Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 93 - Jiang Shuo, be cruel

I had a lot of sweat on my hands, just now he came over, I thought it was another surprise attack on me, my muscles were tense all the time.

Only when he went out did I begin to guess the meaning of his words.

This mansion is not a problem? Then what is the meaning of calling us all here?

Xu Chuanxiang also heard the conversation between the two of us and asked me from the side. I ignored him, chased out and called the man and asked him, "Why did the mansion die if there was no problem?"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted it, I was in a hurry, the voice was loud, and I was afraid that everyone else in the mansion had heard it.

I saw that there was no need to hide it, so I simply asked directly: "Why are you telling me this?"

The man had already gone to the stairs, heard my words and turned back, a tug on my clothes, dragged me directly downstairs, cursed, whispered: "You really do not want to live, they want to make this mansion into a murderous mansion! These people know it all, so they're all quietly fucking choosing who to do it, and you're actually taking the initiative to come forward!"

I said, "Oh no, so I've been targeted for a long time?

But then I thought about it and felt wrong, according to kill a living person, using magic is not as direct as using violence, so I asked him, these people how a way to do it?

The man disdainfully said two words: "crushed to death."

To be honest, I almost laughed when I heard it was crushed, and a wonderful picture appeared in my head at the wrong time: the others in the house were stacked together like pancakes, crushing me at the bottom.

This is not a fucking cartoon, how is it possible?

However, the man was very serious, so I had to follow the seriousness, so I asked him if he could speak more carefully, I do not understand.

He looked at the stairs and said, now the people in the mansion, each person is pressed on the back of a, a moment to the hour, these things will run to a person's back.

I subconsciously looked over my shoulder, there was nothing on it. However, he said so I can also guess, the so-called pressed things, must be invisible to the naked eye, otherwise I should have found out early in the morning. I reached out and touched my back, cool, and I don't know if it's because of cold sweat.

Now I'm a little scared, think about it, think this person now seems to have a solution to the law, regardless of whether what he said is true or not, I still prefer to believe that it is safe, so I continued to ask: "Do you have a solution? Otherwise what about the one on your back?"

He listened and laughed gloatingly, told me that there were eight people in the mansion, the same eight things, but, he did not have on his back, said, pointed at me, you have two on your back!

If not Xu Chuanxiang is still upstairs, I'm afraid I have the heart to beat him up. I can give up my personal safety, but after all, I pulled him to, if Xu Chuanxiang killed, I am too inhuman. Therefore, I am still very polite, asked him if he could give me some pointers, afraid that he did not agree, I promised, after this is done, I will also have heavy thanks.

The man's expression did not change, said: "Your friend has not pointed you out?"

I then figured out the meaning of Qin Yiheng's note, asking me to be cruel, is the first to strike? He knows me very well, even after so many years of experience in society, I am still quite soft-hearted. But even if I can do harm, I do not know where to start now. I want to ask the man, did not wait to speak, I heard Xu Chuanxiang upstairs suddenly shouted: "Jiang boss come up! The one who went down with you is not human! He wants to find a double! He wants to find a double!"

My head immediately "buzzed", instinctively took a big step back. Damn, this is a filthy?

At this time, the first floor on the two of us, and empty and dark, it was unsettling, and when you think about what this man just said, it is not normal.

I took several steps back, back to the stair railing before stopping, turned around and tried to run upstairs.

The man also did not chase over, just behind the words, you go up and see who is looking for a double.

His words made me stop, in the middle of the stairs, neither up nor down. After experiencing so many mansions, I think my biggest growth is not boldness, but in the same panic, the mind is becoming more and more calm.

Time was short, I quickly thought about it, this person, although the words were bizarre, but just now also with me actually had physical contact, and does not look like a filth.

Moreover, I listened to the upstairs, just after Xu Chuanxiang shouted that sound, there is no other movement, which has to make people suspicious.

When the man saw me stop, he chased me again and said, "Know why your friend wants you to be cruel, right? If you are not cruel, others will be cruel to you."

I hesitated even more and took stock. If what this man said was true, then the best person to deal with in this mansion was me.

If Xu Chuanxiang really calculates me for self-preservation, it is not impossible. The relationship between the two of us is not employment, but it is also based on money only.

I listened again, and strangely enough, the upstairs was unusually quiet. I guessed it was likely that Xu Chuanxiang had been controlled by others.

So I had to walk back, but still kept a distance of two steps from the man.

The man did not mind, from the pocket feel, pull out an object, put it in the mouth and blew two breaths. This black goo, can not see what is, anyway, something small, I guess should be a snuff bottle type, even suspect that this person drug.

However, after he blew, the cat down to open the object, as if from inside put out something on the ground.

I was curious and couldn't help but take a step closer to see it, but I couldn't really see it. I did not ask his permission, simply open the phone directly to the photo.

This photo to find that the ground is a living thing, should be a grasshopper or caddisfly type of insect.

However, this as long as a lot larger than its kind, crawling on the ground east and west for a while, stay still, I do not know if it is because of the instinctive reaction after being illuminated by light.

The man squatted down and told me that now is not the time, we can not go up, when to see this bug to run upstairs, we can move.

This time listen to his tone, feel less disgusting.

I nodded and asked him, "What is this?"

He drew a "shhh" gesture, warning me not to blow into the bug, saying that this thing told me, but also do not understand.

However, if I believe him, listen to him, or just go upstairs to die, he did not stop.

I am quite worried about Xu Chuanxiang, but his words are said to this point, although I can not bear to, or gritted his teeth and said okay.

The mansion is quiet like only the two of us, he spoke in a deliberately soft voice, I did not dare to loud. The two of them stared at the bug and muttered for half a day.

While waiting, I took the opportunity to ask him if he was going to meet someone in the mansion and why the note was sent to the wrong person.

He then reverted to a very indebted expression and said, "Are you stupid? Didn't I tell you that they deliberately sent the wrong one? To let me know that you are among these people, so that I can fucking kill you! If I hadn't seen that guy, you'd be fucking dead!"

He said that I had to take a step back and said, "Damn, this man does not look like he knows how to do magic, I believe that he is a Taoist. After thinking about it, he seemed to have communicated with me since entering the mansion, and I hadn't seen him meet anyone.

Although still curious, but I did not dare to continue to ask. Right now, regardless of whether it's true or not, we have to count on him.

Time consuming makes people want to smoke, but I worry that the smoke will smoke the bug, so I have to hold back.

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