Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 85 Ferry

In fact, I'm not interested in finding the anchor, there is nothing more to say.

He looked back at me like a glance, but the phone light is too weak, I can not see his expression. Half a long time, he said: "That anchor has actually found."

When he said that, I immediately looked around. Because the other floors were checked together by the two of us, if we found it, it must be in this room. As a result, I do not know if the light source is not strong enough, anyway, I looked around and did not see.

I hesitated and didn't get up to look for it, now I just wanted to stay away from the bath, so I asked Qin Yiheng: "Where is the anchor?"

He still didn't turn around and told me that we had actually seen the anchor on the third floor before, except that the anchor was no longer what it looked like. If he was right, the bed was made by melting down the anchor and burning it.

When he said this, I was really surprised. Although I did not understand what the steps and tools needed to burn iron are, but think about it alone, the furnace must be there, right? Smelting metal in this bathing center? This is really unrealistic ah!

Asked Qin Yiheng to explain, he then continued, this is not necessarily burned in the bathing center, before transported in is likely to be just a ceremony. The ceremony is done, shipped out and burned and shipped back. Shipped into the ship anchor very inviting eyes, but shipped into the iron bed to certainly not much attention.

He said this is also reasonable, chatting so few words, in fact, I have been carefully watching him.

See him also nothing unusual place, I just put down some vigilance, sitting posture can also relax some.

I lit a cigarette and continued to ask Qin Yiheng: "Why do you have to use the boat anchor fused into an iron bed ah? If, according to the previous analysis, these people are only to record fetal dreams, it is only logical that the more comfortable to sleep, the better. Moreover, just said the pool is your own, you can not be so literary, referring to their own reflections, right? And the main thing is, what the hell is that person behind the curtain?"

My questions are really a bit more, plus just held half a day, so the speed of speech is very fast, and I do not know if he heard clearly.

Anyway, he nodded at me, pointed to the bath, and said, "Here, it is Qin Yiheng; behind the curtain, it is also Qin Yiheng."

He said this with a bit of voice robot logic, as if he hadn't said it.

I had to ask again, let him speak in more detail, I could not understand. As a result, he actually shook his head and refused to speak.

After waiting for a while, I saw that he did not mean to say, I was a little anxious, and urged him to hurry up and explain. He looked at me, said, want to understand can go to the bath to see, finished, actually gave me a place.

Curiosity killed the cat, I am very clear about this.

Although look at the situation to go fishing will not have any danger, but I was still scared. I can't force a confession from Qin Yiheng, I can only retreat to the next best thing, let him talk about the bed is what happened.

This time he did not play sloppy eyes with me, and also very seriously stood up and looked around, before telling me that the whole mansion, there are problems. I said, "This is not fucking bullshit? If there is no problem, why do we come here?

I spit in my heart, the mouth did not interrupt him, just wait patiently for him to continue. His style has always been the same, always save the amazing things for last.

What Qin Yiheng said was really amazing enough. He first asked me if I knew that there is a river in the so-called underworld, no matter how it is called in the Yang world, whether it is called the Nahe River, is called the Forgetting River, in fact, it is the same river. And the legendary Nahe Bridge (one said called the Nahe Bridge), on this river.

Legend has it that only those who die normally in the yang world, or for the good, are eligible to walk across the Nahe Bridge and embark on the road to reincarnation. And those who committed crimes, or the soul of the dead after a wrongful death, can only be thrown in the river to suffer. This in our folklore, there have been many related stories.

Although the river is called the river, but in the legend is not a clean place, it is said to be smelly and cold, and the world's filth are squeezed in it, the degree of unbearable can be imagined.

Therefore, some of the souls of the dead do not have the right to cross the bridge, but afraid that they will be thrown into the river, they have to think of other ways to cross the river.

This gives rise to a new way, that is to ferry.

Legend has it that there is a ferryman on the river in the underworld, responsible for charging money to ferry the souls of the dead across the river, and the price is rumored to be quite low.

This ferryman is not just one, but many, so professional conduct, reputation and what is also uneven. There are a lot of ferryman charge money not to do, the boat line to half, will be "passengers" kicked down; and itself in the river soul, because of jealousy, will be dead dragged down the soul kicked down, so the water will not want to go up.

However, this "black ferryman" should only be a minority, and the Yangtze world is actually the same, after all, there are still more good people.

Those who successfully cross the river, is barely into the road of reincarnation of the souls, although there will certainly be certain twists and turns, but, in comparison, has been very happy.

Because of this, the custom in many places is that after the death of a person, we must immediately burn paper money, in addition to playing the ghosts, which is also considered a precautionary measure, regardless of whether the deceased is eligible to cross the bridge, the first to cross the river ticket money to enough to say.

And that is why many places will have the custom of putting paper lanterns, paper boats, in fact, also want to give those dead souls or deceased relatives and friends a medium or carrier to cross the river. Although only a good vision, but also based on the legend of the ferryman.

Qin Yiheng said here, stopped talking, tilted his head to look at me, it seems to ask if I understand.

I did understand what he said, but I still did not find any relationship with the mansion. Our location near a river is not, the city is not the Yellow River or the Yangtze River coast, the entire house is barely related to water, but in addition to the pool of water he put, there is no other place to have water ah.

I shined my phone at myself and shook my head at him, expressing my disbelief.

Qin Yiheng "hmm", it seems to be guessed that I will have this reaction, after a pause, said: "This whole mansion, now is a ferry."

Perhaps from the mouth of Qin Yiheng heard too many godly things, this time I was not much surprised, but somehow an association came up in my head.

In his home on that closet door, there is a painting is the water flow, because incomplete, so far we do not know exactly what it means, and now by him so reminded, I said, it is not the ferry, right?

I did not open my mouth to ask him, because I still want to wait for him to continue to say. Who knows he stopped talking and told me to go and get that searchlight back. I had to go to the women's bathroom again. Fortunately, although the searchlight is not bright, but the parts are not missing, it is not a problem to find.

Back to the men's bathroom, Qin Yiheng took the searchlight and began to pound it with a Swiss Army knife, still silent. I have been waiting next to, and quite anxious.

After 17 or 18 minutes, I sat on the floor are a little sleepy, suddenly I heard Qin Yiheng called out "Jiang Shuo". I lifted my head and before I could ask him what he was doing, there was a white light in front of me - he suddenly lit up a searchlight on my eyes! This searchlight is not as good as a wolf's eye flashlight, but it's fucking bright enough.

In addition, the room was already dark, so the light, I immediately some dizziness, the vision is full of light spots, nothing can be seen.

I subconsciously cursed: "Qin Er, what the fuck are you doing? I can't see, hurry up and turn it off!"

Qin Yiheng did not answer me, but immediately turned off the searchlight. Originally, my eyes had not yet slowed down, this instant darkness again.

I rubbed my eyes, the bright light stimulated me to shed a lot of tears, still can not see anything clearly.

I yelled again "Qin Yiheng", he still did not respond, but the direction of the bath suddenly came a "pop" sound of water, sounded like a large heavy object smashed in the water, and then began to clatter incessantly.

I said, bad, damn it, it's not something out of the pool, right?

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