Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 79 - Sealing the door mud

I asked Qin Yiheng one after another, one after another. He also shook his head, lit a cigarette and said, "Now you can only dig out the soil to see." After saying that, I had to help hands.

The two men took a little break and started work. The old man's home does not take advantage of the tools, I rummaged left and right and barely found a pan, make do with it. After half a day of work, finally digging out a lot of soil. But digging, I think something is wrong.

Because the more you dig down, the wetter the soil, and the color is getting darker. I always have a feeling that the two of us so digging down, a while to dig out oil.

Qin Yiheng saw the situation also feel puzzled, touch the soil, and asked me to get out of the way. I was also happy to be free, simply smoking next to.

He squatted down and dug for a while, stood up and also lit a cigarette, did not speak for a long time.

Wait until he finished smoking, then suddenly told me that this thing is getting more and more interesting, the bottom of the cabinet is a layer of sealing mud, so the outside of the cabinet will be affixed to the god of the door, I think there is something in the middle of the connection. The soil, although called the sealing mud, but does not necessarily have to have a relationship with the door, because the sealing door, obtained is the meaning of "seal the door to the door". The so-called closed door extinct family, not to say that the family was killed or cut off the incense, but the family name, for some reason, collectively changed their names, hidden in the sea.

Now because of the composition of society and multiple reasons, there will rarely be the old days of the kind of people full of large families. Even if there is, it is not necessarily to live together. Rather, in many remote villages, there is a village belongs to only one family, the town has basically hard to find. The news has told a related name of the village, was found by the donkeys out of the paranormal events, after the furore, and then the village can not find a person, it is likely that the whole village because of what reason sealed the door, scattered around. However, the reason for this, not the person concerned I'm afraid never guessed.

Seal the door sounds simple, and do not go to the police registry office to do a registration, change the family register is finished. The Chinese have a deep family concept since ancient times, many families are the ancestors as gods to worship, so there is a specific process to change the surname of such a big disrespectful thing.

First of all, the mud is not simple mud, but to use the loess plus a little well water modulation, but also mixed into a large amount of lamp oil, obtained is probably the meaning of the soil, eat water do not forget the well; then the clan also symbolically in the hand, a few drops of blood into; finally burn the family tree, the ashes and in the mud, the whole clan cried, the mud sealed in a specific location, and then scattered in the end of the world.

Secondly, the customs of different families are different, so the place where the mud is buried is not the same. He has heard of buried under the threshold of the main door, and buried after the old threshold will be burned to replace a new one; also heard of buried under the horse stone, in short, must be buried in the soil. This point is very consistent with the situation in the closet.

After listening to Qin Yiheng explanation, my head has been wooden, even ask questions are saved, this is too puzzling. I discussed with him, he also said that the mystery is a lot, can only dig out this seal mud, to see if there is something inside.

The process of digging mud as usual, but this time I did not hands, Qin Yiheng is also afraid that I fell into what way, he used a pan to shovel mud out, I was next to a plastic bag then. The mud is sticky, it is much harder to dig than the soil, and the weight of the mud is not small, digging a few times, Qin Yiheng "Huh", and then stopped.

I thought he had dug something, looked twice and did not see anything, but the mud looked surprised me, because from the details of the digging, it seems to be hollow inside, anyway, is not very real, described a bit like a stalactite cave kind of feeling.

I asked Qin Yiheng if he had found something.

He stretched out his hand and pinched something from the soil, I did not see clearly, and only when he handed it to me did I find that it was a black ant, the kind you see on a regular basis, very common. I do not know if it was pinched, crawling very slowly.

I saw that it was an ant, I thought that this closet was gnawed by ants? But this thing is obviously not termites so can gnaw wood ah.

I looked down and found that the mud was dug up inside, and many of the same ants are crawling around, just did not look closely, plus the ants themselves are similar in color to the mud, and did not pay attention.

I asked Qin Yiheng, the ants are hidden in the cabinet?

He nodded and sighed, "I was too anxious just now, not too cautious, and now I may have broken this thing."

Said, he explained to me, this mud, before there must be a statement, the surface looks flat and level, but underneath the flat, someone must have specifically moved. Now it seems likely that according to what layout or terrain, or even simply the shape of the map to set up. This ant is certainly not an ordinary ant either, even if it looks unimpressive, surely what was fed before will not be ordinary. He ventured a guess, saying that it is likely that this ant was previously specialized in eating corpses. The corpse does not have to be human, should be some small animals.

Long-term corpse-eating, Yin is naturally very heavy, plus the ants foraging instincts, after being sealed in the closet, it is likely to rely on instinct to find their so-called way out or location.

I'm afraid that's why these ants were put in here. The "two taels" of earth on the top seems to have nothing to do with avoiding lawsuits, the reason for the earth cover on the top is very simple, is to seal the outside yang, so that the ants are not affected by the environment outside the closet; door gods I'm afraid is similar reasoning, is to prevent what is unclean outside into the closet.

I listened to him and barely understood.

This time the night is very late, my head is a little dizzy, so I lit a cigarette to think about it.

These ants together are used to find the way? If so, this sealed door mud earlier is a three-dimensional map?

Holy shit, this is too advanced, right? I asked Qin Yiheng, assuming that his speculation is correct, then what is the use of ants in finding ah? Moreover, even if the ants found, he did not have to dig it up? How can we check this?

Qin Yiheng pursed his lips, said looking for what, we are unable to guess, but it is estimated that certainly did not find.

Saying that, he used the pan to pick up the mud, told me that although I have not dug to the bottom, but I am afraid that the closet is embedded in a glass slot, if the whole glass slot out, you can see a clear picture.

I thought about it for a while and thought he might be right. And then he used a pan to dig along the edge of the closet a few times, and indeed found the edge of the glass groove.

The matter has come to this, can only take out the whole glass trough to see what it is. I asked Qin Yiheng, he is also planning to do the same.

After we both took a break, we began to move the glass trough out.

The glass tank is definitely tempered glass, move up without fear of breaking, but the mud inside is very heavy, moving out is also a test of back strength.

Took a great deal of effort to get out, laid on the ground did not wait for a few breaths, we both reluctantly put the glass trough pad a little higher, Qin Yiheng lay down to stick his head into the gap in the pad to see.

He watched for a while, then quit and asked me to go in to see.

I would have been very curious, and hurried to do brain CT as well as drilled in, with a flashlight to see. After a few glances, I understood why he wanted me to check it out.

Because although the top has been dug up part of the bad, but the shape of the bottom is still intact, the shape could not be more obvious, is a pair of palms, palms are very large. I do not know much about proportions, and I do not know how many times it is considered magnified, but a palm is clear and easy to identify.

I quit and went to Qin Yiheng to verify my guess. Before I opened my mouth, he nodded his head with understanding and said: "Yes, these hands are most likely made in accordance with Yuan Zhen's hands, otherwise there is no need to go to great lengths to make such a bureau. Now the mud is not all dug up, and I do not know if the mud inside is still buried with Yuan Zhen things related to, such as the birth date or hair blood book or something."

After saying that, Qin Yiheng drilled back, with a cell phone to the bottom of the glass trough look down, estimated glass trough reflective, he took several times before he was satisfied, quit on a cigarette in contemplation.

When he thought, I was purely idle, not that I do not want to help, is my brain is too chaotic.

From the beginning to now, this journey, feel like you are almost surrounded by this kind of stuff.

After standing in place for a while, I got up and walked around the mansion, one is to get a bottle of water to drink; two is also to walk to clear your head. As I walked, I unconsciously looked up at the skylight again, at first I raised my eyes and did not look carefully, and then I reacted and immediately winced - a skylight, lying on top of a man, sticking his head out and staring at me. The light does not illuminate his face, I can not see what this person actually looks like, I regret too much not to bring the flashlight over.

The man saw me look up, but also little reaction. I control a little not to scream, worried about alarming the snake, and pretend to walk back to Qin Yiheng as if nothing had happened, want to remind him. Who knows, just stand still, I saw him wink at me.

I immediately panicked when I saw him like this, he must have found something, so I asked him in a low voice. He did not squeal, but very decisively a foot on the glass trough of mud. He must have put his foot down, his foot was in the mud, and when he finished stepping on it, he dragged me to the living room, running while shouting at me: "Don't look back, don't stop! If you can't, you can pee your pants! Can save your life!"

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