When the meal was finished, it was almost dawn.

As usual, Qin Yiheng drove, he did not touch a drop of wine at the dinner table, so let him drive some safety.

I found a hotel, I specially opened two rooms, in order to want to separate the white open out, so as to facilitate communication with Qin Yiheng.

Bai Kai may have drunk too much wine before, some head, the whole person confused, and we both chant: "Tomorrow do not come to say goodbye to me, I sleep a lazy sleep."

I saw him like this, so I had to help him to the door of the room. He patted me on the shoulder, hooked up with me, as if he was particularly familiar with me. When I opened the door and helped him into the room, he suddenly and inexplicably turned back to Qin Yiheng and asked, "Hey? I never saw it, which Qin Yiheng are you now?"

After these words, I saw the corners of Qin Yiheng's mouth curl up strangely.

I immediately some drums in my heart, but do not dare to show it, the atmosphere is instantly a little subtle.

The good thing is that Bai Kai fell asleep after asking questions. I exit with Qin Yiheng, he smiled at me awkwardly, making my heart very bottomless.

I remembered the night of the bath center, I said, "Is the current Qin Yiheng is the Qin Yiheng who was possessed?

However, I went back to the room with him, even if he wanted to harm me, it did not have to wait until now, right?

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