Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 87 - No way to do anything

This night was so draining that I really didn't have the energy to figure out what it was all about.

I took a look back at the bathhouse. On the outside, the mansion actually looks quite ordinary, except for a little shabby, not at all like a ship, and I do not know how Qin Yiheng said this is a ferry, in the end, how to understand.

However, after observing for a while, I did figure out a little. This mansion was used to do the meat business after all, it is not guaranteed that there will be used to avoid inspection escape secret passages or something, so Qin Yiheng disappeared, it is likely to go out from that secret passage. So thinking, I think when I go back to recuperate, it is necessary to come back to see.

I ate some breakfast on the street, sent a text message to Qin Yiheng, sent the address of the hotel where I live, and told him to meet me there. If it's true that his phone is broken, he will be able to receive it when he gets a new phone.

When I had breakfast, I stopped by to ask the breakfast store owner about this bathing center, and the news I got was no different from what I had inquired about before. However, very unexpectedly, the boss told me when chatting with me, in fact, this area of land has long been bought by a developer, a long time ago said to demolish, but delayed until now did not start. Many stores on this street heard the wind, are quietly expand or build a simple house, in order to wait for the demolition of the time to make more money, and now there is no movement at all.

I heard the boss say that, the heart probably calculated a little. This area is not the city center, but the location is actually good, demolition and construction will be a large sum of money, may be the developer is not fully prepared for the funds. So, I casually asked which developer it was. I didn't expect the boss's answer to give me a jolt, he told me, called Hongda Group.

To be honest, hearing the boss's answer, I really wanted to spit him a face of skinny meat porridge. Damn, this mansion not only has a relationship with Yuan Zhen, but also involved in the Hongda Group!

I thought about it, and the old man signed the contract, should not be the Hongda Group's Yuan Zhen, otherwise this is not self-contradictory? It's obviously impossible for his own group to buy the land and sell the mansion on the land.

But if the other Yuan Zhen did it, what purpose did he have? Is it also heard the wind to demolition will buy to invest? The result of waiting for half a day not demolished, can not wait any longer, or the funds need to turnover the mansion changed hands? But in my concept, he and Hongda Group should be a partner ah.

I went to the street to observe the left and right, as the owner of the breakfast store said, many stores have expanded on their own, making a mansion look strange, even this breakfast store is also next to a clothing store expansion part.

I lit a cigarette, but not at all sober, but the head began to faint. Many of the mansions in my hands will also face this problem of demolition, so, relatively speaking, I still know more about it. I pondered for a long time and suddenly felt a little enlightened. I said, Yuan Zhen bought this house is not to be a nail house, right, specifically to prevent the Hongda Group to develop this piece of land? Then his purpose is achieved, the mansion is no longer valuable, it is sold off?

If this analysis, the reason why the Hongda Group has not yet started construction, could it be the same reason? Because there is no longer the need to start construction. Is that all related to the recording of fetal dreams?

I was bluffed by my own thoughts, if my speculation is reliable, this is too big of a deal. This piece of land must be at least several hundred million, spend several hundred million, just to record fetal dreams in that mansion? What the hell dream is so valuable? Besides, just buy the bathing center, right? Even if for some reason to cover up, it is not necessary to get the whole land down, right?

The more I think about it, the bigger my head is, this time Qin Yiheng in it would be good.

After breakfast, my head is even more dizzy, and I do not know if the bump last night got a concussion. Back to the hotel, I put the phone to my ear, and fell asleep.

Because of the phone ringing in my mind, I didn't sleep too well, and I barely slept until 3:00 pm.

After getting up, I tentatively called Qin Yiheng again, but he still had no news. Now he has not been missing for a long time, I'm afraid that no one will care if you call the police. And I calmed down and thought about it, he is likely to be the one who killed the other side, so I was a little worried that the police would harm him instead. But I certainly can not wait so empty, so, while the sky is not dark, I went to the bath again.

This time, I carefully searched for more than two hours, simply did not see any secret passages and organs, had to go back to the hotel. I was completely helpless.

I do not know how long I have to wait here, and the main thing is that I can not even find a person who can help analyze. Finally, I hesitated and had to call the old man.

The old man's tone was the same as always, and it was a little chilling to hear. I told him that the mansion we have explored, there are a lot of findings, but there are some questions, I hope he can give clear answers. I did not dare to tell Qin Yiheng's disappearance, because I am also worried that the mansion is simply a trap set by the old man, I can not tell him that we have been trapped.

The old man did not react much on the phone, just faintly told me to come back to meet and talk, and ended the conversation.

I left the phone without a moment's delay, and immediately bought a return ticket. In the hotel reception to Qin Yiheng left a message, I went straight to the airport.

On the way back I have been distracted, and so off the plane, I did not even return home, directly with the old man about a meeting, the location or the teahouse.

Arrived at the teahouse, found that the old man has not yet arrived, I lay on the table for a while to recuperate. Waiting for seven or eight minutes, the old man pushed the door in, did not sit down, told me to get up and go out with him, until I went downstairs and took me to his car.

To be honest, I followed the car which is really a dangerous move. However, I really have no other way, I can only pretend to look out the window quite calmly, in fact, my heart is beating very fast.

The car did not take long to drive, after two or three streets to stop. I got out of the car and found that it was a very famous villa area near the center of our city. In such a location to build a villa, the price of housing can be imagined, so here is the real rich area. Earlier I had been hoping to receive a set of mansions here, but never met.

I followed the old man on foot into the villa area, why he got off I did not understand. The two of us walked quite a distance, the old man took me into a villa.

The interior furnishings and decoration of the villa was quite disappointing to me, and not as good as I thought, probably because of the age of the villa area mansions, the outside is not visible, once inside the house felt the dirt. The old man also did not have to be polite with me, sitting on the living room sofa and began to drink tea. I did not immediately sit down, but stood around and briefly observed.

The mansion is still basically Chinese style, but, compared to the mansion that the old man showed us before, it is much worse. In the main hall of the mansion hangs a very large brushstroke, the words on it I recognized as soon as I looked at it, it reads "Wanmin Yidu".

Without the owner's permission, I could not go further in, I could only sit down first, wondering whether it was better for me to ask first, or to wait for the old man to open his mouth first. Just thinking, the old man asked me first: "Where is that friend of yours?"

I was a little flustered by his question, because I didn't know whether to tell the truth or not. Then, I decided to stall first, and told the old man that his friend was not able to come.

The old man gave me a non-committal look and continued to drink tea, and when he finished a bowl, he got up and asked me to follow him upstairs. Only then did I see the rest of the mansion.

The upstairs is better decorated than the downstairs, but not much better. Follow the old man into a room, look at the furnishings should be a study. The old man took out a book from the bookshelf and flipped through it, then handed me a note and asked me, "Do you know this?"

I took a look at the note and was completely frozen. This is not the first time I have seen this note, because this is the time Qin Yiheng took me to Fang Wanjin, Fang Wanjin wrote down.

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