Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 91 - Invitation from Hongda Group

In fact, this express came very strange, Hongda Group actually knew my address, and even what my surname and Qin Er's surname were so clear. But I do not want to go deeper, after all, business can be so big group, check me such a small role is too easy. I think, should go to see, because I considered, if this group has any conspiracy, I can not hide, might as well just go to see.

After making a decision I was ready to move, however, when packing my bags I remembered that two people were invited over there, and I was worried that something might go wrong if I just went over there.

After half a day of thinking, finally, I called Xu Chuanxiang, promising him a high commission, and asked him to pretend to be Qin Yiheng.

At first he did not agree, but the price I gave was really tempting, and finally he agreed, and we agreed to meet at the Hongda Group. Then, I went to the airport.

Looking for Xu Chuanxiang to actually quite suitable, one he knows a little bit about metaphysics, the application of the effort, but with people Kan should be enough; secondly, the two of us are considered to know, barely know the roots, I can also rest assured that some.

When I arrived at the city where Hongda Group is located, Xu Chuanxiang had already opened a room and waited for me. I did not rush to find him, but first went to the mall to buy a line, and a new haircut.

I had already been to the Hongda Group once before, or with another identity, I was worried about being recognized, this time I completely changed my style, not to look closely should not be detected.

The last meeting with Xu Chuanxiang, I told him not to talk nonsense, just concentrate on acting cool. The two of them ate their meals and went to bed early to recuperate.

The next day was the opening day of the tender.

I woke up early and went directly to the Hongda Group building with Xu Chuanxiang. Out of the elevator, I was quite nervous, but fortunately no one recognized me.

This time we went straight to the top floor, entered a conference room and waited for a while, then came in a man in a suit, did not introduce himself, and directly turned on the projector.

This conference room is not large, has been full, there are still a lot of people coming, a rough look at a dozen people.

I quietly surveyed these people, all sorts of people, look also can not say what they are doing. However, I guessed that perhaps they are some people in the metaphysical profession, after all, now do this line of work by eye is not to see.

After waiting a while, the person presiding over the meeting coughed lightly, as the opening, and then put a picture on the projector. Once this picture came out, I almost screamed.

Because the photo is a mansion, this mansion is too familiar to me, when Qin Yiheng and I was in the courtyard of this mansion, digging out the nine sons of the real dragon bureau.

This is that villa of Six Fingers!

I subconsciously buried my head, the people around me did not pay attention to me, are quite serious to watch the projector.

The photo of the mansion is not too clear, look at what should be swept down from something, but, however, is quite full, the person hosting the meeting even changed a few, are the panoramic photos of the mansion from all angles.

When the photos were finished, the person who hosted the meeting opened his mouth. He spoke with a very obvious southern accent, I could not hear very clearly.

He first said that he had taken the liberty of inviting everyone here, and then said that since everyone was registered in Cage Street, he would not beat around the bush.

He said this mansion, need to know people to look at, I hope you can personally go there, after the matter is completed, there will be a large commission. If you are interested, the car they have arranged is waiting downstairs, and as soon as this side is over, you will leave immediately; if not, I hope that those who know about this matter will keep it a secret when they go out. After that, he also put an envelope on the table in front of each person. I opened it and took a glance, it was two thousand dollars, I gave it directly to Xu Chuanxiang.

I looked at the others, all seemed to be considering, however, no one crossed their fingers.

I said to myself, these people are registered in the cage street? Qin Yiheng told me earlier that there was indeed a group of people on Cage Street who were willing to use their magic to do harm to God, because their trade was not visible, so they came through Cage Street to find employers. But how can I be included in this?

Moreover, this person said that there is something wrong with the mansion, it can't be the matter of the real dragon in Jiuzi Town, right? They do not know the bureau has been broken, or suddenly found the bureau was broken now looking for someone to remedy?

Anyway, no matter what, I am too lazy to guess, I am determined to go.

Xu Chuanxiang side seems quite hesitant, I guess he also did not expect to really go to the mansion, poked me several times.

I want to tell him to be quiet, a turn of the head, but I saw his hand under the table with a note than drawing. I picked it up and looked at it, and was a bit dumbfounded.

On the note was a line that read: "See you at the mansion!

Other than that, there was no signature or stamp, and I didn't know who had written it. I looked at Xu Chuanxiang's eyes, meaning that the note was found in my envelope.

I hurriedly took the envelope over and opened it, but found only RMB inside.

Now I was even stranger, and looked at the man who presided over the meeting, whom I did not know. When he handed out the envelope just now, I didn't see him look at me in particular. I thought, "Is this note given randomly? Otherwise, how come Xu Chuanxiang's envelope didn't contain it?

I stared at the note for half a day, my mind kept sifting through it, trying to see if I could identify whose words it was. To be honest, my first feeling was that Qin Yiheng had written it to me, but it wasn't his font. In the end, I could only put the note in my pocket first.

I'm afraid I was the only one in the meeting room who made a decision so crisp, others considered it for a long time and several decided to leave. I also took advantage of this work to persuade Xu Chuanxiang, telling him that there will be no danger there, and also gave him an increase in commission. Xu Chuanxiang hesitated again and again before agreeing to go with me.

In the end, there were only seven or eight people left who were willing to stay. The person hosting the meeting took us downstairs, and there was an Iveco waiting. Once in the car, I chose the back seat and began to close my eyes. I do not want to have any communication with other people, because I now know very well, although these people know the line, but none of them are good people, for money can do anything, or away from them better.

Xu Chuanxiang is quite curious about all this, has been trying to ask me about. I want to laugh a little, which reminds me of my old self. However, I also have nothing to give him the answer, because I am also confused about all this.

There were two drivers in the car, driving in shifts, moment by moment. I had thought that the man at the meeting also did not reveal any information, there will be someone in the car to specifically explain, but it turned out that there is no. However, the treatment along the way is very good, food and housing are the best in the region. I looked out the window in the car and always thought it was ironic. After a big detour, I was back where the fucking mystery began, hoping that it would all find a decent answer.

By the next day, I suddenly realized something was wrong, because we were taking the highway, and the city where the real dragon's mansion in that Jiuzi town was located, was not in the same direction. At first I thought there was some reason to take a detour, but the more the car drove away from that city, the farther away. By the next night, when I arrived at my destination, I realized it was another province.

I was surprised, but I couldn't discuss it with anyone, after all, none of them knew that I had been to that mansion before, and I had to settle down in the hotel first and wait for the next instructions.

That night also slept in a five-star hotel, however, I did not sleep well. The next morning, we continued to catch the road by car. After driving for another three or four hours, we finally stopped in front of a mansion.

Out of the car to take a look, my heart is a shock. This mansion is too similar to the mansion, or this is simply the same.

I looked around, even the general location on the mountain are similar.

I said to myself, "What the fuck is this? A designer design? When I walked into the courtyard, I found that not only was the mansion the same, but even the sculptures decorating the courtyard were the same.

Stepping on the ground of the courtyard I was muttering in my heart, there is not a nine sons bureau underneath this, right?

The same people got off the bus and started to pull out their bags and work. I took a cursory look, there are taking the compass, with a mirror, look at the situation and ready to burn paper and incense, anyway, what kind of all, leaving me and Xu Chuanxiang dry pestle. In order not to be recognized, I had to and Xu Chuanxiang also pretend to touch the exterior walls of the mansion with their hands.

After 30 to 40 minutes of work, I saw others began to clean up, and hurried back to the crowd. I wanted to hear if these people would make any comments.

As a result, they seem to be defensive, no one said much, just some back to the car to rest, some standing outside the mansion to look at the mountain.

I saw this, but also can only ask Xu Chuanxiang have any views, as a dead horse.

Asked him a question, he mysteriously pointed to the direction of the car and asked me, is there a person did not get off?

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