Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 8 High Level

The first mansion we collected after this was a new one, and the people living in it had only been in the household for a few months, and everything was normal before that. It is a high-rise building with 28 floors. The house I am talking about is on the 20th floor, which is a very high position.

It is strange to say that first a thief fell to his death. The reason why the thief fell is also very coincidental, he did not know how to climb to the window of the 20th floor, probably to climb into a high-rise theft of a home, the result of the accidental 20th floor occupants open the window unintentionally pushed him down. After the police came to determine that this was a thief who wanted to steal, so things were left unresolved, and the family did not bear any responsibility.

It is worth mentioning that the thief fell down when the family did not know. According to my speculation, it should be the male owner suddenly opened the window when the thief was frightened, it was winter, the weather is cold, the human limbs themselves are very stiff, may miss slipped down. The next morning, someone came downstairs before seeing the body of the thief, has fallen horribly. According to later residents of the ground floor of that building told, do not look closely also thought it was broken a watermelon.

But not long after the incident, the man hanged himself in a bizarre way, and died without any signs before. The most important thing is that the day he chose to hang himself was the day of the New Year's Eve when the whole family was happy. He is said to have indicated to his family that he had some things to do while watching the Spring Festival dinner and was ready to change his clothes and go out, only to hang himself in his bedroom.

However things didn't stop there. The man's wife and a relatively young daughter claimed to hear the man come back and knock on the door every day. I'm sure many of you have had the feeling that you can hear the footsteps of a very familiar person and can hear the car of one of your close friends driving by under your own house. So the man's wife and daughter kept concluding that it was the man knocking at the door.

The knocking continued for a number of days, and the man's wife and daughter were not afraid at first, but missed him more. Initially, they would open the door each time, expecting to see the ghost of the man, but nothing could be seen. And then, the two heard the knock on the door again and could only silently shed tears. Then later, the man's wife and children's grief gradually dissipated, they all began to be afraid, so they moved to live in their mother's house, the house was empty. Because the rumor that the man would come knocking on the door every night had spread, so no one dared to rent.

Qin Yiheng and I received the news from Yuan Zhen and rushed over. This mansion is not very close, but because it is a new high-rise residential, appreciation space and potential are very large, we are both very moved. The road in between was far, but there were direct flights, so going there just raised the cost of travel and didn't waste much time.

We got in touch with the man's wife through the contact information Yuan Zhen gave us. This is a charming young woman, very little to say, simply said the price has been lowered to listen to me a person bullshit.

I actually don't want to be a chatterbox, but bargaining is a must. In order to maximize the benefits, I can only keep saying how scary and dangerous this house is. I can only shut my mouth and go with Qin Yiheng to see the house first before making plans.

This house is not small, decorated with style, about 140 square meters, it has a balcony in front and behind. But long time no one lives, has fallen a lot of ash. Qin Yiheng as usual to check what is inside the house, I stood in place and chatted with the hostess. Generally Qin Yiheng into the mansion only ten or eight minutes to turn around, but this time it is very unusual, almost twenty minutes have not finished looking.

I kept giving him a wink, he looked at me, just skimmed, and finally I could not help myself, so I found an excuse to pull him to another room and asked him what was going on.

Qin Yiheng's eyebrows were knitted together and he told me that the house had been moved.

I listened to the heart is also suspicious, moved? After all, follow him in this business for some time, and began to understand the jargon that popped out of his mouth, moved, that is, the house was deliberately changed in the feng shui layout.

To put it bluntly, Qin Yiheng does not have a deep understanding of feng shui, only a slight understanding of the skin, but can not drive does not mean do not know the car tag, so he said the house has been moved, I do not have any doubts, just so the house can not be set for the time being. Qin Yiheng proposed that we go back to work together first, anyway, this house is basically no one dares to buy.

I said a little safer, and the hostess casually excused a reason, the two people went back to the hotel. To the hotel, Qin Yiheng while smoking and thinking, very absorbed. I was watching dry, and can not help, can only follow along with the smoke. Qin Yiheng thought for half a day, still shaking his head, said he still does not understand, we need to find a senior person to see.

I said we are here, there is no place to find a senior person ah.

Qin Yiheng thought about it again and said, then the only way to sleep inside for a night, to see what comes at night. After he said that he looked at me wistfully.

I was looking at the heart are hairy, the meaning is fucking let me plug the gun eyes ah. Fortunately, Qin Yiheng said again, he and I will go together tonight, but before we have to prepare a lot of things.

The afternoon, I followed behind Qin Yiheng to prepare the things to be used in the evening. The variety of things is very complicated, we first bought a lot of soybeans from the supermarket, and specifically killed a chicken blood, each soybean soaked in chicken blood and put away, then prepared some joss sticks and paper money and other common supplies (said common supplies, in fact, the chances of using minimal, just be prepared), Qin Yiheng and took a bottle of white wine, several kinds of marinades. I always thought he bought this is to offer to whom, but asked, he said is used to eat in the evening, otherwise sitting dry will be very boring.

What surprised me most was that Qin Yiheng also went to the pet store and spent more than a thousand yuan to buy a semi-large shepherd dog, with a red rope set. This makes me really puzzled. He explained very simple, the dog has a yin and yang eyes, a dog in the night equivalent to an extra helper. Then he gave me a little more detail: many people who have a dog will have experienced, especially at night when walking the dog, the dog will often bark at a void of darkness or a direction without people, which is the dog saw the performance of something dirty. And some villages, usually a dog first bark after the village dogs will follow together barking. It is said that this is the hell of the ghosts escorting the ghosts of injustice passing. And soya beans are bright and righteous, to ward off evil spirits. Not to mention the chicken blood, since ancient times is a common prop in the exorcism of evil spirits.

These previous preparations may seem absurd, but they are also justified. But what makes me laugh and cry is that the last item prepared by Qin Yiheng is to pay 500 yuan phone bill for each of our two phones. This I can not understand at all, he did not explain much, just said that I will know when the time comes.

In the evening, we went to the hostess to get the keys and said we wanted to see the house again in the evening. The hostess gave us the keys directly and did not want to come along. I'm afraid she herself knows that we wouldn't dare to make a scene in such a house.

Everything is ready, we took the dog with the bag and went straight to the mansion. To be honest, although I have no bottom in my heart, but I am not afraid. First of all, because Qin Yiheng was there, and we had prepared in advance. Secondly, the building is very new, and the people are basically full, so it does not feel eerie inside. Into the elevator directly to the 20th floor, after pushing the door in Qin Yiheng began to set up in the house. I can't understand it next to me, I can only smoke and tease the dog.

Almost ten minutes to prepare, Qin Yiheng even wine and food are set up. We sat on the floor, eating while waiting. Everything is actually the same as I expected, the wind is calm, until almost 10:00 p.m. There is no movement. We are afraid of drinking too much, so we are very restrained, plus the evening has actually eaten, so the marinade basically fed the dog.

Although the heart knows that there will really be a knock on the door, but the waiting mood is still very uneasy. The shepherd dog is also eating too much, not a while to find a corner lying down and sleep. I saw this and said to Qin Yiheng, you bought this dog is not reliable. But he shook his head and said, not yet. After saying that he dialed me with his cell phone, let me answer it and put my cell phone in the bedroom where the male master committed suicide. Then he turned on the speakerphone of his phone and put it on the floor in front of us.

I then realized why he had paid so many phone bills on his way in and just didn't understand what he meant by that. He explained that this is double insurance, to put it bluntly many things are changing with the times, there are many ways to find dirty things, it does not have to be according to the old routine. Usually, the phone's airwaves are still sensitive, and in such a quiet house, a little noise can be heard. If we and the dog didn't notice the thing coming, at least there was something to alert us.

I don't know if there is a reasonable basis for what he said, but hearing him say so, my attention moved all the way to the phone. The phone was so quiet that it seemed to carry the sound of both of us talking. I began to quiet down, holding my breath and listening carefully. Qin Yiheng also began to muffle, meditating on the glowing phone screen. Instantly, the room became silent.

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